Monday, August 10, 2009

Rant Time again!!

File it under this just pisses me off

(my mother would hate that I used that word - but nothing else works better and as I continue - she would REALLY be upset at my forthcoming language)

I LOVE YouTube - love it, love it, love it!! Combine that with my love of all things SYTYCD and we DID have a match made in heaven. But as I was going through it looking for routines to post and as I needed a Nico fix again, I went back in the blog to watch them again. And just about every single one had been removed. And I've also noticed a lot that even if the video is still on YouTube for this series, chances are they've taken the music out so all you have left is the video. They did this with Nico's audition.

Why the F&$K have they done this!!! It makes no sense whatsoever to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know - Dick Clarks and/or the musician's and/or whoever's rights - have been (air quote) VI-O-LA-TED (air quote) but Come On you F&#*%#@'S, give me a F*%@#'n break!!!

But wait!!! - some may be thinking - aren't I the one who gets up in arms over pirated books???
Yes, yes I am. But this is not the same.

I first became "aware" of SYTYCD when I watched the YouTube video's posted at Carrie's blog. Until then I had seen it while channel surfing, but never left it on the channel long enough to get hooked. But I was awed while watching the links Carrie had and became addicted to love of all things SYTYCD. And then I heard Canada was doing it's own version.
Holy Dancing People, Batman did I get excited!! And when I started watching it, I was entranced by all dancers - but especially by Nico Archambault, the eventual winner.
And as some visitors of this blog may have noticed, when I become entranced with something, I can go a bit squirly. The people where I work didn't stand a chance. I 'encouraged', I 'urged', I 'harangued', I 'bullied' *unrepentant grin* my coworkers to watch - and many did! And then I told them they should start voting - and some of them did that! I had people I rarely spoke to ('cause it's a big office and I didn't run into them often) asking if I'd watched SYTYCD and then telling me what they thought of it.
And when the tour date was announced and our city was the schedule, I risked it all and spent two hours online - at work - trying to get advance tickets for a bunch of us.
And I've no idea - but how many have been curious after seeing some of the clips I posted here, tuned into it a time or two??
All this because I saw a YouTube clip on Carrie's blog.

So why the HELL have those a##h*%e idiot PTB had them all removed from YouTube?????
What better way to advertise their product?????

F&@#*%@g MORONS!!!

And the music!!! I love so much of the music they use and while I don't visit music stores as often as book stores, next time I do, I think I might pick up a few CD's. Jordon Sparks was never on my radar - now she is. Hedley is another group I want to try. I can EVEN say I don't hate rap music anymore after seeing many of the Hip Hop routines and I just might freak out my sons by buying a rap music video. I know who Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are because of SYTYCD!!

Anyway - those are my thoughts


azteclady said...


I wonder that promo and marketing people don't seem to realize the "power of the free stuff"

... but then, corporations rarely understand what's good for them, do they? *looks at current crisis*

LorelieLong said...

I have a bunch of the Canadian season routines saved...I could prolly burn them to a disc for ya, if you like. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, Kristie!! I'm not a huge YouTube person so I really don't know how they operate things over there, but I'm sorry they went and ticked you off!


~ames~ said...

Oh I've noticed this! It really gets me mad too.

AnimeJune said...

Um, as much as I understand the wonder of Youtube and SYTYCD- I think I'm going to have to be the one to disagree here.

They are using copyrighted music - the show had to pay the artists for the right to broadcast it. TV shows that go on DVD and want to keep their original soundtracks often have to spend a bundle paying musician's fees (Freaks and Geeks allegedly had to pay close to 1 million dollars for the right to keep its music.

I can understand it's good for marketing but at the same time I understand the copyright value of it. Artists should be paid for when their music is shown - or they should at least have a say for WHEN it's given away for free, like Jordin Spark's channel on Youtube which allows people to listen to her music.

I used to feel the same way when NBC took all the SNL skits off of Youtube, but I'm going to have to be the one here to say that it's not a simple one-sided issue, and that, contrary to what you've stated, a lot of your arguments ARE similar to people who download books.

Someone who commented on my post against book piracy stated that she lives in a country overseas where English language books are really expensive - she told me she downloaded books, and if she liked them, then she bought the author's books legally and recommended them to all her friends. She says free books are good marketing.

Same with a coworker who pirates music - for him, it's marketing. He wouldn't have found the musicians he liked in the first place without pirating their music.

Believe me, I am NOT saying you're stealing or pirating - but I am saying that the company behind SYTYCD isn't completely being a Big Old Meanie in taking its videos off YouTube.

If music companies see that SYTYCD isn't making an effort to keep their videos off the net, they might not allow the show the rights to play their music anymore - and then no one would get to discover good new music when they watch the show live.

orannia said...

Hmmmm. AnimeJune you've raised some good points. It is such a murky area.

Yes, there are huge problems with online piracy. The problem is - I don't think the 'power that be' are making legitimate purchases easy in any way, shape or form. Maybe, instead of deleting the videos, they should look into making them available for purchase. I think there are some TV networks that, as soon as an episode is screened, it can be purchased online. And that should be worldwide! I know a number of people who have been caught with the 'geographical restrictions' rules. Ahhhh, I hate to say this, but people being people, if they want something then they will try and find it. I'm not condoning that behaviour, just stating that it is human nature, particularly in this day and age. And the internet makes everything global. So, with just a few clicks people everywhere know when a new episode of whatever has been screened somewhere.

My bug bear is eBook Readers. Neither Sony nor Kindle nor...just about any eBook reader is available here. We only got iTunes a few years ago, and that was because Apple finally realised that there were selling rather a lot of iPods here...but people were getting their music elsewhere. I would love to be able to read my eBooks somewhere other than my computer. *gets off soapbox*

I guess what I'm trying to say it, I agree with you AnimeJune, but I do think companies need to wake up and think smell the coffee :)

azteclady said...

AnimeJune, there you go, making me think! grrrr


Yes, it is a more complicated issue that it would seem like at first glance.

On the other hand, making difficult for consumers to legally access the products (or making it so expensive is ridiculous) doesn't help anyone.

I wish I had a better answer...

Kristie (J) said...

*g* AnimeJune: I also agree with so much of what you say. And if they were to ever package up and sell SYTYCD, I would be first in line to get one. But the videos from last season's SYTYCD Canada aren't even available on the official website anymore. So - they are gone - just gone. All that incredible dancing.
With books and music, you can find them at book stores/music stores.
And I hope I'm not justifying - but is watching something on YouTube the same as downloading a pirated book? I've never really considered it. It is complicated. But all I know is I can't see them anymore and I'm more then willing to pay for the pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Actually I would argue that watching youtube in some instances is the same as downloading a pirate book. The artists/dancers/etc (like authors for pirates) are not getting paid for your viewing pleasure.

But really think that TV shows etc should really utilise the web better, and make more things available.