Saturday, July 11, 2009


I still haven't done the laundry or changed the kitty litter BUT I do have purty finger and toe nails. And I'm hoping the first thing everyone I meet will say is "Great Brows there Kristie!" cause man that hurt! She ripped out A Lot of virgin brow hairs there - even on top! I haven't had my eyebrows waxed for a very long time and I can't say I really noticed, but apparently over the time since I last had it done, I've been plucking unevenly and the two sets of brows didn't match!
And she ripped out a lot on the sides near my ears. That's a sensitive area. My upper face burned for a while I tell you. And she trimmed them. My dad had great bushy brows and mine were kind of long I guess. Not any longer though. I still haven't looked at them in a mirror in case they are too thin and I have to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil.

And those nasty dead skin calluses on the sides of my big toes - my sisters know what I'm talking about - are all gone. Unfortunately the toes are still short and stubby though *sigh*


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I get my toes done tomorrow! But I did go tanning today!! That's one thing down ;)

Mary G said...

That's okay Kristie. Even if no one notices your toes you'll be looking at them cause they probably look great & pedicures last way longer than manicures.

orannia said...

I bet you look gorgeous :) And I'm with Mary - everyone looking at your toes will be admiring the pedicure :) What colour did you get BTW?

nath said...

LOL, what is pain for beauty? At least, you feel all good about yourself now :D