Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 7

And I'm back home!! I don't know how long this will be. You wouldn't believe how tired I am. I wanted to go to bed about 6:00 but I had to watch the repeat episodes that I missed of So You Think You Can Dance. And Carrie - you were right - there were some great dances. And how funny I thought it was, when Ryan who drove me home, came in for a while and told me who was out. My macho, rugby playing, buys his mama Heaving Bosoms for Mother's Day, youngest son apparently also watches SYTYCD. Who'd a thunk it? Dang but he's a good catch!

A few things before I go back to Day 7 in DC. I said Ryan drove me home from the air bus station. But it was a close thing actually. I noticed yesterday that my cell phone had died. And me - being me - didn't think to bring the charger. Now ordinarily this wouldn't have been a bad thing because as Wendy can testify, I really don't have the hang of it. So a dead cell phone isn't a problem. BUT in an effort to retain important information, I have to try not clog the brain with stuff I don't need to know - one of them being both my sons phone numbers since they are programed into the phone and I have them written down on the fridge.
When I called the air bus company when the plane arrived in Detroit, to let them know my plane had landed, I was told I was the only one taking it and the bus driver could pick me up 45 minutes early. This meant I'd get home 45 minutes early - in theory - and I was just aching to get home by this time. Going away is great - but so is getting home. There was a problem though. You guessed it - I didn't have access to Ryan's phone number on my cell phone because it was dead and I didn't have the recharger. AND he's not listed in the phone book since he doesn't have a land line - just his cell phone. So when we arrived at the bus station early, I didn't have a way to contact him to tell him I'd arrived - and I wanted to go home!! I thought about just taking a cab home, but was worried he'd show up early and I'd have left. Such was not the case. It was almost half an hour after I was supposed to arrive and still no Ryan. He finally showed up and asked why I didn't call him since he had told me to when the bus got in. I don't remember him telling me that. I told him my cell phone had died. He asked why I hadn't recharged it. I told him I forgot to bring the charger. He asked why I hadn't written his number down to take with me like he told me too. I didn't tell him I must not have been paying attention when he told me to do that either. I think he gets why I used to drive his Dad nuts sometimes.
So then he drove me home and stayed for a while. I didn't quite know how to tell him to go home - that I just wanted to get in my jammies and veg until SYTYCD came on.

And other news that happened while I was away. Apparently Destructo Cat has a new trick. She takes a running leap at the screen in the living room window and claaaawwws her way to the top of it and just kind of hangs there looking out the window. She showed me that trick tonight. I yelled. I was not impressed with her newest trick. I was talking to Brent, who was looking after the 'girls' and who called during SYTYCD, it was a short conversation held during the commercials and he said he'd caught her doing it a few times during the week. He said she was very cute but very destructive. And I replied that that was why her real name is Destructo Cat.

I very wisely took tomorrow off - anyone who is thinking of going to the RWA conference - this is a very smart thing to do - and was planning on sleeping in to noon and not getting dressed for the whooooole day, but I remembered half way through the week that Landscape Guy is starting tomorrow. *sigh* That means not only will I have to get dressed, I will probably have to get up around 8:30 as I left packing until pretty much the last minute before I left which left no time to clean house.

And I was planning on saying a lot more about the week - but I'm pretty much brain dead, even this little bit wiped me out, so I'll do it tomorrow - hopefully after I clean house and before Landscape Guy shows up. And I have something fun planned for tomorrow evening that I'll be posting soon too *g*. Not to mention my post of all things Nico for Julie - heh heh heh heh.

Oh - one more thing before I close - there is yet Another Crusader!! Author Michelle Styles has seen it too and is the latest addition to The Crusader List - and more on that too shortly! Anyway, my bed is calling me even louder then my spreadsheet, LibraryThing, Good Reads and Shelfari - and they are shouting pretty loud - so....

'til later


Michelle Styles said...

LOL on being a Crusader. I have been known to give copies of N&S to various friends and relations.
There are a number of Harlequin authors who are v keen on it -- Kate Walker, Donna Alward, Natasha Oakley and this month's debut ROmance author Nina Harrington. Nina did a post for the Pink Heart Society recently that has a great you tube montage of N&S.
Philippa Ashley who writes for Little Black Dress wrote her first book because of N&S --Decent Exposure. There was a group called C19... Lifetime TV is currently filming an adaptation of Decent Exposure entitled the 12 Men of Christmas. Kristin Cheneworth is starring but although Pip knows who is play the RA inspired role, she can't say yet! For more info see

Kati said...

Welcome home, Kristie! I was a genuine thrill to meet you, I only wish we'd been able to chat more.

There's always next year...

Lusty Reader said...

it was so fun to meet you Friday and i'm glad you finally made it home! after i travel my sweatpants and couch are defintiely calling my name too ;) well we all certainly have plenty of hours of reading relaxation ahead of us with all our new books!

nath said...

Yay!! home sweet home!! :)

LOL, you're good, staying up and watching SYTYCD! :)

You need a little phone book :P

Wendy said...

Might be time to de-claw Destructo Cat.

That's right animal rights people. I said it.

Glad you made it home safe and sound!

cheryl c said...

I am glad to hear that you made it back home safe and sound. I really enjoyed your RWA blogs while you were away. I have seen pictures posted on a lot of blogs, and it all looks like it was so much fun!

sula said...

well clearly i did not make it down to DC on saturday as I had hoped to. :( Bummer to have missed you all this time around. But it sounds like you had an awesome time. can't wait to see pictures!

there have been some great SYTYCD moments in the past week. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

orannia said...

Welcome home :) Thank you so much for all your RWA-inspired posts and photos. It made not being there bearable :)

And your son sounds gorgeous BTW *grin*

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie!! LOL, your kitties sound like a handful. See, your boys grow up and now you have crazy cats. Does it ever end. Atleast you have yourself a "Landscaper" *waggles brows*, lol.

Oh and I need to get cracking on the Crusader icon!

~ames~ said...

Glad you made it home safely!

And I have to say - I saw a picture of you (on someone's blog somewhere) at the Awards and I have to say Kristie, you are looking good! :P

Shaymless Aymless said...

Glad you made it home! I spent yesterday sleeping!

email me your snail mail so I can mail your present!!

azteclady said...

*waving madly* Hello again, Kristie!

People, can I say that Kristie is one of the main things (people) that made RWA such an utterly fantastic experience for me?

A warmer, funny, lovely and loving person I've yet to meet.

Thank you for taking this wide-eyed newbie under your wing, Kristie! *hug*