Monday, July 06, 2009

This and That

First off, Alyssa of Alyssa`s Book Blog is looking for someone to take over her room in Washington DC if anyone is planning on going but doesn't have a room. She has the deets at her blog.

I'm going through the list of books to get at the Literacy signing. Now in addition to all my other 'issues' I also suffer from claustrophobia. During past Literacy signings, I read a point where it all gets too much for me and I have to get out - immediately. I haven`t been organized in the past and ended up missing out on books that I really wanted to get. But this time will be different. I will have *drum roll* a list!!!
So far this is my list. I'm sure I will be adding a number more

Butcher, Shannon, K Burning Alive
Kantra, Virginia Sea Lord
Thomas, Sherry Not Quite a Husband
Blake, Toni One Reckless Summer
Williamson, Beth The Redemption Of Micah
Williamson, Beth The Education of Madeline
Meredith Duran Bound by Your Touch

I did indeed get the books I wanted at Chapters on the weekend. And didn't they just have that buy 3, get 1 free promotion going. So, *sigh* I ended up getting more. In addition to the ones already mentioned, I picked up these four.

Of course after buying them, I discovered a couple of the authors with be in DC.


Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
Did you read the first Christy Reece? I loved all 3 books in the series.

Kristie (J) said...

Mary: No, she`s a new-to-me author. But she will be at the conference so I can pick up the other ones there hopefully.

Mary G said...

YGood - this series you need to read in order. Very good plots & characters (even the bad guys) Tell her that Mary G in Canada who just won Run To Me sends her a hug.
She's sooo nice. I'm so excited for you. Wish I was going with you.
Have a good time & can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

Leslie said...

I don't do well in crowds either. But I think mine is more a lack of patience with other people. LOL

I hope you're planning to take lots of pictures to share with those of us left behind. :)

I've got two Maya Rodales on my TBR pile. Pretty covers.

~ames~ said...

I went crazy over the sale at Chapters. But at least I got 5 free books out of it! LOL

I can feel your excitement building. I'm starting to get excited for you - especially now that you can share pics of your experience with us. :P

Taja said...

Those buy 3, get 1 free promotions always get me, too.

Have lots of fun at the RWA conference. I'm looking forward to your pictures. :)

dancechica said...

I, too, have difficulty with crowds and have made a list for the signing. Hopefully, I'll be able to tackle them all. Either way I'm just looking forward to the experience as this will be my first time attending the literacy signing.

Enjoy all your books! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love everything Cheryl Brooks writes, my favorite is "Slave".

Leontine said...

A great list Kristie. Have loads of fun at the RWA, I need to experience it all through the ones who are going, you are going to do a post once you have returned? I love to hear the ins and outs of what is going on at such a conference, i need the info for when I'll be going by plane, train and using an automobile to get to a US convention I have the best laid out plan ever to do as much in the days I am there :D

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Great selection, Kristie!! I have read Christy Reece's first one (Rescue Me) and Dangerous Lies by Anna Louise Lucia. Dangerous Lies has a to-die-for hero. I enjoyed both books very much, and the other two you've listed look good, too.

I share your claustrophobia in crowds! What you were describing is what happens to me, a sort of sensory overload and a feeling of panic as if the brain is trying to process too much info at once. If you find any tips for coping with it, please share them with the rest of us, okay?

Have fun at the literacy signing!

AnimeJune said...

I'm fulling planning on visiting my favourite authors with new books at RWA (Julie James! Julia Quinn! Gaelen Foley!), but my question is - how do you know which books they'll have at their table? Is it usually just their newest three or newest two novels?

On the makeover for RWA note - I didn't get my hair died, but I did get my eyebrows waxed. Ow ow faut suffrir pour etre belle.

nath said...

That's a nice list, but a little short, don't you think? Of course, if you're claustrophobic, the shorter, the better, I guess :)

LOL, well in reality, you just bought 6 books :) you saved money!! So don't feel too bad :)

orannia said...

I think having a list is a brilliant idea! That way if the crowds get too much you'll have seen all the authors you wanted too :) And my best friend doesn't like crowds either - wherever we we try and go early so that we can miss all the people :)

And isn't it annoying with bookstores are sneaky and have deals! Looks like lots of pretties :)

Kristie (J) said...

I have been quite remiss in not getting back in a timely manner!! I had to help a friend last night whose car died on her - and then when I got home North and South - the final episode was on and I simply HAD t watch that - and then it was bed time.

Orannia: I'm planning on taking pictures of the crowds - just so people can see how large they are - but pictures from a distance *g*
And those deals - any other time of the year I'd be happy but when I went the other day I felt like shaking my fist and yelling "WHY NOW???"

Nath: *g* yep - it's short - at the moment. I will be adding to it. But this is just the literacy signing. They still have the publisher spotlights where the books are free!

AnimeJune: A lot of it depends on the publisher. Some have the newer books, others, such have Avon, mostly have older books. And ahhh - but it's nice to do something nice isn't it? Even if it does hurt

Lisa: I can do OK in crowds and then it's like I hit a wall and bang!! If I don't get out of said crowd asap, I get this horrible feeling. It happened a few years ago at an even they held here in the city - a restaurant taste festival. I'd just finished buying about $20 of coupons for food when it hit and I had to leave - immediately. I'm sure the two young lads that were next to me weren't too upset though when I asked them if they wanted my tickets :) I hate wasting money and I sure wasted that money!!

Leotine: I bought a laptop specifically so I can do posts while there AND I have the day after I get back off so I can do blogging afterwords too!!

MsMoonlight: I read Slave - Katie and I did a joint review of it. I found it on the bizarre side - but I liked enough of it to try another one by her and the storyline in this one sounded interesting.

DC: The Literacy signing is insane! And you are going to it? Yea! Email me if you are interested in getting together. Once we bloth flee in panic, maybe we can grab a coffee or drink and both celebrate we got out of the madness :)

Taja: they call to you don't they?? And then - when I paid for them - very little - because they have my email, I got another gift certificate to print off and use. I haven't opened that one yet *g*

Ames: OMG-- 5 FREE books? That must mean you bought 15 books to get those free ones - see how I did that math??
And it's excitment mingled with fear. I still have SO much to do - and I'm working late this week. I've started a number of lists - but I almost need a list of lists

Leslie: I plan on taking LOTS of pics - and the good thing about that is since I'm taking them - I won't BE in any of them - heh heh.

orannia said...

Photos of crowds from a distance sounds all good to me :) I hope your friend's car is fixable.