Friday, December 21, 2007


Because I'm off today. And because I'm feeling silly. And because I just got back from shopping and finally got all my shopping done and I'm feeling a giddy sense of relief. And because I'm procastinating on emptying cupboards and wrapping gifts. And because I don't normally do this too often. And because I'm a normal kind of gal, I bring you

Are you ready?

Are you set?

Remember I don't normally do this kind of stuff since it's a bit silly.

Here we go

I may delete it when I get over being silly

But I may not.......

I called this one


I called this one
Needs a Name
And I called this one
Dreaming of You
yes, yes, I know I need a new hobby


Katie(babs) said...

The third picture would be Richard very tried from a wild night with me as I leave him sleeping there.

Dev said...

I so saw this coming. Yes, he is quite a treat for the eyes, isn't he. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'll have to go with #3.

Mollie said...

#2 should be named "Hair" or "Locks" or something referring to is mane of hair. #3 is by far the sexiest. I'm taking N&S home....hoping to get my Mom sucked in! :)

Tumperkin said...

Shhhurely #2 has got to be:

"Richard Armitage Is Interviewed About His New Project, a Movie of Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You"?


Well, I can dream...

Tumperkin said...

PS Kristie - looks like Harlequin have joined the crusade!

Marg said...

I swear I am going to be completely obsessed with this man BEFORE I even see North and South!

sula said...

le sigh.

Kristie, just when I think I have managed to cool my obsession down to a manageable level, you come along and crank it back up again. lol. I am planning to watch North and South with my mom next week. We're housesitting for some people with a nicer, bigger TV...all the better to see you with, my dear!

lisabea said...

Why do I think he looks like Daniel Radcliffe? Only Older. And better.

Anonymous said...

No, this hobby is good.

Marianne McA

Katie(babs) said...

After seeing Daniel R half naked with his wonderful abs showing in the show Equis, I felt I was such a dirty old woman. Have you all seen the promotional picture for the show? Just turned 18 and he is one young man who will be just as attractive as Richard.

naida said...

thanks for the eye candy...*giggles*