Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tral la la BOOM dee ay I bought some BOOKS today

Lover Eternal - JR Ward

Crazy Kisses - Tara Janzen

Awaiting the Moon - Donna Lea Simpson

And finally

Surrender by Pamela Clare

I didn't actually get this one today. I merely paid for it and I should get it sometime next week. I asked if they were going to be getting it in soon and they said they weren't planning on getting it in at all!!!!! That is so wrong! So I went ahead and special ordered it. See what I mean about missing a lot of books here in Canada??

'til later


Nicole said...

Yay on all the books!!!!!

Tara Marie said...

Nice haul, enjoy!!

which one goes to the top of the TBR pile? Or are they all fighting for the top spot

ag said...

hey, Kristie, you've got a nice rhyming title for this post.

And some great bookss ... am especially intrigued by Awaiting the Moon. Paranormal?

Kristie (J) said...

Nicole:Yea indeed :)

Tara: Crazy Kisses I think will be next. If I had Surrender, that would be the book, but since I don't

Ag: I'm pretty sure it's a paranormal. It was a pure impulse buy when I read on one of the AAR boards it took place in Germany rather than your usual England.