Friday, January 04, 2008

Savor Me Slowly and Man Love Monday!

There are not many authors who time and time again can deliver the “goods”. But there is one author who sticks out in my mind that keeps doing that. She is Gena Showalter and Savor Me Slowly is the second book out of three I have read so far for 2008 that will blow your mind. The first was Demon Night by Meljean Brook that I wrote about back in November. The third I review is yet to come. But after reading Savor Me Slowly, I have come to the realization that Gena can write about any genre and get it right. One of my favorite reads for 2007 was Catch a Mate and I anxiously wait for the next book Gena will publish. She is a true star in the romance genre and a must read for all. I have glommed every single one of her books and will continue to do so until she retires, which is a loooooooooooong way off!

Savor Me Slowly is the third book in her on-going Alien Huntress Series. So if you like sci-fi romance, which is heavy on the romance, with an incredible heroine and the man who shows her how special she is, I urge you to get this book. Once you start you will not be able to stop. The onecharacter that makes this story worthwhile is Mishka Le’Ace, a half human, half machine. Think of the Terminator, but one that has emotions and feelings and wants to belong somewhere. Mishka has no one to love! Usually it is the hero who is torture, but here Mishka is the one. It has been while since I read about a heroine who has had such a rotten life. She is owned by a very powerful man who makes her kill just because he says so. She also has to have sex with some of her targets. If she refuses, our evil villain can terminate with a touch of a button. She has no free will. Mishka is basically nothing but a means to an end.

Her mission this time is to save Jaxon Tremain. I like his name a lot! It rolls off the tongue so nicely. Jaxon has been captured by some rogue aliens and tortured for some information he has that could help them. Jaxon is the typical stubborn hero. He suffers but won’t betray his friends, work or his country. Mishka comes to him undercover as his newest torturer. But she helps him escape. And this is where the story gets even better.

Jaxon and Mishka are loving together in close quarters for the first part of the book because he needs to recover. During this time Mishka starts to feel all tingly inside for Jaxon. She has never had these feelings for a man before. Jaxon, even under his drugged induced state and constant pain still gets a hard-on for his Mishka. But there are major issues of trust between them. Jaxon is not sure if she is the enemy and if she has orders, will she assassinate him. But putting that all inside, Jaxon breaks through Mishka’s defense and have a lot of hot sex. Even in danger they make sure they get it on. And Gena can write really hot and scorching sex scenes.

There is action, suspense and an evil plot, mainly which involve poor Mishaka. But Jaxon is in her life now and will be her knight in shining armor. Their relationship is one wild ride and the journey there is intense and keeps you on the edge of the seat.

2008 will be the year for Gena since she has 3 other books coming out starting in May. Why not start with Savor Me Slowly to get a taste of the excellent writing skills of Ms. Showalter? Once you start with one of her books, you will want to go back and read every single book of hers you can get your hands on!!

There is also a special event happening all day Monday over at Lisabea’s blog. Monday will be “Man Love Monday!” She will be discussing about books with men who love men, hot man sex and sexy men pictures. I also know Sula will be taking part and I will stop by to say hi and look at some men. So stop by if you have the chance and of course bring any sexy pictures you have. *G*

Break Me Off a Piece of That!!


Jace said...

Ok, I'm convinced. Savor Me Slowly has just been added to my buying list. *wink*

lisabea said...

It's sitting here on my desk. OOOHHH how I want it. But no, not yet. sigh. I have a trilogy that I want to finish first. :)

Don't forget men who love their girl...There's a lot of that around too...

CindyS said...

Is that my Boone!? I love Boone *soggy sigh*!

I haven't read Showalter yet, sounds like a plan!


sula said...

um, can I have a piece of that? HELLO!

Lookin' forward to manlove monday. And to Showalter. Damn TBR pile keeps growing!

Chantal said...

I adore Gena Showalter!! She is an auto buy author for me.