Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5

Part 1

Now I know I'm not going to get any sympathy at all - I don't expect any *g* but as incredible as everything is - it's not altogether perfect. These are some of my issues:

  • Coffee - this just isn't the coffee I'm used too. I don't drink Tim Horton's coffee that much but what I wouldn't do for a nice Williams Coffee right about now!!
  • Glasses - Why I don't know - but I traveled here with 4 pair of glasses; my funky glasses, my regular glasses, my prescription sunglasses and my reading glasses. It seems I'm constantly taking off one pair and putting on another depending on where I am and what I'm doing. I can't see at a distance, I can't see close up and I need them for outside. I'm getting so tired of changing every few minutes.
  • Money - American money isn't colourful like Canadian money. When I get change I just throw it into my purse. With Canadian money I can tell at a glance what I have - whether it's a five or a ten or a twenty. But with American money, unless I take it out and look at it (which means a change of glasses), I can't tell what it is. I've handed a $1 for something that cost $5 or a $20 for something that cost $1 and then I get a whole bunch of change. The one thing - it's not to heavy with loonies and twoonies.
  • The weather - why is it that San Francisco and Dallas which are closer to the equator weren't as hot and humid as Washington DC which is further away??? This weather is downright nasty now!
  • The walking and the standing and the standing and the walking!!!
  • My purse. Now those who know and love me won't believe this one but the Mom purse I got to bring with me has TOO many pockets. I love a purse with sections since I can dedicate one to books, one to wallets and drivers license, one for paper etc. ect. That's the plan anyway. My sisters will confirm that when looking for something, I usually have to take everything out before I find it. But this purse is overkill. It seems like I have 17 sections and everything is getting mixed up - glasses and money and books!!

So no sympathy needed but just to let you know - not all is totally perfect :-)


Rowena said...

Awwww, so your trip isn't all perfect and rosy?

GOOD! LOL. That's just my jealousy talking! =)

The thing about American money is you can have all 1 dollar bills and still look like you've got it made but you can't do with that if you've got different colored bills and everyone KNOWS how broke you are, LOL!

I got nothing for you on the coffee thing cause I don't drink it, sorry sweets!

Mary G said...

I'm trying so hard to feel sorry for you LOL. Christy Reece emailed me back & she said you are a delight- like I didn't already know that.. Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Kristie

Anonymous said...

Marg said...

We have colourful money as well,and it is just so much easier to know how much you don't have! Ours is plastic as well, so I don't think it necessarily looks real to people from other countries!

sula said...

It HAS been really hot the past few days. That big rain storm that ripped through today cleared out the air tho. Did it make it over to DC? Hope the temperatures are better now. :)

Pamela Clare said...

DC is really humid, Kristie, so you have my sympathy. I was there once — for the National Journalism Awards — and my hair... Well, I have a lot of hair. When it's humid, it's like my hair needs its own hotel room.

And American money... IS ugly compared to money in most places. Same thing with stamps. You'd think we could come up with something really cool. Alas!!!

I saw a woman from Montreal in the grocery store who was lost and looking for ready-made pizza. I wanted to hug her because she made me think of you with her cute little Canadian accent. :-)

I helped her out with the 'za (slang for pizza), grabbed a sandwich and went back to the salt mine.

Hope you're having fun!!!

nath said...

LOL :)but at least, you're having fun :)

Ugh, well I can imagine the weather in DC... after all, it's right next to the Atlantic ocean right?

LOL about the glasses :P Seriously, I don't see why you bought some many :P next time, bifocal :P

As for the American money. I agree, it's annoying that you can't tell them apart right away. It might be more heavy, but I think the loonies and twonies have their use :P

Nikki said...

I just wanted to say that last year on vacation, I had the same problem with glasses. Two pair for outside (one to read with, one to see far with) and two pair for inside (same as above). I was constantly having to change glasses because my job as copilot on our trip was reading the map. I solved that problem. I got bifocals, just like nath said, and I love them. No line bifocals. No adjustment problems at all.

orannia said...

I'm with Nath - go bifocal :) My mother had a similar problem - a set of glasses for reading the computer, but no glasses required when driving, etc. So she got bifocals :)

And I know what you mean about money - when I used to travel I had to stare at the money for ages! Next time *grin* you'll be a pro :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

Enchanted by Books said...

Ok excuse my American self..but what the heck are loonies and twoonies?!!!! LOL

Enchanted by Books said...

When I went to Niagra Falls, we walked over to the Canadian side. We went to the casino over there and put American money into the machines but when we went to cash out or get change we'd end up with Canadian money. We totally didnt understand it at all. I kept thinking I was getting ripped off since I didnt understand it! I still dont get it.