Sunday, August 30, 2009

And another one!

Ahhhh - the joys of following links. I found another new-to-me blogger this morning.

Marissa of Marissa's Booklair!!

I find it a never ending fascination to discover fellow romance lovers from all over the world!! Marissa lives in the Netherlands. Kewl!! She also has a contest going for an author I've been meaning to try for a little while now - so drop in and say 'hey'.


Lea said...

Thanks for the heads-up Kristie!

I hope all is well with you.


Stacy~ said...

Already a fan - thanx to that beautiful time-sucker Twitter. Marissa is one of my new faves :)

Marissa said...

Hi! Sitting here behind my desk with a head as read as a tomato, thank you for the shout-out. It is so nice to meet other bloggers and bookaddicts thanks to Twitter and bloghopping!