Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I had to leave town on the last day of The Great Western Drive and was mostly MIA for the past few days. I'm just trying to get caught up now.

Although I'm late - and she did her post on Sunday, Leslie of Leslie's Psyche asked a good question!

For those who love Westerns, which author would you love to see write one. She suggested Lisa Kleypas and I would be SO on board with that author.


Arani said...

I second the Lisa Kleypas suggestion.

Since Laura Kinsale is releasing a new historical
soon, maybe she could follow up with a western
historical? Or maybe Mary Balogh?

With too many regency/victrorian in the market,
I'm switching to contemporary & any of the western
recs (from yourself and Wendy) I can get my hands on.

Lea said...

Hi Kristie:

Just a note to let you know that I did read "Becoming Miss Becky", by Shannon Stacey and LOVED it. I'm going to do a review over the weekend. Thanks to you ladies for initiating this theme, it was fun and I discovered a new author.

Who would I like to see write a western? Hmm, I would have to say Beth Kery, I've read both her contemp, fantasy and am starting a historical story she wrote for Samhain. Her stories are well researched and I love her voice.

I hope all is well with you Kristie.


ag said...

um, isn't Blue-Eyed Devil a modernised western, with Hardy's cowboy yes maám, no maám drawl?? But yes, Lisa Kleypas is definitely one author I'd love to see writing a western. The other author whom I can imagine doing this is Rachel Gibson.

Mary G said...

Got to go with Lea on that one. Beth's alpha heroes are amazing & if you add cowboy too - OMG get me some ice!!

Virginia said...

Yes by all means Lisa Kleypas or Elizabeth Hoyt could write a good western

Karen W. said...

I'd say Deborah Smith. I think she can write anything and make it believable and touching and "real."

Leslie said...

Definitely Klaypas. I would be in heaven if she wrote a western.

Or how about a western by Megan Hart? I'm sure it would be different. I would buy it. :)

Leslie said...

Sorry, all thumbs tonight - it should be Kleypas but you all know that. *blushes*

Heather D said...

I am going with Lea and Mary G... I would love to see a Western, particularly Historical Western from Beth Kery.

Renee said...

Yep! Kleypas is a definite. I also think Patricia Briggs, a horse owner who lives in the rural northwest would bring an interesting perspective to a Western.