Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Two Crusaders!

And possibly more.

Jennie has her thoughts posted. And I'm hoping we also get Twin's thoughts too. They each got each other a copy for Christmas and an extra one went to their Mom.

And right after I posted this I saw we have another one!! Ames (who also has a new blog along with a few other friends - Rowena, Grace, Izzie)

And Guess What? They both loved it!

And now we have Nicole curious!

The Crusade Marches On!!

****And just a reminder****

I've noticed a lot of bloggers who have seen this are now wanting to read the book. I have 3 copies sitting on my new book shelves just waiting to send out to the lucky winners. All you have to do to win one is watch North and South and either blog about it or report your thoughts here at North and South Headquarters, if you don't have have a blog and you're entered to win. Draw is January 31.
And there is a second contest too - we don't do half measures *g*. There's a copy of the North and South DVD for anyone who wants to attempt to write an epilogue. Details further down.


Angela James said...

I added it to my Blockbuster queue yesterday. You're like the ultimate viral blogger ;)

For the longest time, when I saw you mention North & South, I thought you were talking about the Civil War miniseries so I skipped by the posts, but whoever posted yesterday with pictures caught my attention finally and I decided to add it to my queue.

Kristie (J) said...

Angie:*chuckle* Sometimes it just takes the tinniest thing to get that curiosity meter running. And before we started The Crusade, I think that's what most people thought - that it was a remake of the North & South that we on this side of the Atlantic know. I know I did and I wondered why on earth the British would be making a series about the American Civil War?!?!
But it's not! Oh no it isn't at all.
Now I can hardly wait to hear what you think about it. Since everyone else's opinions are so positive, I'm thinking you will love it too :)

Dev said...

Woo-hoo! More crusaders :-) It's always fun to read the thoughts of someone who's just seen it. I saw Jennie and Ames posts on it yesterday. Pretty soon, you'll have an Army built, Kristie.

Misty G said...

Well... I guess I can make another trip to Hastings and see if they have it there or can order it for me.

Honestly, I wish they had RA as Robin Hood rather than the young guy they do right now. He'd be much more interesting that way, and I wouldn't have to feel kind of bad that I like the bad guy more than I like the good guy.

But, I had a good time imagining him as Robin Hood as I was reading Evermore. He fit perfectly there for me.

Sarah said...

I loved this!!! Add me to the crusade! I fell in love with Richard Artimage, and instantly went to my netflix queue and added the robin hood series to it. Outstanding miniseries. Now I want to read the book.

Kristie (J) said...

Misty: If you love RA as Guy - you will ADORE him as John Thornton. His acting is incredible and so subtle. He conveys such emotion in a single look or a putting out or pulling away his hand for a handshake. Be sure to let us know when you've seen it. I think he's pretty good as Guy - but the Compulsion isn't there to watch the same as it is for North and South.

Sarah: Exxxccceeellleeennnttt! And are you going to blog about it? Because a large part of the fun is reading everyone else's thoughts and seeing things I've never noticed before, even though I've watched in innumerable times before. And I so would love to read your thoughts - we all would!!

Kristie (J) said...

Ooops Dev: Here I said to Sarah the same thing you said. It is true isn't it? It's fun to see scenes and characters that have appealed to other readers. And I think we have a Most Excellent Start for the Crusade *g*. Best of all - so far everyone has loved it. I'm sure there will be some who just don't get it the same way a lot of us do, but the fact that they are even willing to watch it is such a thrill.

Kaitlin said...

Kristie-I said over on Ange's blog that this whole thing is just the start at your attempt to rule the world. he-he.

I was going to watch it tonight (again), but my sinuses are killing me. I spent most of late last night on youtube looking for N&S pieces. I put my favorite scene on my blog. What is it about that one particular scene that just hit me so hard? :) I think it's the pure emotion you hear in his voice. Yup, I think that's it. :D

Kaitlin said...

Oh,'s was Ames' blog I said that on. *eye roll* Anyway, I still meant it. he-he