Sunday, July 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

These are some of my favourites from this week

I don't really care for Kupono - but he does do this dance well. The judges really seem to love Kayla - and I can see why!

I loved both routines Janette and Brandon did.

I think Evan and Randi are wonderful together.

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sula said...

hehe. it was a pretty good week on SYTYCD in terms of performances. While I liked Mia's choreography in that addiction piece, I can't stand Kayla and the more the judges moon over her, the more I can't wait for her to get voted off. Personality of a newt. lol. Kupono is also not long for this show, methinks.

Brandon and Janette are in it to win it. Ade is also strong as is Janine (or however you spell it). I started off liking Evan and Randi, but they're fading fast. Just something about energy and least on his part.

I'm curious to see how they will partner everyone up next week. It's sad to see the couples break apart, but fun to see how it all shakes out. :) Here's hoping there are more Wade Robson numbers!!!