Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still playin' those procrastination blues

Yep - I'm here - not packing - though I do have clothes in the washer and dryer so at least I'm doing something.
A sort of crisis has arisen though. Now you get a chance to see how my mind operates in this one - and trust me - it scares me as much as it will you!!

I've somehow misplaced my digital camera. I noticed this the other day and rather then actually look for it, I checked out the other one I have. It didn't work. The boys (though at 28 and very soon to be 31 *gasp of horror* they aren't exactly "boys") both came over today. I asked Ryan the more tech savy of the two, to look at the second camera to see if he could get it working. He couldn't but thought it might be that the battery is dead. I headed over to Future Shop with Brent in tow and camera in hand and the sales guy thought the same thing. As this is an older camera and I've no idea where the battery charger is, I spent money and got a universal battery charger. After letting it charge for over 2 hours, it was all charged up. I popped in the camera and nothing! The camera still doesn't turn on.
So......rather then look for the missing camera 2 days ago, I've now wasted time, money and effort on another camera. All to avoid looking for the missing camera that I might not be able to find - or might be in the third or fourth place to look for it.


And in other news - and in an effort to further procrastinate - I happened to catch TWIB today - well Ryan turned it on when he came over. Now it's not any new news that I'm a Toronto Blue Jays fan. I like the American League better then the National League - I just like the DH rule better even though baseball purists hate it. So when it comes the National League, I don't have any real team I cheer for though I've always wanted the Cubs to win. Ron was a big Cubbies fan and was quite disappointed a number of years ago when we went to Chicago to watch the Jays and the White Sox, that the Cubs weren't in town. He really wanted to see Wrigley Field.
But my cheering for the Cubs was half-hearted though they were/are my National League team. Until today!

OMG - do they have some hawt players!! With a Capital H!!! I love sports romance and while hockey romance is my favourite - hey I'm Canadian eh!, baseball is my second favourite and these real life players can play in my fantasies anytime!!

Yes - I really can be that shallow; that I will cheer for a team simply because of the good looks of the players! I console myself with the fact that I did route for the Cubs before Ryan put on TWIB today.

And now - I think my wash is done, hopefully the drying too and I need to look for a camera. Wish me luck in finding it because what is a trip without a camera??? It's bread without butter, it's Laurel without Hardy, it's the Two Stooges.
And start packing - I really need to start that!

Update 1

Houston - we have bread and butter, Laurel has found Hardy and the three stooges are united. I found the camera. It had fallen between the cushions of the couch. And I found it in about the 8th place I looked so that wasn't too bad.

Update 2

OK - I didn't think I'd get it all done - but I'm 99% packed. The only thing left is the stuff I need to get ready in the morning - deoderant, toothpaste/brush, makeup. The litter box is all nice and fresh and right now I hear Destructo Cat shoveling it all about. My clothes to wear are all ironed and ready to put on. My purse is ready. I have my passport and all documents in a brown envelope in my computer bag. My post at Readers Gab is done and ready to post. All I have left to do is set 4 alarm clocks and head to bed. And it's only 11:34!! And I have my 2 books ready

I am Ready to Fly!!

Update 3
It's almost 2:00 in the am and I can't sleep. The 'girls' have decided it's playtime and I'm so hungry I'm eating a bagel.
Speaking of bagels - how do you pronounce it? I pronounce it bay - gel with a hard a. Ryan pronounces it baaa-gel with a soft a. Drives me nuts every time he says the word.


Wendy said...

Well, I'm done. Sorta. Just have to throw in the last minute toiletries into the suitcase in the morning. And sigh, I never got a pedicure, so I'm going to give myself a "homemade" one. So I won't have 100% cute toes....more like 75% cute.

I'm glad you found your camera! I have a new digital camera this year (thanks to My Man!), so I'm going to try and be better about snapping pics.

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: Since you dropped by - maybe I can ask what you think? I have two purses - one kind of cute and funky and totally not like me but it's smaller. The other one is just like every other purse I have - it can hold 3 books. But it's black and we are into summer now. Would it be acceptable to take the cute and funky one - but USE the Mom purse that will hold 3 books while travelling?
And glad you are further ahead of the game then me *g* I'll probably be up late packing - still!

Wendy said...

You'll probably want the big purse while walking around the conference since it can hold 3 books :-) Also a notepad, a bottle of water, a couple of pens.....LOL

But yeah, I think you should bring the cute, funky one as well. You might want to leave the Mom Purse in the room for RITA night.

Mary G said...

HI Kristie
Glad you found your camera. Obviously it was in the last place you looked LOL! Those pics are HOT.
I love sports romances too & just finishing up Double Play by Jill Shalvis. Bella Andre wrote some hot football ones & Deidre Martin wrote some hot hockey ones.

Mary G said...

BTW - who is the guy in the bottom pictures?

orannia said...

YAH for finding the camera. I'm guessing it works? *crossing fingers*

Hmmm. When it comes to bags I pick comfort over style every time. And my best friend and I found this while pottering through a craft show recently - it is better to have a backpack than a handheld bag, as 1) you can carry more with the former and 2) your hands are free for looking at things :)

THANK YOU for the photos! And I agree - hawt *grin*

I hope you have a FABULOUS time! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: *g* yep - second camera works. And not only that, but I know how to work with much help from Nath. So I will be able to download pics from DC. And because I'm shallow - one of the reasons why I like baseball is they aren't all covered up with helmuts and stuff - heh heh heh. Of course they are more covered then soccer players - but soccer isn't as big here as it is in other parts of the world.

Mary:ROTFL - same guy as in most of them - Ryan Theriot - short stop with the Cubs.
And LOL - there are hundreds of places the camer could have been. I was working my way around the living room. I still had the kitchen and 3 bedrooms it could have been.

Wendy - Okely Dokely - Mom purse for most of the time it is then.

Anonymous said...

he alright lol
go giants!!!!

Taja said...

Kristie, have a great time at the conference! :)

I'm glad you found your camera. I'm looking forward to your pictures. How about a pic of your cute, funky purse? ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Anonymous: *grin* Alright? He's HOT. And don't you feel just a little bit for those poor Cubs? So close - yet always so far. They are the dream team for those who root for the underdog.

Taja: Now that I have a working camera again - and the knowledge of how to use it - there will be lots so I'll try to get one of the funky purse.

Marg said...

I've given up on my digital camera! The one on my cell phone is so much better. Sounds like a perfect excuse to ask Santa for a new one at Christmas. I've really been a good girl. I promise!

nath said...

Bon voyage, Kristie! :D

LOL, it always happens... you procrastinate and procrastinate and in the last few hours, you get everything done. Amazing :D

So, did you find your camera?

I pronounce it bay-gel.

Tracy said...

I hope you have a really great time this year Kristie! I'll be thinking of you all while you're having fun! :) Take lots of great pictures.

orannia said...

I hope you manged to get some sleep even with the girls practicing for their 'House Destruction 101' class :)

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!

orannia said...

BTW, when you get back from RWA Nationals, remind me to introduce you to rugby players :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristie, you have hit the jackpot with discovering those hottie Cubs players! I was born and raised in chi-town but have been in DC for the past 4 years. I was planning to marry Mark Prior (on the Cubs a few years ago before he was injured) and have had my eye on quite a few of the other cubbies since then!

Would it be too much of a tease to tell you that the Cubs are IN DC THIS WEEK playing the Washington Nationals? They are here Thur through Sunday.