Friday, December 14, 2007

When the weather is so cold outside...

Poor Kristie is all stressed out from her lack of shelves and her clutter of books that are about to take over her house!
As for myself, I found out how evil drinking too much wine is and the holiday parties have only just begun. Plus there will be a crazy snow storm hitting the east coast of the US right where I am. It is cold and yucky out and the perfect weekend to stay inside. But only if you have finished all your shopping!
Another perfect way to keep nice and warm are some hot reads that will get you all sweaty! I have some that always get me hot under the collar and I welcome you to enjoy these recommendations:

Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice- In my top ten for one the best books of 2007. The hero and heroine are stuck together all alone during a snow storm. They have lots of sex. Not any freaky sex, but nice hot and sweaty sex all the same.
Promises Keep by Sarah McCarty- This was my very first read by Sarah and my first Elloras Cave ebook. After reading Promises Keep, my eyes were wide open to some hot cowboy loving in the West. And Sarah does have a way of writing incredible sexual tension. You may need to go out into the snow after reading this. (Even though this cover is a bit too robot-ish in my eyes)

Behind Closed Doors by Shannon McKenna- Her first book and her hottest. Talk about an alpha male who won't take no for answer (but in a very yummy way). He has a thing for peaches also!

JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series- Sorry guys, all these books have incredible passion and mindblowing sex that I just can't choose. Even though Rhage's book- Lover Eternal is one of my favorites. He has a great mouth on him! ;)

The Lover and Gabriel's Woman by Robin Schone- Both are a tad uncomfortable to read but... my oh my. Bananas and chocolate?? That shower scene with Gabriel?? Be still my beating heart. These books are true erotica and its best.

Knight of a Trillion Stars and Rejar by Dara Joy- Intergalatic loving at its best. I have a new found appreciations for cats. Come back Dara come back!

The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe- A Fun, sexy and dreamy romance. A total keeper.

Of course there are hundreds more I could recommend. I haven't even touched upon most erotic ebooks I have read. But these few I have posted should get you all hot and bothered. And of course if you have any suggestions, give us a hollar. I always need more reads to add to my on-going pile.

Katiebabs (who also goes by Tigger because she loves to bounce! )


Dev said...

Katiebabs ~ Have you read Promises Linger or Promises Prevail yet? Just wait ~ you're in for a real treat.

lisabea said...

Katie(babs,that Promises Keep is spankin' good stuff, no? But those covers are frightening.

Lover Eternal: Mary is, hands down, my fav. Ward girl. I love that one.

sula said...

yayy! So many on your list are also on mine.

First off, Lover Eternal is my fav BDB book. It was the first one I read and the one I still go back and reread all the time. There is just something so very hot about that drop-dead gorgeous guy being totally crazy for the plain girl. And she never even gets a makeover or takes off her glasses (metaphorically) and finds that she really is a supermodel and not plain. She's just...her. Gah, I need to reread it AGAIN now.

Robin Schone was one of the first "erotic" romance authors that I ever read and I remember being really blown away by all that sexy sex. lol. Where's The Lady's Tutor tho?

Promises Keep was awesome. But I think I prefer Promises Linger. Asa!!! And of course Sarah's most recent and most excellent Caine's Lover is just...fab. yummilicious. Sarah writes erotic romances the way I want to read them.

Thanks to you, I can also put in a vote for Dangerous Lover by LMR. It was intense. Really enjoyed it. A good book to curl up with on a cold winters day.

Kristie (J) said...

I haven't read all of those - but the ones I have - yep - they will keep you nice and warm - hot even! The ones I haven't read are The Lover, Gabriel's Woman and Promises Keep

sula said...

kristie, better not read PK if you can't handle a little what-what in the butt. *g*

lisabea said...

Boy howdy. You got that right, Sula.

The Bookworm said...

Hi, I just happened to stumble upon your blog, it's great!

Kristie (J) said...

Naida - hello, and welcome, and Katie and I thank you *g*

Anonymous said...

Dev: Promises Prevail was my second book I read by Sarah but I haven't had the chance to read Promises Linger. But with the two boks I read, I opened myself to a world of very steamy, loving sex with some interesting positions thrown in. ;)

Lisa: Very spankin! But no double appendages found. LMAO

Sula: I want to be Lisa Marie Rice's slave. I lover her books and Dangerous Lover is such an incredible book. And even if the rumors are true about her being a man, I don't care! To come up with a character like Jack... thump.

Naida: Come back anytime. :) thanks a bunch.

what-what in the butt is very blunt. Blunt in the butt! LOL.
I am so silly. :p

KT Grant said...

DOH!! My name didn't come through!! I am anonymous
Shhh.. don't tell anyone! LOL

lisabea said...

OMG Katie(babs) you are too funny. I'm determined, now, to read an alien double appendage book just to find out how big their pants have to be. Does it tuck under? Pull up? Dissolve in water? What the heck? And who thinks up this stuff?