Thursday, August 20, 2009


Read A Western; Preachers Need Love Too

I know I already did today's post but since I really did it yesterday and set it post today, in real time, today is today's post. It will be a short one though.

Today's topic - Linkage. Make sure you follow them or I may have to face you at High Noon.

Already other bloggers have joined in the fun at The Great Western Drive. Emily at Dreaming on the Job has listed her favourite Movies, Actors, Authors, Romances and Television Series. Do drop in and add to the fun!!

Erotic Romance Author Victoria Jenssen has also joined in the fun and listed her favourite song, novel, television, romance, erotic romance, movie and cowboy and horse (she names Roy Rogers and Trigger but I think The Lone Ranger and Silver could give them a run for their money). She's asking for yours, so let her know!!

Dear Author has also joined the Round-Up with a couple of posts! First where they pimp The Great Western Drive and then a review of a book I'm looking forward to. Never one to say in 10 words what can be said in 100, I had to add my worth

When I heard some months ago now that Jo Goodman’s next book was going to be a Western, I was so tempted to dance naked in the moonlight!! In fact, the fact this one is being released soon is the motivating factor in The Great Western Drive this week.

I’ve loved Westerns for a very long time now and feel that they are currently under-represented so the whole idea of the week long celebration of the Western was to get readers to try one – at least one. And with Never Love a Lawman coming out soon, what better time?

I’ve loved Jo Goodman for years now and it’s wonderful to see her finally starting to get the recognition she has deserved for so long.
A Jo Goodman book + A Western = something I’m looking forward to more than many can imagine!!

I urge everyone who is interested in trying a Western before this one comes out or after or during, to stop by and see what they are all about. As many who may know me, when I get on a mission I lose all pride and have no shame *g*

I only quickly skimmed your review as I hope to read this one myself asap – and when I do, I’ll come back and revel in it. In the meantime, I feel like dancing nude in the moonlight that you enjoyed it so much. The only thing stopping me is the fact that it’s not a full moon tonight prevents me from doing just that!

And here's a site I found while surfing the net looking for all things Western - Love Western Romances . com. They have a survey!! I LOVE doing surveys.

Wendy, our own SuperLibrarian, has her next post up where she gives more choices. And! She has a contest - the prize? A copy of A Reason To Live by Maureen McKade. I've read this book and loved it!! It got top marks from me. So Go and visit Wendy and comment to enter. This is truly a book worth reading.

Sybil, the third of us cowgirls has a wonderful interview with Cheryl St. John on Inspirational Westerns. At this point I'm offering a challenge to myself - READ ONE KRISTIE - OK - I will.

Sandy M, also of The Good, The Bad, The Unread and the ar-tiste of these great Icons (of which one can be yours - details coming) has a review of a Western I haven't heard of - until now!! Where The Wind Blows by Caroline Fyfe is a book I'll be tracking down. Damn it all but Chapters doesn't stock a lot of Dorchester books (and am I het up under the collar about that situation - have been for years - so it's in my shopping cart). And a bit of a side rant/ kudo's. I've always admired Dorchester as they have consistently been putting out Westerns. When other publishers were cutting back or eliminating them altogether (Avon - I'm talking about YOU), Dorchester has helped keep the genre going. For that you get a

But I digress.

And I've saved the most exciting link for last. Be sure to cover your ears for this but.....


As in this week hasn't proved it enough - one of my favourite authors - Cheryl St. John inteviewed ME *doin' the happy cha-cha* over at Petticoats & Pistols, a wonderful blog for Western lovers, chock full of great authors. And if you don't want to check it out for what I have to say, I had me a tough ole time looking for the eye candy of who I think is a Very Fine Western type looking hero. So go for the eye candy alone - heh heh heh heh.

And because it's The Great Western Drive and the less sleep I get, the more excited I get, I leave you with this

And More
Sybil's been having blog issues - don't we all hate those, but she has her post up on with her recommended Westerns. And they be good ones!!


Oooohhh - I LIKE this link day!! Tumperkin of Isn't it Romance has joined The Great Western Drive and has a very thoughtful post on despite why she leery of Westerns, she's going to give one a try. And she has an excellent perspective on the Western hero versus the English hero. And if that isn't enough to visit - go and watch the video she's posted - it's hilarious and sure to make you laugh.

One more - that's it - just one more!

For Sybil - she knows why


Do you remember when I said just one more?? Well - it seems I lied. In honour of The Great Western Drive, Sybil came through again and has something Very, Very Special for all those Sarah McCarty fans. And I know there are a lot of them. Go Forth And Visit.


Wendy said...

Sorry. Should have done a blog post about the Fyffe book. But Kristie? It's on my wiki! Are you not looking at my wiki, you naughty girl?

Oh, and um, I picked it up at RWA. She was there. It's in the immediate TBR pile. I'd like to get to it sometime this year ;)

Loved your interview at P&P! Left a comment. You're famous! LOL

Wendy said...

Oh, and I forgot to add - I have FOUR copies of A Reason To Live by Maureen McKade to give away. FOUR copies, so FOUR winners!

Kristie (J) said...

Wendy - isn't Sybil the bestest??? Four Very Lucky people will be winning an incredible book over at your place.

And no!! No!!! - don't tell me that! I missed it and her *sobbing*
And isn't tomorrow your upcoming releases? Isn't her book "officially" out until August 1?

Wendy said...

Sybil is the bestest! That book is out of print now, and she literally stumbled across 4 copies at an outlet mall yesterday.

Yep, Fyffe was there. I even chatted with her at the Librarian Event. But don't be jealous. You got interviewed by CHERYL ST. JOHN!!!! OMG!!!!!!! FYI - I just tweeted the link, so hopefully lots of people will stop by.

I am doing upcoming releases tomorrow - but not featuring Fyffe's book's not "upcoming." It's out right now. I'm kicking it off with September releases and ending on December 2009.

Kristie (J) said...

"You got interviewed by CHERYL ST. JOHN!!!! OMG!!!!!!! "

I KNOW!!!!!! Did you hear my scream????

azteclady said...

I did hear the scream, I just couldn't place the origin!

Holy cowboy, woman! *off to read interview*

cheryl c said...

Great interview at P&P!!!

BTW, Cheryl St. John is one of my favorite western authors! I like her name, too. :-)

BookJunkee00 said...

Awesome Interview over at P&P !!


Emily said...

You lucky, lucky girl. I love Cheryl St. John. Adore her!

And it's so great to see others picking up on your Drive (me included hehe). Maybe there's an editor out there listening.

I've been looking forward to Jo Goodman's book since January. And I'm reading her back list now. She's even better the second time around.

Tumperkin said...

You have inspired me too, Kristie. Post just up.

orannia said...

The Great Western Drive is going global :)

As for my favourite cowboy...The Virginian! It was a show I used to watch when I was little. Not many TV shows on then (LOL!) and according to my mother my favourite was The Virginian - - followed closely by Maverick :)

Kristie (J) said...

Orannia: I remember that show!!! There used to be A LOT of Westerns on television too didn't there. I wish there were more :-(

sybil said...

LOL just trying to help put a western in everyones hand.

Need to go check on all your links you get any sleep yet?

Kristie (J) said...

Sybil: Nope - even less then yesterday! I was so tired today I was quoting Shakespere in the emails I was sending to my Case Manager - the tireder I get, the sillier I get.

Tumperkin: I LOVE your post!! We didn't get into the differences in a deep way, but I love the way you examined the two different types of men.

Emily: I love her too - as you could hear by the squeal!
And Jo Goodman does get better with a reread. Then you can enjoy the richness of her writing even more.

Sandra: Thank you. Though I will confess, the hardest part for me was finding the pictures of a Western garbed Eric Close. I really didn't enjoy that part - heh heh I'm such a liar!!

Cheryl: She DOES have a nice name doesn't she? And besides a great name - she's a great writer!!

AL: I figured you could hear it all the way to your neck of the woods *g*

Mary G said...

Hey Kristie
I read most of Linda Lael miller's Westerns - contemps & historical. They were all amazing.

Natalie Acres said...

Super interview over at P&P! I love your blog too and plan to return soon.

Cowboy Love,
Natalie Acres