Thursday, August 20, 2009


Read a Western; Calvary Officers Need Love Too

I'm keepin' it simple with this post. I'm on the afternoon shift this week and too many late nights planning things out and the flurry of excited emails with Sybil and Wendy. I was going to go all out - but now I think I'll save that for Saturday - cause I am tired.

So instead you get a

Recent Read

Mountain Wild by Stacey Kayne

Why This One: I've only recently discovered her and I'm lovin' her books And - heh - it's a Western

Steam Level: Makes for a very nice drink

Author Website Blurb:

In the midst of a range war, Garret Daines is dead-set on keeping his ranch from greedy local cattle barons. An attempt on his life during a winter storm lands him in the healing hands of a mountain recluse. He can hardly believe the youthful beauty he discovers hidden beneath her mountain woman attire or the passion unleashed by her tender touch.

When "Mad Mag" pulls the handsome rancher from the snow she has no idea he'll be the man to thaw her wounded heart. But Maggie is hiding a mess of secrets in her mountain sanctuary, none of which she’s willing to share. Murderous cattlemen threaten their fragile bond and Maggie has to face the fears of her past or risk losing her hope for the future. Garret will defend his wild woman at any cost, but can he convince her their love is worth the risk?

My Thoughts: When I went to Washington, I took two books; Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh and Mountain Wild by Stacey Kayne. Now as anyone who has been to a RWA conference knows, reading time is severely limited and the little bit of reading I did get done was Branded by Fire. I had barely started Mountain Wild and was distracted by other books when I got back. But as luck would have it, this one started calling to me. The only problem - I couldn't remember where I put it. While searching in my luggage that is STILL not totally unpacked, this one was in a seldom used pocket of my luggage and what with it being The Great Western Ride, what better time to settle down in what little time I seem to have and give it a read.

This one is the third in a trilogy. I read the second one, Maverick Wild (and yes - part of the appeal was the cover) and quite enjoyed it. So it was a no brainer when Mountain Wild came out that I would get it. The heroine of this one made a brief appearance in MW and to be honest, I was kind of leery. See - I don't really care for Westerns where the heroine wears pants so to speak and Maggie - or Mad Maggie as she is called seemed to be more then most.

But you know - a funny thing happened while reading this book. I liked her, a liked her quite a bit!! She had a sad story as to how she came to be the loner she was and I really bought into it. And while she was tough, it wasn't in a tough kind of way. She didn't chew tobacco or swear or any of those things. Instead her persona was more of a disguise and a way to hide from the villain and I totally bought it. She made for a strong on the outside but tender on the inside heroine and I really warmed up to her!

And what are 'my thoughts' without mentioning the hero? Garrett was an equally enjoyable hero. He had been unlucky in love - but wasn't bitter about it. He was totally accepting of Maggie and her 'different' ways. Gotta love that in a hero.

And in a nice change of pace, it was Maggie who saved Garrett - more then once. That's two books in a row where the heroine does the saving and I like it.

For those wondering if this can be read on it's own without having read the first two - the answer is yes!! The previous characters are in this one, but not in a way that makes you regret not reading the first two. The 'unlucky in love' situation with Garrett happened between Maverick Wild and Mountain Wild so nothing was missed there.

So the fact that this one surprised and delighted me is a Very Good Thing. I kind of expect I told you so from Wendy, who also read and reviewed this on TGTBTU.

Now I'm going to be sure to get the first one - though I'm pretty sure I already do!

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

And because this is The Great Western Ride - I really have to hand it Harlequin. I love the fact that they publish Westerns every month; good quality Westerns. I don't always purchase all the Harlequin Historical line - but I do buy just about every Western I see!! So they too get the


Cecile said...

When I get home tonight... I am coming back with a vengence to read this entire thing!!! You have got my interest in cowboy books!!! =)
I will definitely be back Saturday as well for the contest, of course!!
I hope all is going well with you my friend! And I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Emily said...

I've read other Stacey Kayne books and I really like them but like you I was leery of Mad Mag. And the cover ... I liked her other covers but our hero on this one looks a little ... odd? Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm going to pull it out of my TBR pile!

Wendy said...

I'll admit it - I really didn't care for the first book in this particular trilogy. The highlight for me was actually the heroine's relationship with her brother (a younger Garret!). But as you know, historical westerns don't exactly grow on trees, so authors usually get 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th chances from me before I give them up entirely.

Yes paranormal and Regency historical fans. This is the life of a historical western reader!

Loved Maggie and damn, I was ready to runaway with Garret. Fantastic hero! My only quibble was that I wish the villain hadn't been quite so one-dimensional. His motive was basically "because he's an asshole" - and generally speaking I need a bit more than that - LOL

And you need to be nice to chicks in pants Kristie :) They can still be feminine even though they're wearing pants......

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to say *Wendy don't cringe* that I was never a fan of Harlequins. It wasn't until recently that I actually bought one. I'm addicted now, to their ebooks, historicals, Spice name it, I love it!

tatt3r said...

I love the Great Western Drive, and getting lots of good books on my TBR list. I'm glad to see so many western romances!

Tanya Hanson said...

Thanks for the Great Western Drive! I love Stacey's work and had the great pleasure to hang out a bit with her at RWA in San Francisco.

Me..I kinda like covers that don't show a hero's face, so I can imagine all I want. Abs, now, or a bood backside. Bring it on.


Tanya Hanson said...

I meant GOOD backside. Sheesh.

sybil said...

Go team Barbara! That is so awesome to hear... you tried it. Doesn't matter if you didn't like it. Not everything is for everyone.

Now read some westerns *g*

"He had been unlucky in love - but wasn't bitter about it."

LOVE that, unlike Wendy I enjoyed her first book. Although I can't recall if it was in this series or the other (she started off with a bang and two western series going within months). I bought this after I saw Wendy's review. I love cabin stories and this sounds like it will fit.

tattr we are always looking for more rec's ;)

Virginia said...

I love me some cowboy books. They are one of my favorite reads. You just can't beat a handsome cowboy.

Kristie (J) said...

A week of the 120:00 to 8:00 shift has made this little cowpoke one tired filly so I'm sorry I'm late getting back

Cecile: Oh I do hope you do - and be sure to visit both Sybil and Wendy too!! It will be a lot of reading but hopefully good and interesting - and most important of all - makes you want to read a Western :-)

Emily: I was really thinking I wouldn't like her but I kind of skimmed Wendy's review when it came up and decided I'd try it. And I was Most Delighedly surprised by how much I really warmed up to her.

Wendy: Garrett was dreamy wasn't he? I read your thoughts on the villain and the way he was written didn't bother me as much as it did you *g* so I think I gave this one a slightly higher grade then you. But then I'm easier on books in general. I go in loving a book and it has to loose points to keep it from high grades whereas most readers go in more neutral - if that makes any sense.

Barbara: I think a lot of readers are like that with Harlequins - but there are some Real Gems. And I find most of the gems in their historical line.

TT3R: I'm glad you're enjoying it *g*. It's been so much fun doing it. And I think Sybil and Wendy will agree that as many as we've recommended, there are so many more that are great then even the ones we've mentioned.

Tanya: I've read two of her books now and I think I have at least two more in the TBR pile. She's an author I'll be looking for!!

Sybil: She does seem to have two going doesn't she? I have some from both. While my handy dandy excel spread sheet says I don't have the first one, I have it in LibraryThing and 'cause LibraryThing is easier to add books too, I think it's right and I forgot to put it in my spreadsheet. If I didn't have books all over the house again, it would be easy to find!

Virginia: *laughing* As you can tell by The Great Western Drive, we agree with you! And judging by all the comments her and at Sybil and Wendy's blogs - there are more of us then we realized. And I'm hoping there will be many more!! And I hope you've seen some that you haven't read that you think might be up your alley.

Leslie said...

Yes! - I have this one. The cover caught my eye - hero w/o shirt and heroine w/gun. :) And I liked the blurb. Now I must get the first two books. Thanks the for great review Kristie!

Mary G said...

Hey Kristie
I've always loved Westerns. Thanks again for adding to my shopping list. Great review here. I've always been curious about Stacey's books.

orannia said...

Oh, a new Western author - thank you Kristie!.

*wembles off to see if the book is in the library catalogue*

Maureen said...

I have this book and after reading this post I will have to read it next.