Monday, August 24, 2009

Just in case you are wondering

What the hell happened to me, my si ster from the US is up for a visit and I'm out here in the country with both Lisa and Nance - have been since Saturday afternoon. Internet connection in the country isn't nearly what it is in the city so I haven't been on all that much - but when I am, I've been checking in to see how things are going with the Great Western Drive. I'll be here until Wednesday.

I'm BEYOND thrilled that so many are willing to try a Western and will be checking in one a day until I'm once again a 'city' girl and can be here for a much longer time


azteclady said...

Oh yay!

Have fun, woman!

(Yes, I had been wondering--and worrying, because I am a worrywart)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting Outlaw Hearts!!! ;)

orannia said...

I hope you, Lisa & Nance have a wonderful time in the country. And perhaps you'll see a cowboy? 'Cause you never know :)

*off to hunt down the Western Christmas novellas*

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: Well - my sisters are down at 'the barn' riding horses - an activity that makes me shiver - they are so TALL, but alas - no cowboys.

Barbara: Squeall!! I do hope you love it even half as much as I do. It's a very emotional read that will near bring you to tears in a few places/ I will be haunting you until I see a review! Tumperkin got this one too!

AL: I know!! I barely put up my Saturday post for The Great Western Drive when I have to leave for the country - and as I said, very limited internet time :-(