Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I read a book and it made me go.... hmmmm....

The interesting thing about authors, especially ones in the romance genre is that they can use their imagination to write all types of stories. Some stick to a genre that they do very well in such as Julia Quinn and her historicals or Linnea Sinclair and her science fiction books. But then you have some authors who have different pen names all over the place and write everything from comedy to horror. Example- Jessica Bird- catergory romance/ JR Ward- paranormal romance... or urban romance?? What genre are her BDB books anyway???

I was reading a paranormal romance that comes out in January 2008 by a well know author who also writes incredible historical romances. She uses her same name for all her books know matter what genre she writes for. Her last historical romance was so lovely. Her soon to be paranormal release isn't. How can I enjoy one set of books by her and not the other?
Over at The Good, The Bad, The Unread, Sybil has posted about Julie Garwood and how she has a new historical romance coming out after a slew of contemporary/suspense/romance titles. Again, what genre are Garwood contemps??? I adored Garwood's historical romances and she was the main reason why I embraced the romance genre the way I did. When I found out she was leaving historical romance for contemporaries, I died a little inside. I was really not sure if she could make it work. I took a change and read her first contemporary release- Mercy, and cried buckets! Julie lost her muse that made her historicals so special. Now she is coming back to the genre that made a name for herself and I am scared, because she has been gone so long and may have lost that magic.
I feel that some authors can not cross those lines. One such author was Christina Dodd. Again she is a master in the historical romance genre. But when I decided to pick up her new paranormal series, I was so disappointed. It was the first time she became a DNF for me.
Some do make it work. Lori Foster took a chance after writing her oh so enjoyable and sexy books to a new urban (with romantic undertones) series under a new pen name- LL Foster. Again, I was a bit wary because she was venturing into uncharted waters. But she made it work. (Even though I still have an issue with Gabby, the kick ass herione wearing flip-flops while she murders crazy demons and their blood shoots everywhere. Get some boots or Uggs at least!)
But the funny thing about myself is I am a die hard JD Robb fan. I have every In Death book since the beginning and even buy those books in hardcover, no matter what the price is. if Roarke and Eve were real, I would want them to adopt me. But as to reading Nora Robert's romances, well I am not a big fan. (No rock throwing please!) So I have done a reversal. I adore the books under her pen name, but not under her true name. Go figure!
So, am I totally off my rocker? Should I stick to what I know or continue to branch out when a favorite author of mine tries something new?


Anonymous said...

Hmm...good question. I am usually willing to branch out with authors who decide to switch genres. JD Robb is my favorite. I don't really care about who is writing the book...it's the book itself that's important to me. :D

C2 said...

OMG! Finally someone who feels the same way I do about JD Robb/Nora! I thought I was the only person on the planet who doesn't really care for the stuff she writes as NR.

I say keep branching - you never know when something will pan out.

Kristie (J) said...

Kate & C2 - you aren't the only ones. I don't read Nora much anymore either - but oh how I love JD Robb!
As for trying new authors writing in different genres, I say go ahead and give them a try. Because for the most part it's the writing that we love so much. There are a few authors who write very well in any genre. Candice Proctor for example wrote historicals, a medieval and a western and did them all very well. Justine Davis/Dare is another author who wrote in mutiple genres and did them all very well - from science fiction romance to Harlequin. And Anne Stuart writes a mighty fine historical and a mighty fine RS. So even if one or two authors don't make the transition from genre to genre - I think most do because it's their writing we are so attracted to.

CindyS said...

Ditto what Kristie said ;) I think if you love an author in one voice you should try them if they branch out. If (like in Garwood's case) you sensed that she was faltering then you might already know the answer. (Katiebabs - you and me weeping over her contemporary - I still bought her others in HC until I realized I was never going to try them. I thought I was going to stay away but I'm wondering about her new historical).

Another author I see moving away is Linda Howard. Her last romantic suspense was just horrible and what's sad is that you know she can do so much better.


sula said...

I am still sad over the loss of Garwood. *sniff*

So far I am really enjoying both Ward and Bird in their various genres and writing styles. You know that I'm the last yahoo to get on the JD Robb train, so I won't comment on that. lol.

I haven't tried Dodd's paranormal book but I don't plan to either. I have found her historicals to be hit or miss. Some of them are really entertaining and others make me yawn. And I don't get the need for everyone and their brother to switch to paranormals because they're hot at the moment. (and that's not a dig at paranormals, I happen to enjoy many of them).

Lately, I have been listening to the audiobook of Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade and am happy to find that Gabaldon's writing stays true to my tastes even outside of the Jamie and Claire saga. Of course, it's not like she's changed her name or even the time period, so it may not count, but for a hardcore Outlander fan, it was a relief to see that I could still read this other series and like 'em. :)

nath said...

the thing is if you're not going to try, you'll never know if you like the branching out. I would try out at least one book or wait for others' reviews :)

lisabea said...

It's nice to branch out, but I admitt to being hesitant. I haven't read Lisa Kleypas' Sugar Daddy because I didn't want to be disappointed. I love her voice and was certain it would be lost in a contemporary novel. But now I hear that it's very good, so maybe I'll give it a try.

KT Grant said...

OMG I am not alone!! Big hugs for all! :)

Kaitlin & C2: The In Death series is the only series of books I have on my book shelf. All 26 titles that I will re-read once a year. Right now Creation in Death is a slow read for me, but after her last one, which is one of my favorites (how can you not love that Eve punced Roarke in the face for being a stupid man and than he gets turned on by it!)I have no doubt I will be a fan of this series till the very end.

Cindy S & Sula: Double sniff back at ya. Cindy have you tried Howard's To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous? I love them and I was laughing my ass off. I am still on the Howard bandwagon. I will see if she still has it come her new book out this summer.
Sula, I saw The Lord John book in the library and was going to take it out. Next time I go I think I will. I really like the character of John.

Kristie: You and I have the same tastes as always *G*

Nath: I am a review Ho. I always wait for reviews. Thank you for the internet and blogs!

Lisabea: I didn't care for Sugar Daddy at all. Maybe it is just me because I am a die hard fan of Kleypas's historicals, much like Garwood. But Lisa will still write historicals- JOY. I loved, loved loved- Mine Til Midnight. And it is in my top 10 for 2007. Sigh over Cam...

Barbara Bergin said...

I’m glad I found your blog and this particular entry. I’m getting started on my second novel after releasing my first, Endings, about a month ago. I also have a third and fourth novel outlined and have started writing scary shorts. None of my novels are like the others. I would call Endings contemporary women’s literature. The Wish might be sports and the last two are sci fi. I don’t see myself getting into one genre and staying there, but I would never say never. Still, in terms of marketing one's works, it could be a problem because there may be a lack of crossover readers. One thing for sure though, and that is that all of my books will have a great romantic core that my romance readers I hope will look for.
I enjoyed your perspective.

Barbara Bergin
author of "Endings"

Kris said...

I like to try new things so I applaud authors for trying new genres if that is truely the story they have in their head. If they are switching genres because of money, then i do not know. But your mention about pseudonyms is probably why they use them. If they are trying something new but are not sure if it will fly alot of time they used to use a pseudonym to see how it does with reviewers and readers.
The pen names that i love the best is Jayne Anne Krentz. I love how hers are named by genre. It makes it easy to know what kind of book it is but still by her.
I agree with the whole JD Robb/NR discussion. I love the JD Robb books but can't really do the NR books.