Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dilemma's Drive me Crazy

I've been on a book buying ban and so far I've been doing pretty darn good! The only one I've bought since I met with Nath, Cindy, Lea and Mary (and Ames via Web Cam) is Stacey Kayne's newest, Mountain Wild. But with the coming of July and the release of some really good books, I have to decide whether I'm going to give in or not. There are quite a few that I'm hankering for and I have a gift certificate from Chapters. I've checked and they are in the store. I've done my research and the authors of some of them won't be at the RWA conference so now I have to decide whether to get them or not.

Of course it's a forgone conclusion that I will. But still, it's a dilemma. Because it's not like I don't have enough books and will be getting many more in LESS THEN 10 DAYS!

None of these authors are listed on the literacy signing so I think it's safe to say they won't be there and I can do some book buying this afternoon!!


And I have a new poll up. They are so easy in Blogger. I'm curious as to what everyone's favourite genre is. Do you have a favourite? Do you read mainly one or do you share the love? Why is the genre of choice your favourite?

So, now I'm often to do some shopping!!


SarahT said...

I say go for it!

I used to read historical romances exclusively but I got sick of them once they became almost exclusively Regency-set. I still read historicals but I also buy a lot of contemporaries and some romantic suspense. I'm not really a paranormal fan but I love Patricia Briggs and most of J.R. Ward's books.

Wendy said...

You only get one guess on the genre I voted for. Ha!

And if the authors aren't on the Literacy Signing list, go ahead and buy them. It will help you resist the siren call of those books by authors that ARE going to be at RWA.

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
I guess my favourites are contemporaries (romance, suspense,erotica). I guess I can relate easier. But I love Sarah McCarty's books & will read Sam's Creed the next time I'm in a historical mood. Same with Paranornals - once I'm in the mood I'll read a slew of them.

nath said...

hey Kristie :D

I say go for it :D Especially the Loretta Chase since you told us that Avon was notoriously known not to have new books :D

Shaymless Aymless said...

Go for it! *g* I'm so weak willed when it comes to books I want everyone to have the same problem so I don't feel as bad! *g*

Brandy said...

I've read Touched By Light (My first by the author) and loved it, so I say go for it! *G*
My favorite genre right now? Hmm, I can't choose!

CindyS said...

I'm also chirping in to say go for it! I'm only a few chapters into Branded by Fire and I'm just too happy for words ;)

I'm paranormal and I see I'm not alone. Thing is, paranormal has to be done right and there are few authors who can really pull it off. It's interesting to see though that paranormals are running neck and neck with historicals. I hear a lot of moaning about the glut of paranormals in the market place. I'm not happy about it either - I want writers who want to write paranormal romance to write them - not authors just trying to cash in or find a niche.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,

I have to join the others and say go for it! Chapters had Branded by Fire stocked early and I got it on Friday! Yah! And I have to say I'm loving it and I look forward to seeing what you think.


Anonymous said...

I'm a historical hussy!! Love 'em!

Mary G said...

Right On Cindy!!
I complained to the guy I know at Coles (I know pathetic right?) that all my faves seemed to be writing vampirish books & he said that's what was selling at the time.

orannia said...

Well...if you have a gift certificate then technically (that being the operative word *grin*) you aren't buying any books, so I say go for it!

And I'm currently reading Branded By Fire and it's gooooood!

Nicola O. said...

I've also been trying to keep better tabs on my book-buying budget of late, but I have totally blown it this week. I'm in the middle of BfF, and I have the Loretta Chase and the new Julia Quinn and MJP waiting, plus two others. Then I did a drive-by at half-price books this afternoon and picked up two Karen Marie Monings (my first ones!), one of Alexis Morgan's Darkness series, and a Nora Roberts that I think I missed (it was a buck, so sue me...)

Looks like I'm stocked for the next few weeks....

Heidenkind said...

I broke my personal moratorium on book buying last week, too. But with such great books coming out this month, how could I help it?!

Rowena said...

So, did you buy all the books your heart desires? I would have. I can't wait to see everyone's posts from RWA, it's going to be great, I'm sure.

As for your poll, I'm partial for contemporaries so I voted for the contemps! I read most everything (though I haven't touched a paranormal in a long while) but for the most part, I prefer to read contemporaries smexy heroes. =)