Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And Without Further Ado...

Katie's Top 10 Books of 2007!
1. Lord of the Fading Lands- CL Wilson
2. Lady of Light and Shadows- CL Wilson
3. Demon Angel- Meljean Brook
4. Demon Moon- Meljean Brook
5. Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer
6. Halfway to the Grave- Jeaniene Frost
7. Lover Unbound- JR Ward
8. Mine Til Midnight- Lisa Kleypas
9. Dangerous Lover- Lisa Marie Rice
10. Down Home Zombie Blues- Linnea Sinclair

*My first 4 all deserve the number one spot, but alas only one book can have that honor. Also I kept going back and forth between CL Wilson and Meljean Brook for the tops honors. These two authors have made 2007 an incredible year for reading.
**Another interesting fact I have noticed with my list is that the majority of my top ten reads are all fantasy or paranormals. Only one historical and one contemporary on the list, which is very telling because I use to be only an exclusive historical romance reader in the past.

Here are some other reads that deserve notice:
Catch a Mate- Gena Showalter
And Then He Kissed Her- Laura Lee Guhrke
Heartsick- Chelsea Cain
Innocent in Death- JD Robb
Caine’s Reckoning- Sarah McCarty
Untouched- Anna Campbell

Favorite Hero: (not counting Roarke)
1. Jack from Dangerous Lover
2. Matthew from Untouched
3. Two way tie between Hugh from Demon Angel and Colin from Demon Moon

Favorite Heroine: (not counting Eve)
1. Lillith from Demon Angel
2. Jane from Lover Unbound
3. Bella from Eclipse

Best sex scenes in a romance:
1.Hugh and Lillith getting freaky up against a closet door as she is in demon form in Demon Angel
2. Jack and Caroline making missionary sex look oh so hot from Dangerous Lover
3. Vishous's mind seduction of Jane in Lover Unbound
... and of course in Innocent in Death after Even punches Roarke for being a stupid male and he decides that is the best foreplay between them!

So how does your list match up to mine?



Kristie (J) said...

lol - mine doesn't match much. I've only read 8, 9 and 10 of your list - although they were all pretty good ones.
As for your honourable mentions - even of those the I've only read 3.
Your favourite heros - of the ones I've read - yea *g* I can see Jack and Mathew!!
Favourite heroine - haven't read any of those ones
Best sex scenes - *laughing* same story - although I do agree with you on the Eve and Roarke one

Marg said...

I've only read one of those on your list (Twilight) but I do own a couple of the others! Should really get busy!

lisabea said...

Lilith and Hugh: That scene is awesome! He's still virginal and she's this huge, scaly demon and he is in complete control of that one. Until the end. Whoa, is it ever brilliant. Love that Meljean. Love your list. But I still haven't read CL Wilson! Soon. I swear.