Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Girls...and my books

One other thing I had to make sure I was ready for before I head out is my camera and how to download pictures. It took a call for help to Nath, but I think I have it now. So my practice is my 'girls'. Zina Nota Warrior Princess Cat who is the bigger one and about 3 years old now and Callie aka Destructo Cat.

And since I'm practicing and I always love looking at others bookshelves, these are my living room bookshelves. I enjoy seeing what books I have in common with others so these are mine


Anna said...

Wow you got a nice collection there Kristie! I love the shelves.

~ames~ said...

You guys didn't show me the living room shelves! All those books in the living and the book room on top of that?! Kristie, I gotta come live with you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kristie! You have undoubtedly the most awesome book collection I've ever seen!!!

Your kitties are adorable, btw ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photos- I love cats! That is a great book shelf and collection of books. Are those keepers that you've read or your TBR pile or both? :o)

sula said...

ooooh, they are soooo cute! i lurve kitties. books too. hehe.

nath said...

I'm soooo glad it worked!! :) They look so comfy on that bed :D Zina almost looks like a warrior in that second pic, it looks like she's ready to pounce or something :D

LOL, did you do a quick clean up of your shelves? It looks more organized :D

Mandi said...

I don't know why, but I love seeing other people's bookshelves.

You got some!

lynneconnolly said...

Love the shelves! We're having new shelves fitted - hubby said not to double stack. Idiot!
But my shelves are beyootiful. Plain cream and well, shelfy.

Unknown said...

Hi Kristie!

I love your girls, so beautiful and sweet!

Your shelves are great, I've got all mine hidden away, the hubs gets upset when he sees all those books, and wonders how much money I've spent collecting them. LOL!

Silly, isn't he?

Have you read Broken Wing? How did you like it? I love the hero and his struggles.

Dottie :)

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Wow, what a wonderful collection! Now I understand why you haven't read mine yet...too many to choose from, LOL!

I've been checking back anxious to hear what you thought of Fire at Midnight as you have been to hear what other bloggers have thought of Broken Wing...sigh...guess I will just have to be patient!

Leslie said...

Your cats are beautiful! They look like they would be lots of fun to play with. :)

The books are such a treat to look at! I love looking at other readers bookcases. Thanks for sharing. :)

Wendy said...

So how do you decide what gets shelved where? Do you have a system of what goes in the living room and what goes in the book room? Cuz I was trying to find a pattern, and couldn't. And you know, I'm anal retentive and nosy.

I'm not so sick that I have my books alphabetized, but I do have them shelved by "type." I have historical shelves, hard cover/trade paperback shelves, contemporary shelves....and of course the infamous Harlequin Rubber Maid Tote Of Doom!

Carolyn Crane said...

So cute! As my vet would say, your cats have just enough orange to be dangerous.

Heidenkind said...

Those are very nice bookshelves, and very cute cats. :)

Mary G said...

HI Kristie
Your kitties are so cute. The book collection is awesome. I'm with Mandi. It makes me sigh with happiness.

Kristie (J) said...

Anna: An those are only the upstairs books *g* I have about 10 times that many in 'the library'

Ames: LOL - no - I guess we didn't did we? You're welcome anytime *g*. It will probably take quite some time to read them all though.

Barbara: It is a might fine collection I have. It's much, much better then the local library's *g*. And aren't my girls adorable. I'm thinking I might need one more though. I'll have to see what they say.

Ms. Moonlight: They are a combination of both. The hardcover books I've all read and the JD Robb shelf I've read. But most of the pb's are TBR. And then I have A LOT more downstairs too that I haven't read yet. And I'm a cat lover from way back too *g*.

Sula: Cat's and books - I'm getting eccentric in my old age.

Nath: Zina may look like a Warrior - but she isn't! She could be where the expression "scaredy cat" comes from *g*. And I did do a bit of organizing - mainly putting books in one of the boxes on the shelves wherever I could find a spot - just to take the picture.

Mandi: I love looking at other peoples shelves too. I love seeing what they have on them. It' scary, but the pics here are only a small number of the total books I have!!

Lynne: Sometimes you just have to double stack don't you? The thing I could never do though I've seen others do it is have a row in front and a row behind. I'd forget all the books I have in the back row. I love seeing them all.

Dottie: ROTFL!! My cats - lovely yes, but there is no way I'd call Destructo Cat sweet. Yesterday morning I was making myself a sandwich to take for lunch and had to leave the room for a minute. When I got back, she had knocked my sandwich off the counter and somehow managed to take it out of the plastic baggie and chomped on it. This morning she knocked the whole bag of bread on the floor. And I must take pictures of what she has done to my leather chairs. She's ruined them!!

*g* And I LOVED Broken Wing. Loved it, loved it, loved it. That's why I started a Quest to get other romance readers to read it. Gabriel is probably the most heartbreaking hero I've ever read.

Lisa: If you notice - Fire at Midnight is on one of the shelves. I wasn't in the mood for a historical for a while but the urge to read them is coming back so I should be reading it very soon!

Leslie: When they get playing with each other, they are a riot watching them. Though if you click on the one picture of the two of them on the bed where Zina is kind of looking into the camera, you can kind of see a nasty looking scratch on her nose that Destructo Cat aka Callie gave her when they got playing a bit too rough. And there's no question that Destructo Cat is the Alpha cat of the two of them.

Wendy: ROTFL - that is such a good question - and I have absolutely no system at all. I don't know why some of them are upstairs and most downstairs. That's something I should organize someday, but the huge number of books to organize scares me.

CJ: That describes them pretty good - specially Callie. She is indeed dangerous - to chairs, to sandwiches, to walls, to Zina.......

Heidenkind: They are gorgeous cats aren't they? I've never had Calico's before, but I think they are beautifully coloured.

Mary: I just wish more people could come and visit and browse my bookshelves. I've been collecting romance books for close to 15 years now and I do have quite the collection.

Mary G said...

If I come to visit it'll be to see you then your books. I want to laugh again like we did at Cindy's. I'm still laughing at the toilet brush story & the multitasking breastfeeder.Remember, what happens in Ancaster stays in Ancaster. Talk to you soon.

CindyS said...

OMG - I'm with Ames, I didn't see these pictures and I love them! All those hard covers *sigh*

And you got Callie on film being destructive (I thought it was a phone wire)! I long for another kitty, we just about had one but Bob actually took the kitten from my arms and put it back in it's cage. I was stunned! Course, with a diabetic cat and a blind cat I guess bringing in newbies would be a problem.

I can tell from the pics that Zina is not getting any 'me' time - she has a shadow ;)


nath said...

LOL, I know she's not a warrior. Remember, she would run away when I step towards her :P

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Poor Zina surely does have a shadow - and being the beta cat of the two, I have to try and give her extra attention - until Destructo Cat comes and boots her out.

Nath: *laughing* Poor dear runs away from everyone!!

Jill D. said...

Wow Kristie! You have these books in addition to your bookroom in the basement? Holy cow, you could open up your own bookstore with all those books!

Looking at your shelves I see so many books that I own, have read or want to read. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

ahhh your bookshelves are making me salivate! what a gorgeous collection, and so many hard covers, what big purchasing dedication you have! i posted my bookshelf p0rn a little bit ago too

Taja said...

Love the pictures of your cats and bookshelves!