Friday, December 14, 2007

A time of stress

I always find this time of year very stressful. Every year I say next year will be different but it never is. In fact this year is even worse than normal. I still haven't started Christmas shopping!! I plan to on the way home from work, but we are down a person and we are trying to do our own jobs plus hers. While the day zooms by, by the time 4:30 comes along, I'm exhausted and cranky as all get out. I also suffer from bouts of depression and the fact that things have changed make me sad and more depressed than normal. I've never waited this late to start shopping before and that's making me stressed.
Another stress factor is they start on my kitchen January 4th. I'm excited as all get out about it, but for a life long pack rat like me, the thoughts of emptying the cupboards is rather frightening!! Terrifying to be honest. And when I say do the kitchen, I'm talking TOTAL overhaul. From ceiling to floor and everything in between! I'm even getting a new kitchen sink! (hah hah) There will be walls taken down, doors removed, appliances moved (and maybe even new appliances - haven't decided on that one yet) But I'll be completly kitchenless for a month. That's a bit of a scary thought.
I will of course show pictures, before, during and after.
On the happy front - I'm going out for dinner and then to a Keith Urban concert on Sunday evening. I'm looking forward to that. Even though I don't know his music at all.
And no, I don't have the bookshelves/entertainment unit up yet either. Brent and Ryan are coming over tomorrow to *cough* help finally put it together.

So - anyone else feeling stressed this season?

'til later


Anonymous said...

what is this BBC thing you're talking about?

lisabea said...

Yea, I'm feeling a bit behind. My tree still doesn't have lights! Everyday I say I'm going to put the lights on, and, uh, I get distracted. By Cougar. Or Chay.Or someone.
I'm working hard to maintain the balance in our home because the old man is stressed beyond belief. So I'm just handling everything and making his world all good cuz his job is ginormously overwhelming. Poor sweetie. My son comes home from school today !!!! And we are going to do the tree (I swear).

Kristie (J) you HAVE to keep us posted on the shelves. :) Serioiusly. I hope that you work it out and it's perfect.

Marg said...

I have been covering for two people at work this week, and training another person. To say I was stressed by going home time tonight is an understatement!

I love Keith Urban's music...and would love to go to one of his concerts one day!

Anonymous said...

My tree has lights!!

As of half an hour ago... No decorations or anything, but it's inside and lit. Do I win?

Not feeling stressed, exactly, more needing to put Christmas back a week or so. Haven't written any cards yet - so I'm not opening the ones I receive, because that makes me feel too guilty. And I haven't done the present thing yet either. A friend baked me a cake, so that's done - but I have to marzipan & ice it, and at some point make the pudding. Or brave the children's complete displeasure, and buy one.

Still, lights on the tree - that's good, isn't it? (And I bought crackers when they were on sale last January, so really, I've practically got Christmas sewn up.)

Marianne McA

Dev said...

I'm done shopping ~ that was a new thing for me this year. I actually finished by November. I don't put up a tree anymore ~ it's just me and it's just too much work.

I am also prone to being more depressed this time of year, even with my meds I can't seem to get out of my funk.

I am realy looking forward to the pictures of the kitchen overhaul!! My mom is in the middle of remodeling her kitchen now and she is so looking forward to its completion. She says she feels like she's camping because all of the kitchen stuff is stored all over the house. Have I mentioned that this is the house we're convening at next week for Christmas?

sula said...

awww, holidays should be a time for relaxin' not stressin'. That said, I haven't bought a single gift yet and my parents are coming to stay with me for two whole weeks (eek!) and I haven't begun to clean the house. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. :(

A kitchen remodel sounds exciting! I can't wait to see the before/after photos.

nath said...

hey Kristie,

sorry to hear that you are stressed out. don't worry, everything will go fine... as for shopping, I haven't started either. I don't even know what i'm going to buy... the only thing that sucks about shopping last minute is that it's crowded... otherwise, it doesn't matter really right whether you shop early or not?

hopefully, you'll have your shelves up by the end of the week-end :D

CindyS said...

Stressed - check. But then that's normal for me this time of year.

I hope you find some time for yourself and your boys can figure out the shelves!


Marg said...

I really have to put in a concerted effort to enjoy this time of year, otherwise I get a bit more depressed than usual.

KT Grant said...

Beautoxic: The BBC movie we are all gushing about is called North and South based on the 19th century novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. It is a bit like Pride and Prejudice and the British actor, Richard Armitage plays the hero and is incredible. Just look over our posts about it and you will want to get this movie and watch it. :)