Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Blogger Discovery

She's not exactly a new blogger; she's been blogging since January, but she's a new find for me. And her newest review happens to be a book I adore. So be sure to check out Penelope of Penelope's Romance Reviews to see which book I'm talking about *g*.


Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks KJ! I love your new blogger intros. You are the best!

Shaymless Aymless said...

KJ: You going to RWA this year? Hope so. It was so nice meeting you in person last year!

Penny Watson said... totally rock! Thanks so much for mentioning my traffic sky-rocketed yesterday. Your blog is really fun...right up my alley!

Kristie (J) said...

Penelope: I'm eclectic if nothing else *g* And I was happy to find yours. It looks like we share the love for a lot of the same books :-)

Aymless: Yeppers - going again this year. This will be my third and now that it's less then two weeks away, I'm starting to get bouncy!! I loved meeting you last year too!

CJ: I always figure the more the merrier and the more we can talk books.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Fun! I'll see you there! *g*