Friday, August 07, 2009

And The Light Bulb is Now On!!

I have a problem many of us have - too many books, not enough shelves. I did have enough shelves at one point - but all you have to do is glimpse quickly through the previous post to see it didn't take long to use them all up.

When Nath came to visit, I think even she became daunted at what a huge task it is to reorganize the library, especially when you add into the fact that I have some pretty big shelves in the living room too. She suggested turning the books sideways so I could get more on the shelves but I didn't really like that idea. I was just doing some blog hopping when I came upon Leontine's blog (a new-to-me) blog and saw some pics of her book shelves and the light went on!! She has them going both ways - and they are gorgeous!! Here's what she has done! Is this not gorgeous to us book-a-holics???

Now if only it were the beginning of the day instead of near the end for me (workin' tomorrow) my day would be set and I'd be happy reorganizing. Oh well - come Monday!
I shall post pics when I'm done.

Thank you Leontine!!!


Renee said...

Yes! I've also had to resort to sideways stacking to get the most space out of my bookshelves. It has also been a way I can organize sub-genres to keep them distinct from each other. (UF and PNR sideways, romance up and down on my tbr. Historical romance sideways and Contemporary romance up and down on my keeper shelves.)

On shelves spaced (by height) for mmpb I can get about 8 sideways instead of about 6 if they were up and down. Even more if they are space for hardcover!

What, me a book geek? :-P

Mandi said...

I adore the way her shelves look. I have done that a little bit with mine, but I might change even more to be sideways.

I swear if I spent as much time cleaning my house than I do rearranging my books, I would live in the cleanest house in the world!

SarahT said...

Leontine's shelves look great - love her blog BTW. I should consider doing something similar with my own books. Despite offloading many of them when I moved three years ago, space is once again becoming an issue.

Hilcia said...

I also use that style for shelving my books. I have limited space (3 bookshelves only) and have to make the most of them. Soooo, going both ways works great for me, and they look good too. :)

Kelly Moran said...

i understand. i review for bookpleasures too, so i'm loaded.
great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop over/follow mine. i have all things books...
nice seeing you.

orannia said...

Ohhh, Leotine's book shelves look amazing. I look forward to seeing how you've rearranged your shelves Kristie :)

As for me...I don't think I could do it though as I'm just too anal retentive...the books would all need to sit the same way... *shakes head*

azteclady said...

Kristie, when you have the time, perhaps you'll feel like adding the links from us humble knights who accepted orannia's challenge and ventured forth into the Broken Wing realm?

Aymless said...

Happy Birthday Kristie! (I gave you an award)!

Leontine said...

Hi Kirstie,
I'm glad you all are enjoying my shelves, I love them and actually went both ways because it looked playful. I thought about 2 years ago now when I received these bookcases (floor to almost the ceiling) for my birthday that it would take ages to fil them. Think again! My dad - who made these bookcases - promised me to give somthing similare in the spring time of 2010. So I can have a bookshelves keeper in the living room and create a secundary keeper bookcase in my guestroom.

Though it started out for me with the playful look I now do it because of my need for space LOL. Glad it gave you an idea, we all need more space for our books, a never ending story with us book-addicts *wink*

nath said...

LOL, Kristie!! Did you do it? I have to agree, it looks great :D and you have the space to do it. However, looks like it's going to be colossal work!!

Take pics when you're done!