Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Part 1

Read A Western; Gamblers Need Love Too

Yesterday was all about the books. And what would the books be without the authors that write the books? There are so many fabulous authors who have written Westerns over the years, I'm almost afraid to tackle this topic as I know I will be leaving so many good authors out. Here are a list of 10 who have blown me away over the years - in no particular order

When I think Western this first author comes to mind right away. I've already featured one of her books this week and I could spotlight a lot more. I wish I had started keeping track of grades and outlines a long time ago so my memory wouldn't be so spotty. But although some may be a bit hazy in the list I'm giving of this author, I know I enjoyed them all!

Patricia Potter
Renegade (my first PP book)
Seize the Fire
The Marshal and the Heiress
The Scotsman Wore Spurs

And these are just her Westerns!! She has quite a few others I've read and enjoyed too.


This author has written so many heartwarming stories. She's no longer writing Westerns and I miss her Westerns like crazy. Reading them was like cuddling up in a nice warm blanket on a cold stormy night

Stef Ann Holm
Forget Me Not
Weeping Angel


This next author has also left the Western Fold. It's been a while since she's had a book out and I hope she comes back - soon! Her books are those of the poignant kind, the kind that make you sigh at the end.

Alexis Harrington
Allie's Moon
The Bridal Veil
Desperate Hearts
Harper's Bride
Montana Born and Bred
A Taste of Heaven


This next author - oh this next author - how I loved her Westerns. She moved into contemporary but I think she might now be writing Inspirational Romance. And I will follow her there. She's always been an autobuy author for me

Jill Marie Landis
After All
Come Spring
Last Chance
Past Promises


I so miss this next author's Westerns. We won't get into why she's not writing them anymore - it makes me angry. I've also featured one of her books yesterday, but all of them are wonderful

Susan Kay Law
Home Fires
The Last Man in Town
One Lonely Night
Reckless Angel
A Wanted Man

Well - that's five authors so far. If I were like Wendy, I would have had these all ready to go, but since I'm the Great Procrastinator, I left it until last minute - and then I simply HAD to watch SYTYCD Canada. Combine that with working the later shift and time is not my friend! So tomorrow - five more.
And there is something else I've been working on which ties into this too that is coming up soon!

Well isn't this just ducky - none of the links work and it's 1:14 am. There's not much point yelling "They Do!! They Do Exist. I was there!!"
I shall fix links tomorrow.



I hate to say this - but my "fix" is lame *heavy sigh* I pondered it while trying to get to sleep earlier this morning and short of tracking down all kinds of links all over the place, or writing short blurbs which I'd love to do if I had the time, (and after not going to bed until real late) the energy, or calling in sick (which is tempting but not good little worker bee approved) and fixing them *breath* I came up with this lame way of doing it.
Fiction DB is a GREAT website - just type in the authors name and a list of all their books comes up. Then click on them for the cover and blurb. It's become my go-to site.

And Wendy has Wednesdays post up wherein she shares the Maggie Osborne lurve.


Wendy said...

It pays to be anal retentive sometimes :)

I loved Hearts by Stef Ann Holm. A great, heart-warming story - although it sort of fits into "Americana" in my mind, even though it takes place in Montana.

Jill Marie Landis is back to writing westerns, but yeah.....she's doing inspirationals. Two of them that I know of, both published by Harlequin Steeple Hill (I think). She's "local" for me, although I suspect she spends more time in Hawaii these days.

I know a lot of readers who adored Alexis Harrington's books, but she never ranged above "OK" for me. I've read Allie's Moon and another one. I think her last book. The one with the Irish couple. Anyway, those books were alright, but I suspect it's just me being a piss-pot because I know SO many readers who love, love, love Allie's Moon.

And you're killing me with the Patricia Potter talk. Tell me - which one is your absolute favorite?

Leslie said...

You know I love Potter. :) And Jill Marie Landis *big sigh* Yes, love her westerns. Come Spring is one of my favorites. I've been thinking of re-reading it for nath's challenge. It looks like it will definitely be a western for this month. LOL

I've never read Harrington or Law. I'm pretty sure I've read Holm but don't remember which one(s).

Hilcia said...

Hmmm.... I LOVE(d) reading Westerns... it's been quite a while. I know I have that Justine Dare you featured earlier somewhere. Must go dust it off. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy: MY favourite Patricia Potter book is Lawless, but I'm thinking Notorious is one you'd like better - cause you know my wounded hero love and I know your strong heroine love *g* And I think Cat is Ms. Potter's strongest, independent heroine.

Leslie: It's hard to pin down, but I think Come Spring is my favourite Landis book too. So yes, yes share the love and read it for Nath's challenge *g*

Hilcia: It's part of a series, but a very loosely connected series and can be read very well on it's own. I loved her earlier books but it seems she's only writing for Harlequin these days - and they just don't seem to be the same as her earlier ones.
Hopefully we can remove that (d) and make it present tense again *chuckle*

azteclady said...

How come the only one of these five authors that I've read is Patricia Potter? And even then, what I've read are a couple of her contemporaries, single title and category, but no Westerns.

Hmmm, must hunt down stuff

I refuse to look at the TBR

Tricia said...

Kristie I'm so glad that you guys are doing this the only reason I haven't read westerns is b/c I didn't know who to read I'll look into these authors. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Kristie! I am ashamed. I've never read any of these authors. The only "westerns" I've read are American Indian Romances. I love them so much and so wish they would make a comeback.

Wendy said...

Kristie: You are too good to me. Off to look up Notorious......

Emily said...

I ordered The Way Home per your suggestion :)

Never read Potter but I adore Jill Marie Landis.

orannia said...

I haven't read any of these author, except Patricia Potter, and that is only a novella (which I'm going to find tonight if it kills me so I can at least tell you what it is called :)

Methinks I need to go a book hunting online *grin*

Mary G said...

Hi Kristie
Thanks for the great shopping lists LOL. Hey Judith James is blogging over at You were quoted many times by readers posting, as being the reason why they bought Broken Wing.You're famous.

Kristie (J) said...

Mary Yikes!! I meant to get there today!! - Heading over now!!

Orannia: I'm hoping that some of these might just "pop" for some readers. Sounds like maybe Patricia Potter has for you *g*

Emily: Oh PLEASE let me know when you read it!! Of all the ones I've listed - this one is calling the loudest for a reread. Now all I have to do is find it! Wish me luck *g*

Wendy: *big grin* Just like you're getting to know my tastes - I'm getting to know yours!

Barbara: Weee-eeell - I KNOW you happen to now own a copy of one of my faves - by an author YOU love. If you can't guess which one - I will tell you tomorrow (aren't I the mysterious one)

Tricia: You are the reader we are doing this for!!! Hopefully you will see something that strikes your fancy between the 3 of us, you will read and you will come over to *cue music* The Western Side!

AL: well - I will be stalking you now *g* I'm not above that you know.

sybil said...

I have great love for Susan Kay Law. Want to say there is a post on TGTBTU from forever ago that goes through her books (tres short rev if I had read it). One Lonely Night was a fabu 'cabin romance' IIRC

AND if I haven't already sent it to a good home I will have a copy of Journey Home for us to give away. Shall double check tomorrow when I post my rec's and the contests (YAY site works and internet)

I really have missed JML and have been sllowwwwwwwwlllllllyyyyy dipping my towes into the inspy pool. So I am planning to try her new westerns.

Have to admit I have Allie's Moon but haven't read it (or can't recall reading it). Desperate Hearts and A Taste of Heaven are two of my faves. So hope she finds a publisher again soon.

Potter I adore and would love to have come back to the west. AND Stef Ann Holm don't think I have ever read her or even own a book by her.