Monday, December 17, 2007

Just ignore me - I'm playing with pics

OK - That works - carry on.

I think in this one he's either a mad chipmunk or saying the F word

And I've discovered a Jpeg file uploads faster than a Bitmap
See - it's not all about a fine face!

See - in case you wondering, I'm practising cropping pictures. Mind you I should be emptying kitchen cupboards but I had a cranky day at work and this is so much more..........soothing, shall we say.


Katie(babs) said...

I am getting hot flash and it is not because I am going through menopause!!

Carrie Lofty said...

I've only seen two episodes of "Robin Hood" and in both, Gisborne did naughty, nasty things--like stab Marian! Oh noes! Is he bad throughout the series? Even now in later episodes? Coz I don't know if I could stand my sweet, tortured Thorton--ahem, Richard Armitage--playing a for-real baddie. Creeps me out! He's gotta be just a little good! But thanks for sharing. Good or bad, he's just beautiful.

Otherwise, all I know about the series is that my Will Scarlet is tastier :)

Dev said...

What a nice thing to see right before I go to bed! I'll be dreaming sweet dreams tonight :-) Of course, I was going to pop in my brand new N&S DVD before I slept anyway :-)

Kristie (J) said...

Katie: nice pics eh? Of course I was only practising my skills - I used to be pretty good with Powerpoint - I could whip up a professional presentation in no time with a custom look to it. And I took a couple of photoshop courses too. It's been quite a number of years since I've done anything with that side of my vast knowledge database in my brain so I've lost a lot of it now. But I thought they were good to practice on :)

Carrie: I have the first season of RH and I've watched a few. They're OK - most definitely not on the same level of North and South-he shows he acting skills so well as John Thornton - and he does play a Very Bad Man as Guy - but I think in Season II we get to see more of the inner Guy - or so I've heard. And I am looking forward to your Will *g*.

Dev: *grin* Oh sure - rub it in now that I'm DVDless at the moment and going through serious withdrawl. And the fact that I've no sound on the computer at all so there is no point putting on the YouTube videos - since I can't hear them speak.
It's alright. I'll be strong.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, my fourteen year old loves Will Scarlet - she says he looks like a rat, but she says it lovingly. Still, she prefers Robin to Guy, so clearly, no taste at all - or else - in the target demographic and thus wired to respond correctly to the characters.
As for Guy - it's a long wait till he gets other-than-horrible. And in the meantime, they keep doing nasty things to him, like we'd enjoy seeing Guy bested. Terrible writing.
We're up to episode 11 (I think) in series two, and he's redeeming himself as regards Marian - which probably means something dreadful is going to happen next week when they head off to the Holy Land.
(Last week's episode: spectacularly bad. Really, so bad, impossibly good. Of course King Richard would have a buried chamber under Sherwood, found by shooting an arrow through a crevice in some standing stones, just on the offchance Queen Eleanor found herself fleeing to France alone through the forest...)

However, the last two weeks have been good for Guy and Marian moments. In point of fact, just type Guy and Marian into YouTube, where some kindly soul has taken the relevant portions out of the episodes, and watch the parts from episodes 10 and 11. Happy sigh.

Marianne McA

Carrie Lofty said...

Thx for the update, Marianne. How did people maintain proper celebrity crushes before YouTube?

But I think you're right about the demographic thing. My mom and I developed a theory about adolescent girl crushes, in that most of them are on very innocent young mem. ("The Simpsons" made reference to this years ago when Lisa was reading a magazine called "Non-Threatening Boys! Now featuring 100% more Coreys!") I was a big fan of the early 90s TV show "The Young Riders," which was loosely based on the pony express in the Old West. Had a serious crush on the guy who played The Kid, a youthful, boyish, do-gooder. What was I thinking? Later years revealed my mistake--and that my mom was right: the badboy Wild Bill Hickok (played by a young, fine Josh Brolin) and the rugged town marshall were much more worthy.

Here's hoping one day your daughter will realign her priorities, but in the meantime, it's probably a safe and good thing that her hormones won't let her dream beyong little boys Will and Robin.

Katie(babs) said...

Hey Carrie! I use to watch The Young Riders! OMG, that show brings back memories!

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne McA: we were chatting last night and either Katie or Sula sent a link to episode 11 on YouTube. Now one has never known frustration until one is watching said clip with the sound broken on the computer. I could See Guy getting angry at Marian (foolish chit) but I couldn't hear the lovely voice - or what he was saying.
And as for young crushes - I had SUCH a one on Bobby Sherman when he was on Here Comes The Brides. He was as young and niaive as anything. I suppose for young girls - it's a lot less threatening that the more *um* sexual type as Guy.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Star Wars, and thinking Luke Skywalker was the pretty one. How wrong could you be?
I think I read somewhere that girls of that age prefer a more feminine face - the very masculine doesn't yet appeal.

So when do you get your sound back? (Isn't it annoying how machines know it's Christmas, and break?) The bit you need to hear is about the last thirty seconds - he, having saved her life, says something like:
Do something for me?
and she says something like
Name it
and he looks down at her and says
Stay and make this place bearable.


(Do you want a proper transcription? Cos I could force myself to watch it again.)

Marianne McA

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne McA: Well - I think I'm going to have to get a new computer before I get sound back. Being the furthest thing from a computer geek there is, what I think happened is somehow the computer blew yet another port. I have four of them and three of them are fried now. I have a sub-port but it's already filled with other things I need. I had to switch from an eclipitcal mouse back to the old fashioned roller kind 'cause I didn't have enough ports. I still have my scanner/printer in the sub-port, but since I had the big computer fix, where I lost all kinds of things, I haven't rehooked it up yet because I don't know how, Lisa doesn't come over that much and Ryan, when he comes is busy putting shelves that don't fit in the room together. And next time Brent comes over I need him to hook my DVD back up so then I can have access to N&S and RH.

And a proper transcript would be oh so wonderful - if you can force yourself to watch again. I can live vicariously through you. I can imagine poor Guy growling that to stupid Marian.

Katie(babs) said...

Thank god for You Tube. They take out all the unneeded parts and out up all the Guy scenes.
I am with you Marianne, Marian is a skank wench. Poor Guy. He needs a new woman or make kiss Marian sensless and walking around with no shirt on to make her see reason. I saw how she was looking at him during those chest scenes.
She deserved the beating from him when he didn't know she was the Nightwatchman.
He needs to tie her to his bed.... insert your own scene here.

Carrie Lofty said...

Ok, ok, I watched the episode 10 & 11 spoilers on YouTube. Someone has done a nice job of cutting out all the superfluous junk and leaving just the Guy goods. Here and here. My thoughts:

Guy = *swooning* He's like John Thornton but a bit more out of control. Only difference is like Marianne said, that these writers seem to think we want him to lose or be humiliated. So wrong!

Robin = just as bloody annoying as when I saw the show last year. Dear Lord.

Marian = Can I smack her?

Anonymous said...

This is just the very endings of the two episodes Carrie linked to, but if you want more, just shout.

Spoilers, obviously.

Episode 10.

(Sheriff disappears, Nottingham is to be razed, Guy can leave if he wants, with his family. He asks to take Marian, is told only if they marry before sunset, which she refuses to do, on the grounds that she can't leave the people of Nottingham. The viewer knows that she accepted Robin's proposal in Episode 9. Guy rides off, out of city, to meet the knights about to burn the place.)

From about the eighth minute on the spoilers Carrie linked to:

Guy: She will not abandon Nottingham.
Knight: Imbecile.
Guy: Without her, my world may as well turn to ash.

Rides back inside the gates.

Guy: (shouting) Marian.
Marian: You came back.
Guy: If I'm going to die, I'm going to die by your side.
(shouts) Charge!

Guy: Marry me now, and make it the last thing we do. Let's steal that from them at least.

(Offstage, Sheriff is heard yelling.)

And from the end of episode 11.

(Guy finds out Marian is the Night Watchman, is most put out, takes her to the castle to be hanged, but hasn't told the sheriff the identity of the Watchman. He insists Marian will have to die, but at the eleventh hour, he fakes the 'Watchman''s escape.)

Marian: After everything you said...
Guy: You don't know me as well as you think.
Marian: Guy...
Guy: Will you do something for me now?
Marian: Name it.
Guy: Stay... and make this place bearable.
Marian: I will stay. Thank you.

Marianne McA

Kristie (J) said...

Marianne & Carrie: thank you for the links and transcripts! They will be easy to find once the sound has been restored - by whatever means. And in the meantime, I can use my imagination :)