Monday, July 27, 2009

I've got you my pretties!

One of the bonuses, a big bonus in attending the RWA conference is the books you can get - a goodly number of them free! In many cases you get back the price of signing up in books!

Here is a mostly done list of the books I picked up.

Author Title
Aguirre, Ann Blue Diablo
Alers, Rochelle Secret Agenda
Brisbin, Terri The Conqueror's Lady
Butcher, Shannon Burning Alive
Campbell, Anna Tempt The Devil
Caskie, Kathryn How To Seduce A Duke
Chapman, Janet Moonlight Warrior
Cornick, Nicola The Confessions Of A Duchess
Dahl, Victoria Start Me Up
Day, Alyssa Atlantis Unleashed
Duran, Meredith Bound By Your Touch
Enoch, Suzanne After The Kiss
Enoch, Suzanne Before The Scandal
Enoch, Suzanne Sins Of A Duke
Feisty, Lilli Bound To Please
Freethy, Barbara Suddenly One Summer
Harris, C.S Where Serpents Sleep
Haymore, Jennifer A Hint Of Wicked
James, Eloisa An Affair Before Christmas
James, Eloisa Duchess By Night
Jeffries, Sabrina Don't Bargain With The Devil
Jeffries, Sabrina Wed Him Before You Bed Him
Johnston, Joan Outcast
Johnston, Linda O Back To Life
Joyce, Lydia Wicked Intentions
Knight, Deirdre Red Kiss
Linden, Caroline A View To A Kiss
London, Julia Highland Scandal
Long, Julie Ann Like No Other Lover
MacLean, Julianne Portrait Of A Lover
Mallory, Margaret Knight Of Pleasure
Martin, Kat Heart Of Courage
Marvelle, Delilah Lord Of Pleasure
McCoy, Judi Hounding The Pavement
McIntyre, Amanda The Diary Of Cozette
Montgomerie, Pamela Sapphire Dream
Morgan, Alexis Darkness Unknown
Parrish, Leslie Fade To Black
Pearce, Kate Simply Shameless
Perry, Kate Marked By Passion
Renwick, Sophie Hot In Here
Rosenthal, Pam The Edge Of Impropriety
Rush, Jamie A Perfect Darkness
Spears, Terry Heart Of The Wolf
Tabke, Karin Master Of Craving
Thomas, Sherry Not Quite A Husband
Vanak, Bonnie The Lady And The Libertine
Warren, Tracy Anne Tempted By His Kiss
Williamson, Beth Hell For Leather
Williamson, Beth The Education of Madeline
Williamson, Beth The Redemption of Micah
Wolff, Veronica Warrior Of The Highlands

And just so you know - there were a few; more then a few, that I didn't get because they were out of them before I got there. I was wondering how long I could hold out before heading to the bookstore. It's a sickness I tell you, because I broke down tonight! I finished reading Meredith Duran's Bound By Your Touch yesterday (review to come soon!) and loved it so much, I had to check and see if her next book, Written on Your Skin was in the store and low and behold it was!! So I just had to get it to read up on Phin's story. So while I was there I got a couple I missed in DC.

Dare, Tessa Goddess Of The Hunt
York, Rebecca Eternal Moon

AnimeJune just posted her list too - and you can see that while we both got quite a few books - many of them are different!


~ames~ said...

Excellent haul Kristie!!

I'm keeping an eye out for Tessa Dare's book too.

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: I did score some good ones didn't I? There are so many of them I want to read NOW as well as so many I already have!!!

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
I see some of my faves there. You will definitely enjoy. Just ordered
Ring of Fire - can't wait. I going to pick up Broken Wing this week but I don't know if I'll finish it my Friday.

The Romance Girl said...

That's one mouth watering list!

Wendy said...

I still have to catalog my haul - and I'm not sure when I'll get that done. Hopefully this weekend. I haven't even done a count yet. So, so sad.

And it's perfectly acceptable to go to the bookstore again. I placed an order on Amazon yesterday because I had to pre-order Portia Da Costa's new book which comes out on August 4.

azteclady said...

Kristie, your list is making me feel just a bit better about my own haul--and I have a feeling that it'll be NOTHING compared to our esteemed Super Librarian's haul.

[But I *am* getting a scanner to get my books listed at Library Thing--no way I'm tackling that "by hand" as it were--after all, I'm also gonna catalog the permanent library not just the TBR]

Taja said...

Great haul, Kristie! Congrats. :D

AnimeJune said...

Well done, Kristie J!

By the way - I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog!

cheryl c said...

Holy crap! That is quite a haul of books! ;-)

Happy Reading! Good luck deciding which one to read next.

cheryl c said...

Oh, you may not recognize me. I changed my google name from Cheri2628.

Kristie (J) said...

Mary: I have a bunch there I want to read! So many in fact I don't know where to put them all - me - with a 'library'! Of course I do happen to have a bookshelf in the trunk of my car. I could get that out and put it together.

D.L.: *g* Isn't it though!! I had such a delicious time cataloguing them all!

Ah Wendy: A co-dependent in our book addiction! I really like that :) And I think you got a lot more then I did so I'd love to see your list. You were packing and sending so fast we didn't get a chance to see all the loot you got!

AL: And if you can believe it - I got a lot fewer this year then in the first couple of years!!

Taja: Yes it is isn't it. And my pretties have found a very good home with me - surrounded by so many others of their kind!!

AnimeJune: *laughing* see how different our list is?? We did get some the same - but I think we got more different then we did the same!

CherylC: And believe it or not - it could have been much larger except that 3 of the signings I went to were pretty much out of books by the time I got there! Otherwise it would have been an even LONGER list!!

orannia said...

It's the list that never ends :) WOW! So impressed!

Have you read CS Harris' earlier books? I have Where Serpents Sleep to pick up from the library - the series is amazing!

And Eloisa James' Duchess books are fantastic!

nath said...

LOL, how many boxes did you have to ship back?

Good job, Kristie, on getting all those books! :)