Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh! My! Lucky! Stars!

So today we had a snow storm. I imagine a lot of people did. I mentioned a while ago that I was going to a Keith Urban Concert tonight. Well a lot of you probably didn't realize it was tonight. I wasn't sure whether we would still be going or not 'cause of the weather.
But T - a girl from work who I was going with called me earlier in the day and it was just a given that we would still be going. Her ticket was a birthday gift from her husband. Now I don't knw if I mentioned before or not, but I knew nothing of his music. To me he was just the good looking guy who married Nicole Kidman and sang Country.

Wowzers!!!!!!! Did I get the treat of my life at that concert!!! Holy Camolie is he good!!! Excellent!! Why I thought he was just country I don't know - he sang country, rock, a Christmas Carol - he sang it all!! He in incredible playing the guitar!!!

And I LOVED his music. They had this HUGE screen behind him so although it was hard to see him, we did get to see him up close.
T and I sat there and drooled let me tell you!!
The seats we had were excellent. At one point, he and the band came down towards the end of the runway, close to where we were sitting and they played a number of songs.

He can play hard rock, he can play love ballads on the piano.

How did I miss this musician??????

It was the best concert I've been too!!!
It was the last date on their tour so they played and played and played - a lot more than they normally do I think. And the crowd just ate it up. Despite there being a raging snow storm outside, there were A Lot of people there and he thanked the crowd again and again for showing.
And given a choice between him and Bon Jovi - I made the right choice in seeing Keith!! Now of course I'm going to have to get his CD's.
And in final - I leave you with this video.
I have no idea what the song is because I don't know his music - yet.
And the sound on my computer is broken so I can't hear it. But I couldn't not put up a video.

'til later

I forgot to mention this last night in the excitement of it all, but T came to pick me up. I'd been telling her about my library for a while now and I finally got a chance to show her. As she is a romance reader too, she was in raptures over it!!!
*g*She had to call her husband right away and tell him about it. That was the best reaction I've got so far. Of course now I have a lot more work to do on it now that I have the old upstairs bookcases downstairs!!


Marg said...

I love Keith Urban and would love to go to one of his concerts!

Just the other day I put a video of him playing guitar with an Australian band on my blog! The man is awesome!

Kristie (J) said...

Marg: since the sound on my computer has been broken for a while now, I missed it *sob* but boy oh boy did he put on a good show!!!
At one point he went out into the crowd along the sideboards of the arena and just signed and Gave Away!! a guitar to some guy!! And I think he played way past his normal time. We didn't get out until 11:30. I was just wishing I already knew his music so I could sing along :)

lisabea said...

That's the perfect guy to come fix your shelving issue. Mmmm.

Kristie (J) said...

ROTFL Lisabea - Isn't he though???? Certainly dresses the part. And if he were to come and do my shelves, well, I'd just have to take apart what I already have put together before he got there wouldn't I?
I showed T the blog and there is one pic I posted, that if you click on it comes out real Nice & Big. She wanted me to forward it to her - so I did! *g*
(you would almost think at my age I would be over such girlish gushing - but I'm not!)

Anonymous said...

A couple or three years ago Keith was in my home town for a local music festival (Jubliee City Fest), and he was incredible! His performance was supposed to end by 11:00 that Saturday night, but at 11:30 he was still playing. No one, ABSOLUTELY no one, showed any signs of leaving as long as he was staying - including police who had pulled their cars up listening as well as the clean-up crew.

Katie(babs) said...

I am so happy you got to go to your contest. I am not much of a country music fan, but hey he is pretty on the eyes!
What time did you get hoem? You must have had a late night and your dreams must have been really good. *G*

Kristie (J) said...

Katie - but see - he does ever so much more than country!! That's what I thought too - country singer. But *g* that's one of the points of the post - that he does a lot more. That and the fact that I was still so *up* when I got home, I couldn't not blog about it. And I got home about 12:15 - long, long past my bed time - but I'd had a nice afternoon nap yesterday - rather than empty kitchen cupboards - which I should have been doing.

Anon - That's what he did last night too - just played and played and played. The concert didn't end until around 11:30. T, who knows and loves his music, kept grabbing me when he'd start a song and get so excited that he was singing that song. And then at the end of the concert, he went up and down the runway, shaking hands and signing autographs. I've never seen anyone do that before. Sadly :-( we weren't quite that close.

Misty G said...

I have been a Keith Urban fan for a long time now! You are so lucky to have seen him. I was a Bon Jovi fan back in the day, but I think Keith has way more talant, and he's so hot.

My favorite song is "I wanna be your everything."

I'm glad you had so much fun!

Kristie (J) said...

Misty: I AM lucky I saw him! Especially considering the weather yesterday! I'm a big Bon Jovi fan - part of me is stuck in the 80's still, but I was wowed by Keith Urban's talent!! The way he can play that guitar! Wow! I still don't know his music that well - but I will soon - oh yes I will!

Anne said...

I saw him two summers ago at Summerfest in Milwaukee when he opened up for Tim McGraw. Keith Urban put on a hell of a better show that Tim McGraw. Damn, that man can play a guitar, can't he? He's flipping amazing.

emdee said...

I had tickets for a concert here in Tucson a couple of years ago. Right before the concert, literally minutes before, a fire broke out in another part of the building where a Stephen King movie was being filmed. The venue was evacuated and the concert was called off. Urban never made up the concert and my money was refunded. I was heartbroken that he never came back to make it up to his fans here. It was like we didn't matter. I've been ambivalent about him ever since.