Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Contest

I don't hold a lot of contests - I can't think of good stuff to hold them about. But two things came together tonight and I thought "Say!! Why not have a contest!!"

Incident #1 - I stopped at GT (Giant Tiger) on the way home from work and happened to see this HTF book on their small book rack. I knew right away it was hard to find so I picked it up even though I have a copy. I wasn't sure at the time what to do with it, but then happened upon Incident # 2 and since I don't have the talent but others do - a contest idea was born.

Incident #2 -I was checking out the EHarlequin site for sale books when I saw this one. I passed it, went back and looked again and thought O.M.G.! I'm not good at cover snark but this one just begs for it.

So - in order for a chance to win this book, come up with a good tag line or back cover blurb or whatever your imagination decides. The one that makes me laugh the hardest will win

Are you ready??

Here it is

Yep - I found a brand new copy of Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel. I know she's a hot author right now.

Keep in mind I have a warped sense of humour and the more warped, the more likely to make me laugh.

And in case you are wondering - the contest is open to anyone anywhere. Of course if you are from the planet Melmac, I can't guarantee when it will get there.
In order to come up with an idea, for anyone interested, I will pick the winner next Wednesday (not to be confused with tomorrow). We always need a laugh or a bit of good news on hump days.

Just leave whatever you come up with in the comments section.


Rosie said...

Don't enter me because as one of the the Carolyn Jewel collective I already have it... I'm just here to tell people to enter the contest and devour this yummy book as soon as possible.

Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

BTW, Kristie, you are all kinds of awesome!

orannia said...

OK, I'm completely useless at these sort of things, but I did enjoy Scandal and since I don't live on Melmac (LOL) I'll give it a go:

'Do you think they'll pop if I prick them with a pin?' (Because IMO they look blown up....)

*orannia slinks away*

azteclady said...

(Orannia, come sit with me in the corner--I *really* suck at these!)

Multiples Mystery: which one will give their father the first white hair and how early?

nath said...

Seriously Kristie, this is hard!! LOL :) Lucky me, I have a copy already... but I'll try to think of something :P

Wendy said...

Multiples Mystery: What Fertility Quack Did OctoMom Visit This Time?

Sorry. That's the best I got.

I need more caffeine.....

CrystalGB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CrystalGB said...

So, this is what happens when you mix tequila and a bar full of cowboys.

cheryl c said...

Here is my feeble attempt...

I never WAS good at math! :-0

Anonymous said...

Hope dad doesn't tell mom how much milk we drank last night!
Milk Hangover!!


orannia said...

*sits next to azteclady*

*clears throat*

'I'm sure you said boys...'

CindyS said...

Four!? Four!? That's it!?

Start looking around my uterus doc cause I won't be getting any reality TV show with only four babies!!

Bad CindyS

Mary G said...

How about
She was mystified. Where had they all come from? She had to find the answer. She didn't know where to start. After all, they'd only done the deed once!!

orannia said...

LOL Mary! That's priceless!

Mary G said...

I liked yours too Orannia. It reminded me of my poor dad. They had me & my sister & tried for a boy & got twin girls.Luckily we were all tomboys.