Sunday, December 09, 2007

To Keep You Warm This Winter!

Another reason why Richard Armitage makes me swoon!
From Robin Hood, Season 2 Episode 9. No tongue, but a kiss you won't forget! ;)



Dev said...

I'm a fangirl of Robin Hood now, too. I watched my first episode this morning and now must get my hands on the entire first season.

sula said...

Yet again, I am left wondering how this chick wants the bland Robin over the complex (and yes, a little twisted) Guy. She's totally playing him! Grr.

Marg said...

He has a gorgeous accent! I think I must have missed this when it was on TV here! Darn it!

CindyS said...

Do you guys know if this show is on DVD cause I really want to see it!!

Also, any one watching The Tudors? I'm doubting it would be all that romantic but if it's anything like what Rome was I would love to see it.

Guess I may have to buy some DVD movies with my very first Christmas gift - A Gift Card from CHAPTERS - Squeeeee!


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: The first series is indeed out on DVD. It's also playing on BBC America. But unless you have a satelite dish (and even then I'm not sure) we poor Canadians don't get it so the DVD is the only option we have which does seem monstorously unfair when you think about it since we are still part of the Commonwealth!! See I know this because I checked!!They don't have it in the libraries, at least around here, or the video places like Rogers or Blockbusters, because I checked that too! So I finally broke down and paid major bucks for it. I think I got it through Chapters but it was fairly expensive.
And it is quite campy and quite fun and Richard Armitage is one of the very few men who as we have discussed *g* can look GOOD in eyeliner. BUT - as far as acting and storyline goes, he's ever so much better as John Thornton in North and South. Apart from his devastatingly good looks and his vulnerability to Marian - who as Sula pointed out - is just playing him, he's quite a Nasty Guy. (hah hah). So to RA or RICHard at his acting finest - you simply MUST watch N&S *g*

Katie(babs) said...

Robin Hood season one is on dvd. I got my min thru Netflix. Right now they are on episode 10 of season 2 and I think only 3 more episodes till the season ends. Give or take a few months and Viola- Netflix dvd. ;)

Anonymous said...

Guy was very heroic this week. Nottingham was about to be burnt down, and he could leave (with his family). But as Marian, inexplicably still suffering from having-no-taste-in-men-at-all, refused to marry him and leave, he stayed to be burnt alive with her. So sweet...

(And happily Robin saved the day, so Guy remains unsinged.)

Marianne McA

Katie(babs) said...

I am so angry at Marian. Guy needs a new woman to come along an appreciate him in all his amoral broodiness.
Marian can go play in the trees like Tarzan. Humprh.

sula said...

LMAO, Marianne!! "suffering from having-no-taste-in-men-at-all" indeed. *g*

See, Guy IS capable of changing his stripes. He just needs the luv of a good woman.

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne McA - bless you for your updates!! Even though we here in the colonies of Canada can't see it, we can live vicariously through you *g*.
I didn't think Guy had any relatives. But oh what a brave thing for him to do!! And how typical that Boy Robin gets the credit.
Oh - and I did see that episode with the baby and as I was watching, I was thinking of you *g*. Not a very nice way for Guy to treat his *natural* son though *wicked wink*
And what are the rumblings over there? Is everyone as ticked off as we are here that Marian is just playing our poor dear amoral Guy? Is there any movement afoot for her to actually switch her affections over to Guy? And are they planning on a third season. On the final question I surely hope so because (thanks to Katie) I just heard that my favourite television show here - Blood Ties is NOT being renewed.
BLAST IT ALL!!! I'm in sorrow over that!

Anonymous said...

I saw Jonas Armstrong (Robin) interviewed when the series started, and he seemed to think there would be a third series. So fingers crossed.

As for the Richard Armitage love, I was really amused this morning, because I happened to be listening to Radio Two, and the presenter Sarah Kennedy - lovely lady of a certain age - was waxing very enthusiastically about Guy, and basically begging on air for Richard Armitage to give her an interview as a Christmas present.

Think Richard Armitage is the new Colin Firth.

Marianne McA

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne: Well - as one who understands quests and crusades and the like - I hope he makes her Christmas wish come true :)
And mind you I haven't seen that many Colin Firth productions, I'm still a philistine that hasn't seen P&P, I'd say Richard has a chance to even beat him.
If me and the rest of the Crusaders have anything to say about it that is *g*

Katie(babs) said...

Colin is so 2000. Richard is now!
Be still my beating heart- a third season!!

Devon said...

What-what! She doesn't want him? I thought that there was some kind of twist, some retooled version for the millenium. I don't know if I want to watch if he doesn't get the girl.

Kris said...

I have not heard of this show and I love Robin Hood. Now i know what i am asking for Christmas. Wow.