Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Great North and South Crusade - Update


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Oopsie - another update!

Three more important updates!

(they are coming in fast and furious now)

(really fast! - keep reading to the bottom for minute by minute updates)

(and more are reporting in!)


So - here is where we stand now. Three more have caught the fever and we are watching for their posts:

And as far as I remember, three more who are going to watch:
Holly - who says I force people. I don't force them *g*. I encourage There's a difference
Rowena - who has it in her NetFlix queu
Ames - who by jove! just ordered it. Lets all cross our fingers that Mr. Mailman delivers it soon!

And for more inspiration for those fence sitters *evil laugh* behold!

Happy dance!!! Happy Dance!!!!

Stacy has posted her adventures getting hold of this series and her thoughts after watching it!!

*Note* clicking on pics gives much better view

Smack me on the head and call me stupid! I forgot another reader who has joined The Crusade and we are just waiting to read her post.

Oh Mooooolllliiiiieeee - we are waaaaiiiitttting!

Zeek has it in her movie queue (how does one spell that word?). But it's telling her it's a long wait. Let's all wish on that first star tonight that she gets it soon. I know I will be!

Also Kris will soon be visiting her library - no, not for a book, but for their copy of North and South. We know what she will be doing soon. And we will be watching to see if she 'catches' the fever too and reports in!! Oh yes we will.

And we must all wish Rosario good luck on her exams!! And hope they go by quickly so she can watch the copy she now has thanks to Ana !!

Lisabea will soon be watching (even though I spelled her name wrong - must fix that) - and her mother saw it and loveses it - see - it crosses all generations!

And Chantal - we have convinced her to give it a try.

This calls for yet another - or three:

JMC , my fellow Access Romance - Readers Gab blogger, rented it, loved it and bought her own copy.

And Sherry Thomas, author of the Very Highly anticipated book Private Arrangements (with one of the most beautiful covers I've seen!!) has it on order.


Dev said...

Marg was watching it either yesterday or today (I saw in a post somewhere). I can't wait to see what Stacy and Jennie think of it.

I'm hoping Ames gets it soon and I know Wena has it in her netflix queue. She and Holly need to hurry up and watch.

Me ~ I've seen it so many times now I think I about have it memorized.

Kristie (J) said...

Dev: I have an idea........ *g*
More later.
And did you see Stacy's review? She has caught the fever too!

Stacy~ said...

Yep, the fever is alive and well, and I have no immediate plans to be "cured". Now I'm off to go watch it again....

Rosario said...

I came back from Portugal with a copy (thank you, Ana!!), so I'll be watching it as soon as I'm done with my exams...

Kristie (J) said...

Rosario - Hey You!! So Ana - another lover of N&S helped!! Excceeeelllllleeeeennnnntttt! We will naturally be waiting for you to make known your thoughts! I'm glad you had some time to visit her - and good luck on the exams!! Economics - shudder!

lisabea said...

I'm slated to watch this during my re-coop in mid January. I gave it to my mom for Christmas and she LOOOOVVVVEEEDDD it. She's got it set aside for me. So, doggone it, add me to the list of folks who are set to enjoy in the near future.

Chantal said...

I'm going to order this :)

Sherry Thomas said...

I just put a hold on it. Should arrive at the nearest library branch in 3-4 days. Will watch after I turn in my manuscript (for the third time).

jmc said...

I had to put N&S in my Netflix queue after reading all the promo here. I'd seen parts of a couple of the episodes and all of the fourth.

And after watching all from start to finish yesterday, I had to go out and buy my very own copy.

Am contemplating. I find Thornton to be a much more compelling hero than Darcy, moviewise. And I don't think it is just Richard Armitage. Must think some more.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet! Two more willing to join The Crusade!

Sherry: I do so hope you won't be disappointed. I can't imagine that you will - it is a truly Wonderful Thing!

JMC: *g* I'm hoping after you've gathered your thoughts (and watched the train scene over and over and over as the rest of us do) that you will blog about it. And your right! It isn't just Richard Armitage. As brilliant and compelling as he is in this production - it's so much more than just him! If it was just him - we wouldn't be having this whole Crazy Crusade thing going.

Marg said...

I have watched it today, and yesterday and the day before that!

Mollie said...

So, it's been a couple of months since I watched it. So I need to get it from the library again, watch it, and give it the review it deserves. But as y'all may have noticed I haven't been doing too much reviewing of...ANYTHING recently. Sigh. But I absolutely loved it. I even got my roomie to sit and watch it straight through which is an amazing feat because she's one that doesn't get to into movies/tv/etc. so that in itself is a testament to the appeal of N&S!

Dance Chica said...

I literally just finished watching North and South based on the recommendations here. Man, am I glad I did. Excellent movie! The story, the acting, the cinematography...were all wonderful! And Richard Armitage...geez, he was so hot! I also found myself comparing his character to Mr. Darcy and, I too, came away with the feeling that Thornton was the more compelling hero. I'm very glad I purchased my copy. Thanks for the recommendation! :-D

sula said...

yay! so glad you liked it, DC! Isn't it fantabulous? I too kept comparing him to Darcy throughout the movie and felt more emotionally engaged by Thornton. Those eyes don't hurt either...smolder smolder!

I got my entire family to watch it over the holidays and they ALL liked it. And that includes my brother and dad. :)

MaryKate said...

Hi Ladies! OK, I watched the first half of NOrth & South tonight. Couldn't get through the whole thing because I'm so zonked. But I wanted to let ya'll know I'm loving it!

I just got through the proposal scene, which was so emotionally charged. My goodness, I was practically hollering, "Just KISS her, it'll work!!" 'Course, he didn't. But I'll finish it tomorrow and will come back to gush.

Katie, you were right! I think Richard Armitage has an amazing set of bedroom eyes. Yowzer. Makes you want to have him do dirty things to you!

Kristie (J) said...

MaryKate!!! Hey! Welcome. And just wait until you get to the train station scene! Puddle! Of! Mush! you will be. And also interesting is the extended proposal scene in the extras. I think we all think they should have left the whole thing in. I will be SO waiting for you to come back once you've absorbed and just "felt" the whole experience. And once you do watch the whole thing, you'll have to read all of our Great North and South Crusade posts. There are contests *g*

DC: Hi!!! I miss you!! So - you've caught the fever too eh?
Isn't it WONDERFUL??? I can't
compare it to P&P - but I think if I were to see P&P - after having this burning, yearning love for North and South, it would pale.

And Mollie - did your roomie also fall under it's spell?? And how fun it would be to watch it with someone watching it for the first time. I'd be like - "Wait! Wait - it keeps getting better!" I think I'd almost have to tape my mouth shut *g* to keep silent while the other person was watching - and I'm NOT a movie talker

Katie(babs) said...

Aw Mary Kate I am a goner for his eyes, that smile and his neck!! The first time ever I find a man's neck sexy.
Just wait.... it gets better....

Marg said...

My post is up now.

Kristie (J) said...

And the hair on his arms - mustn't forget that. I watched it again last night - and now I'm noticing his hands.
It's a fever I tell you.

Holly said...

I started watching it the other night, but then MM's sister and BIL showed up at our house (drop in..ugh) and I had to shut it off. MM hurt his shoulder this weekend in a freak golf cart accident, so he'll be home all week. I don't know WHEN I'll get to watch it. :(

I'm trying, I swear.

One of my most darling friends has been labeled "The Pusher" because when she loves something she pushes it on everyone she knows. I'm thinking you could be dubbed "The Pusher II" LOL

Happy New Year!

Kristie (J) said...

Holly - A freak golf cart accident? Oh I do hope we get to read about THAT story - I imagine it will be quite a hoot - after the fact of course.
And I'm thinking more along the lines of The Encourager - lol.

If you read my latest post - you will note I need distraction - lots of it - or probably better none at all so I can deal with Stuff.

Marg said...

Not The Enforcer?

Kristie (J) said...

Marg: ROTFL - no, that sounds like a comic book hero - or Guy of Gisbourne - a tad too tough.
How about The Gentle Pursuader?

Zeek said...

Still a long wait, dammit. I'll let you know when I get ahold of it- I have to just make it a mission!