Friday, August 21, 2009


Read A Western; They ALL Need Love

Prizes and Pleadings!!

Hang onto your hats - the is is going to be a long one!

And - as the sun slowly sinks into the West, we come to the end of The Great Western Ride.


Not Really.

For it is just the beginning.

I mentioned at the beginning of the week, that one of the main reasons I came up with the idea of featuring Westerns - and with much, MUCH help from my Cowgirls Sybil and Wendy, who both posted more this week then either of them had for ages - if ever - was the lower votes the Western got (and more one that in a moment).

But there was another reason too! One of the books I've been anticipating more then most is Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman. To me she is an author of such richness and depth you can't rush through her books. They are to be read slowly, so as to savour them. I wanted readers not to see that this book was a Western and think 'b'ah, not gonna bother. I was hoping by having The Great Western Drive, when readers see this one come out on the shelves in September, those in blogland who have been visiting the three of our blogs - or any of the other wonderful ladies who have picked up the torch and blogged about Westerns - will think to themselves, not "'b'ah", but instead, "hmmm, I think I will just give this one a go" . Judging by the response at Dear Author when they offered up free copies, there are a lot of readers who will do just that!

The Prizes

So in order to keep this one front and centre in your thoughts, Sybil scored some copies from Kensington and is sharing with Wendy and me. So! I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader.
The is the Grand Prize - but not the only one. Sybil and Wendy both have other contests running for books so how could I do any less?? In addition to the Grand Prize here at Ramblings, I have me some other Westerns to give away too.

Touch of Texas by Tracy Garrett

Who can resist that cover? And the story inside is pretty good too!

Dear Penelope by Sharon Ihle

She didn't get a mention this week, only because of the vast numbers already, but if you like your stories on the light and humorous side, then she's an author to look for

Rachel and the Hired Gun by Elaine Levine

This is great book and one I mentioned in the interview at Petticoats and Pistols

Bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller

I'll be finding out along with whoever wins this one since it's a new release and I haven't read it. I got 2 copies of this one - one to give away and one for me - not only 'cause I love Westerns, but oh mama do I love this cover!!

The Wives of Bowie Stone by Maggie Osborne.

Now Maggie is Wendy's girl, but I've read this one too and really enjoyed it.

The Scotsman Wore Spurs by Patricia Potter

Now Patricia Potter is my home girl. She is the creme de la creme of Westerns so I have two by her. Leslie back's me up on this one!

Wanted by Patricia Potter

Another Most Excellent Potter Western. Whoever gets this one is one lucky reader

A Texan's Luck by Jodi Thomas.

Now I'm behind in reading her newer books, but this one is an older book I've read and can easily recommend!

The Pleadings

The short version - The Western genre - please read one.

The longer version because that's always more fun. I've said a few times I've no pride and no shame when urging readers to try something I've read and loved (or watched and loved) and the Western certainly fits into that category. From many of the comments I've read between our three blogs and at other blogs who have taken up the Ride, many reader used to read Westerns and loved them and then they kind of slipped their minds. We aim to remind those readers what they've been missing. To them I beg "Come Back. Come Back. Wendy, Sybil and I are desperate. We want more Westerns. We want the choices we used to have for this neglected genre". But the publishers are saying they aren't selling. So we need you to help us!

And for those who haven't tried a Western - put aside your Paranormals, your Vampires, your Shapeshifters, your Dukes, Viscounts and Earls - just for a short time (because I love them too!) and try a Western! Sybil, Wendy and I have offered up a lot of our choices but you can be like Lea and Amy and try one not on our list. Barbara has promised to read my all time fave. And Nath has mentioned us too. Samhain publishes a lot of Westerns - I have three Beth Williamson books I'm dying to dive into.

We long to see a resurgence in this genre. I mentioned the site Love Western Romance and the poll they had. Well this seems to be an ongoing poll and they have the results as of July 31/09. Visit the site - they have a whole passel of Westerns.

And Petticoats and Pistols is also a Must Visit blog. And I'm not just say thing because THE Cheryl St. John interviewed ME!! They have some great authors posting, most of whom I've read or at least own books of - and those who don't I plan to! And at this point I'll mention that they donated a great prize themselves - details at The Good, The Bad, The Unread - though only open to US residents so you don't have to worry about me winning all the loot *g*. And a reminder Sybil also has the Sarah McCarty contest open to all

And read Wendy's post today. She's pretty good at pleading and begging herself and also has a contest to win Never Love a Lawman as well as the previously announced Maureen McKade book. And dang - but I forgot to link yet another post at TGTBTU wherein Sybil, Wendy and I also answer more questions about what is is about the Western.

By now you may be thinking - enough with the pleading - just tell me how to win! Well, I'm going to give away the books alphabetically by author last name unless you specifically say there's one you don't want (like you already have that copy of such and such a book but would like a chance to win another one) What YOU have to do, is commit to reading a Western and name the book. They are so easy to find at bookstores, UBS's, the library, an e-copy - where ever you can find one.

And! You will be added to the list on the sidebar for The Great Western Drive. You can see I've already added Sybil and Wendy and I know there are already more but I didn't put them up yet so they can drop by here for a chance to win. I want to get that list going down the entire sidebar!! And then! You can add the icon to your own sidebar if you have a blog.

So - what do you say? Will you take pity on the three of us and Ride a Cowboy; Read A Western? Is there one book that is calling your name? Let me know in the comments for a chance to WIN!!

And I figure a week is enough time to pick on out to read. So the winners will be announced one week from today.

I hope to do a revisit down the line and find out what you all thought of the one (or ones) you read.

And smack me on the head and call me stupid! I almost forgot to mention I issued myself my own challenge - which I answered and that was to get an Inspirational Western. While at the book store the other day I picked up a copy of The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist.


Wendy said...

Dear Penelope...I had forgotten about that book. For readers who like "lighter" reads, that one is a solid choice.

And The Wives Of Bowie Stone is one of the Osbornes I still have in the TBR. Seriously, I'm sick.

And I really have to read the Levine. I bought it back when it came out - and now that her second novel is due out early next year, I'm thinking I know...dig it out of the TBR.

Heeee, yep, I'm already part of the challenge, but obviously don't enter me in the contest. I just finished a contemporary western yesterday (need to get a review to Sybil!). Plus I've got the new Kathryn Albright and Where The Wind Blows by Caroline Fyffe in the immediate TBR.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kristie!! You ladies all did a great job with this. I'm definitely looking forward to Jo Goodman's book. BTW, I actually read my first Jo Goodman historical on your rec ;)

Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaways!!

Virginia said...

Thank you so much for The Great Western Drive! My heart lives in the Old West. I was raised on the great TV Westerns like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley & etc. My whole family watched those shows together. My grandfather was a great fan of Zane Grey & Louis L'Lamour. My heartthrob of all time is Sam Elliott, who has no peer as a Western star. I love historial romances set in the Old West of the mid to late 1800's. I often think that I lived in that time period and that is where I experienced the love of my life! I would love to win!
gcwhiskas @ aol dot com

Arani said...


I've found Desperate Hearts by Alexis Harrington in
my TBR pile.

So please add my name to the contest.
(Is it open for non-US residents, though?)


Cecile said...

Okay Kristie, I am here and ready to take the plunge!! Okay, I am going to the book store tomorrow to see if I can find.... Beth Williamson, "Hell for Leather." That is my promise to you... if I can not find it, I will order it!!!
I know Lea loves her books!! So, this should do me well for a first time reader!!!
I will take the picture of the cowboy and post him up at my place to let people know what is going on and what they are missing out on!!!
Toss my name in this contest!!!!
I want to read a book and ride a cowboy!!!!
I hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!

cheryl c said...

This was a fun week, Kristie. You didn't have to convince me to love westerns because I already do! Even though I have read a lot of western historicals, I haven't yet read any of the books you are listing as prizes. I will be delighted to win any of them!

Next, I want to pick up Linda Lael Miller's Montana Creeds series. I have enjoyed her other western historicals and contemporaries.

Anonymous said...

im all over this like stink on a skunk! i'm currently reading Linda Lael Miller's A Wanted Man, totally prompted to pick that up out of my TBR because of yall's Great Western Drive.

I'm also feeling like re-reading Little House on the Prairie.

Please enter me for any of the books! And I also feel a little Miss Doreen from CJ's The Thrillionth Page coming on where I might just have to investigate a few cowboy menages.

cheryl c said...

I mentioned western contemporaries that I want to read next, but I guess I should say what historical western is next. I am going to read Stacey Kayne's MOUNTAIN WILD.

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

I just finished reading Lucky in Love by Carolyn Brown, Mountain Wild by Stacey Kayne, and Julia London's contemporary Summer of Two Wishes which is a 'western.' I promise I'll get my hands on another HQN Western like Sierra Bride or Bridegroom

Lori said...

I just finished The Bridegroom not 10 minutes ago. Love those men from Stone Creek!

Marg said...

I read The Bridegroom a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. The setting both in terms of locale and time was very interesting! Now I am planning to go back and read the earlier books in the series.

Tania said...

Thank you for organizing this, I've got a bunch of authors and titles that I'm on the look out for. I found a couple ebooks so for now I'm going to read Outlaw Bride by Jenna Kernan and one Cheryl St. John title; just have to figure out which one.

Tara said...

I haven't read a western in a dogs age :) I have just about all of Maggie Osborne's books on my keeper shelf, they may need a reread. One more great oldie to add to your list... Megan Chance's Fall From Grace.

Kristie (J) said...

Arani: Nope - open to the whole wide world!! If you live half way round the world, it might take longer to get there - just ask Orannia - but send it I will

Virginia said...

I love reading the western romances and you have some great ones listed here. Jodi Thomas's A Texan's Luck is calling my name right now. The only one in this group that I have read is Rachel and the Hired Gun and it was a fantastic read. All the rest are calling me. Since there is another Virginia here I am leaving my e-mail addy. I will be the little old lady Virginia.


Nikki said...

I am for sure reading Never Love a Lawman, but lawsy (is that how you spell that?) some of those covers are pretty hawt! Enough to entice me to put them in the cart. Well, they sound pretty good, too. :)

M. said...

Count me in as one of those readers for whom westerns somehow never registered on the reading radar. I'm not sure why - maybe I'm worried I'll have trouble with the way Native people are portrayed?
So, to get in the spirit, I'll say that I will try and educate myself and commit to reading a western. If I can't find the funny title you mentioned, I'll go look for something by Kate Bridges. I like Mounties.

Leslie said...

You ladies did a wonderful job of promoting the western this week. I was happy to add to my TBB list and move some books around on my TBR pile. Thanks you!

Wonderful selection of books for the prizes. Don't add my name. I know I'm buying Goodman. :)

Love Patricia Potter's westerns! Whoever wins those is a very lucky reader. Of course once they read her they'll want her back list. :)

Maggie Osborne is also one of my favorite western authors. Loved The Wives of Bowie Stone, Brides of Prairie Gold, The Promise of Jenny Jones and Prairie Moon just to name a few.

I've got the Linda Lael Miller and Tracy Garrett ones on my TBR pile.

Love Jodi Thomas and I've read the Elaine Levine.

The only one I've never read is Sharon Ihle but I'm in luck - the library has it. :)

Tumperkin said...

Congrats on a great campaign, Kristie!

I already ordered Outlaw Hearts by Bittner as you recc'd so don't count me in the draw - I will review as follow up! Can't wait - but is coming from overseas so I may have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive.....

maered said...

I loved Westerns but it never really registered that I haven't read one in ages until this drive. So I will read The Preacher's Daughter by Cheryl St John. I've read a few of her books before and they have always been a good read.

Amy C said...

Hey Kristie! You three ladies have done such a fabulous job promoting westerns! It's the enthusiasm!

And I want to be part of the Western Drive! The book I plan to read isn't released yet. Not until the 31st. IT's Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend!

azteclady said...

Well... lemme see...

I have a number of Jodi Thomas' westerns waiting in the humongous TBR mountain range.

I need to see if I do have the first in the series, that would be the one, I think.

Texas Rain... Yup, I have it. That's the one.

CindyS said...

Let me tell you ladies - I was once a huge western reader but then I needed something darker. That said, I was at the bookstore and immediately started looking for Patricia Potter westerns. They only had rom/susp in stock.

I'm sure I have Osborne in the TBR pile so if I can not be entered for that book.

My westerns were Johanna Lindsey, Jude Devereaux and then Diana Palmer. So obviously I have not been exposed to the best of the western world. Still, some of those JL's were hot ;)


orannia said...

MY TBR list is staging a mutiny (so please don't include me in the giveaway), but I'll see what I can dig out of my keeper boxes....there are a number of Western novellas I want to re-read! Will make a note on my 'to do' list to pull them out tonight :)

Wonderful week Kristie - thank you!

Emily said...

Thank you, ladies, for organizing this drive. It's been such fun reading your posts this past week and making a loooooong list of books to add to my pile.

I'm definitely going to participate in the Western reading! I just bought Caroline Fyffe's Where The Wind Blows. Can't wait to get started! And I'm headed straight to Borders on Sept 2nd for Jo Goodman's new book.

RachieG said...

THANKS to Western Week I am NOW on Book #4 of the Malloy western series by Beth Williamson AND have bought the newest Lorelei James western.

Naughty western books but I am LOVIN' 'em!! :)

Mari said...

I wish more Westerns were written. I am a huge Beth Williamson fan, just finished the Redemption of Micah.

Laurie said...

Forgiving by Lavyrle Spencer is the first romance that I ever read! Loved it! But I have to say I too did get away from westerns.

I'm going to read Lisa Plumby's The Scoundrel.

I'd love to try Levine's Rachel and the Hired Gun, Garrett's Touch of Texas or Linda Lael Miller's The Bridegroom. Jo Goodman is new to me also.

I know I've read Potter and Thomas in the past.

Thanks for the chance to win a western.

CrystalGB said...

I love westerns. Beth Williamson, Stacey Kayne, Pam Crooks, and Cheryl St. John are some of my favorite Western writers.

Heather D said...

I am so ashamed of myself!!! I have not been doing my "normal" blog hopping routine, you know where I visit all the blogs on my blog roll that have had current posts. I some how missed your entire week. I saw mention of this on Barbara's blog, but for some reason didn't think it had started yet. Crap Crap Crap. I am sorry I missed this and I will now have to go back and read all your previous posts.
It is so funny too. I couldn't find a book last week to save my life. I wanted to read one set during the American Civil War, but I wanted it NOW, so it had to be on Kindle or at the UBS. I got a few suggestion on Shelfari. Needless to say I just finished reading The Frasers-Clay by Ana Leigh. I will be posting my review in the coming days. This one didn't satisfy my needs, apparently I still have the bug for HR set on our shores. I am going to dig through my closet and see if I can find another western, since the one I finished didn't really fit the Civil War but was more Western.

I love my Cowboys and Indians!!! So when I get an extra few minutes I will not only add my review but will also add the icon to my sidebar and link it back to you!!

Karen W. said...

I've really enjoyed the "Great Western Drive."

Not that I need any urging, but I'll commit to reading a western. Let's see... TOUCHED BY LOVE by Tracy Garrett.

I can't wait for the Jo Goodman book!!!

I have all the books but the ones by Garrett, Levine, and Miller, but those sound great. :)

Heather D said...

OK I did a quick browsing of my half my books last night while re-organizing them. I didn't find a western that called my name. So I went back out to Amazon this morning and grabbed A Wanted Man by Linda Lael Miller. This will be my official read to participate in the giveaway/contest. I really wanted to purchase Bridegroom but it is fourth in the series :(

Maureen said...

I've read Rachel and the Hired Gun and it was a good story. Bridegroom looks like a good one and I have read a couple by Linda Lael Miller and they are good. I think I have a couple more of hers on the TBR pile so I will definitely commit to read one of her books.

throuthehaze said...

Clayborne Brides: One Pink Rose, One White Rose, One Red Rose has been in my TBR pile for awhile now so Im finally gonna read it!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Renee said...

I just finished (and greatly enjoyed) Jodi Thomas' contemp, Rewriting Mondays, so I need to check out A Texan's Luck.

Of course, what I really need to do is (finally!) read Ride the Fire from my tbr. Hmm . . . as next month's TBR Challenge!

Laurie said...

I finished Lisa Plumbley's book The Scoudrel. Daniel was a bit slow to come around but he sure turned out to be a keeper! So I'm moving on to Charlene Sands's Abducted at the Alter.

JennJ said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful western week. I'll keep reading those westerns and I'll be pimping them even more than I was after this week. :) Great job hon really loved it.

Mary G said...

What an awesome week. Thanks for
reminding me about westerns.

Leontine said...

Hi Kristie,
I said in the first Great Western Drive post I will choose one book that will be my Western read and I found it right here in this post: Touch of Texas by Tracy Garrett

I will read this asap.

You girls have created a stampede through blogging land and I feel your passion for the genre!! Thanks for this awesome week Kristie, Sybil & Wendy!