Thursday, December 13, 2007

She has joined in our Crusade

For more thoughts on North and South go visit Devon. She's posted her thoughts. *happy dance*

'til later


sula said...

woohoo! Can't stop the keeps on movin'. lol. Soon everyone will be on the N&S Express.

Dev said...

She has some excellent things to say about it!!

Kaitlin said...

i've got North & south on hold at the library. i'm going to watch this movie even if it kills me. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Kaitlin: Oh Good!!! I'm so glad you found a copy to watch. I can hardly wait until you get a chance to see it and you can share your thoughts :)
And.... I bet your mom would love it too *g*

Dev: She did didn't she!! I thought it a very good review. She touched quite a bit on so many other things that make it so fascinating and described it very well. 'Cause for me - it's not all about the hotness of John Thornton. It's so much more than that and Devon explained it very well!

Sula: *g* that's our goal isn't it? And so far everyone that has joined The Crusade has loved it too!!