Wednesday, July 01, 2009

And in other news!!!

It’s not long now!! As of tomorrow, it will be ‘officially’ less then two weeks until the RWA conference. I find that very hard to believe. I’m a lot less organized this time round. Yesterday, my day off was a busy day and I managed to get some of the more important things done:

I had my hair cut a week ago and highlights done yesterday - that gives my scalp time to fade and only have the colour on my hair added yesterday in order to give me that more youthful appearance and to wash that grey right out of my hair.

Bought not one, not two, but three new pairs of glasses. Now glasses and I, we have our issues. You see, they seem to keep running away from me and getting themselves damaged in the process. So far two pair of prescription sunglasses have managed to evade capture over the years and one pair of regular glasses. So I was down to one pair. The one remaining pair I had were bifocals from before. Then the arm went and fell off. And since they were bifocals and not balance with just one arm, when I wore them, I had to tilt my head in order to balance the bifocal part. People laughed. Nath laughed. And then one of the lenses fell out and that kind of took care of those glasses. Although there was an email that went at work that a lens was found at the front desk. It was mine.

So I decided it was probably time for new ones. I didn’t mean to get three pair though. I’ve always wanted a funky pair so I decided to finally get one. Then I got a normal looking pair that darken in the sun. But the glasses person explained that they didn’t darken that much and they didn’t darken in cars – and the sunglasses were on sale. So I decided what the heck. They look like cool shades instead of regular glasses tinted dark. So now I have cool shades, funky glasses and more professional looking ones.

Another Very Important thing I have to do before leaving is to get a manicure and a pedicure. I was hoping my nails would be nice and long, but in times of stress, I tend to bite them off – and they are bitten most of them. But the pedicure is important now that summer is here and I’m wearing sandals.

I’m even thinking of having my eyebrows waxed. And not only that, but the hair that gets darker all the time under my lip. I’m not close to mustache territory yet – and not to worry, never will be – but still, it’s not the same kind of hair I had in my 20’s. And chin hairs!!! Oh – those are so gross. I’m doing pretty good at plucking those little suckers, but I think I’ll have it done ‘professionally’ before I go just in case I get hauled out of the airport due to little scissors or eyebrow tweezers I might have in my luggage. One never knows what kind of trouble you can get into with a pair of tweezers!

Anyway – that’s the important stuff. The rest can come later


nath said...

Glasses!! Yay!! Good stuff!! LOL and three pairs?!? Good job! :)

Sounds like you're getting ready for the RWA, that's good :D

LorelieLong said...

I need to get a pedicure too, but I'm skeered 'cause my baby toe's still broken. :( I might have icky feet for Nationals.

Stacy~ said...

I'm so jealous I'm not going this year, which means I won't get a chance to meet you :( Do you think you'll go next year, when it's in Nashville? I plan on it.

Wendy said...

I finally got my shopping done! Just waiting on one last pair of shoes that I ordered online to be delivered.

I also got new glasses! More because I was a year overdue for an eye exam than RWA though.

I still need to get a hair cut, and I really should think about a mani/pedi. My toes aren't looking real cute at the moment.....

AnimeJune said...

I'm so excited for RWA! I'm still deciding on whether I should cram a very little bit of clothes into a very big suitcase (rooms for books), or whether I should just pack flattened boxes to post books back to Canada??

azteclady said...

Okay, I'm officially a total slob. Someone is sure to demand I return my girl card during Nationals...

But that's okay, I'm gonna meet Kristie(J) and Wendy and a bunch of other people I've been reading for years *squeeeeeeeeeee*

CindyS said...

Don't forget a great pair of walking shoes! I remember you had a rough go of it last year and since I have had my share of blisters I tend to remember the feet ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Nath: When I do things - I sometimes do them big - with glasses along with many other things *g*

Lorie: Maybe they could leave your little toe alone. It's a pretty small nail really *g*

Stacy: *laughing* I haven't even been to Washington yet. But considering this will be my third one, I don't see why I won't be in Nashville. That's always a place I've wanted to visit.

Wendy: We have to take care of the important things first don't we - and then get down to the not so important things like clothes.

AnimeJune: They usually have lots of boxs available there since they have boxes and boxes and boxes of books they unload so I say little bit of clothes to take as much in your luggage as you can. And I'm so looking forward to meeting you.

AL: LOL - I'm pretty darn far from what you would call a girly girl - but I do like a good excuse to have my hair done professionally instead of out of a bottle. And I did need the glasses - maybe not 3 pair - but I did need them.

Cindy: A good pair of comfy shoes is number one on the list ;-) but it's not as exciting as a new do or new glasses.