Friday, March 31, 2006

A real bitch of a week

I think I've had my most difficult week so far. They put me on a project at work with a deadline of April 10th. They hired a temp to help, but I realized early on that even if they hired 10 people and worked us all round the clock, it still wouldn't be done on time. What they are doing is setting up a new and complicated database and my job is to collect the client (company, contacts, addresses, phone number etc) data from the sales reps, enter it, send it back to the rep's for missing data, have them send it back, clean it up, format it, and have it all in the exacting form before it's downloaded into the new data base on April 10. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The sales reps are sending my their business cards and I have a card scanner to enter the information. We are talking thousands of business cards here - thousands! One rep alone wanted to send me 2,000 of them, and I'm dealing with 23 sales reps. The information has to be saved in an excel spreadsheet. Well, the business card scanned can't be downloaded into excel so it has to be saved in access and then copied and pasted into excel from there. And the business card scanner doesn't do that great a job. I have to check and amend things in almost every single card. It will pick up postal codes wrong, or it won't pull in the whole company name. The temp is very nice but she doesn't know excel that well and I have to spend time showing her what to do. If I had the luxury of time, I'd be really enjoying it but as it is it's a nightmare!
I've been working 7:00 am to 4:30 pm every day - non stop. No time for lunch, no time for breaks. I'm lucky to get a chance to pee!
I need to reach the point where I can let go and just accept the fact that they are asking the impossible and it's not going to be done when they want it.
And the situation at home is also very trying. Ron is getting extremely dependant on me and I'm finding that hard to deal with. Every morning when I leave he says he doesn't want me to go to work - he's lonely and will I be home early. So then the guilt hits me.
We had a situation came up on Tuesday and I had to make an emergency call to the home care nurses we have coming in and then had to leave work to come home and deal with it. My oldest son had an appointment to take his driving test that same morning. Ron was originally going to take him but that went out the window. The nurse came and took care of the situation, but Ron was a basket case so I ended up taking our son to his test. He passed and got his license, but all the while I kept thinking of all the work I had to do. I was gone for over four hours - and still ended up working a 44 hour week.
I'm so far behind on emails. I owe all kinds of them, but I'm too tired in the evenings and too busy during the day to send any.
So - I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm sad, I'm frustrated, I'm scared, I'm feeling guilty and I want it ALL to stop.

'til later


Anonymous said...

:( I'm sorry things are so rough for you right now. You need brownies. The special kind. You know what I mean. ;)

CindyS said...

((((Kristie))))) I hope those are hugs. Hate to think I just did something totally unethical to you ;)

If Jay sends brownies I may have to come and help you eat them ;)


Avid Reader said...


Anonymous said...

((((Kristie)))) I can empathize. I used to be a temp and one of the jobs I worked at wanted me to do a project with less than a week to finish it. They wanted me to completely redo their entire filing system, which was an entire room full of filing cabinets. I walked into the room, took one look, and told the supervisor there that they were crazy if they expected one person to get all that done in four days. I told them they either had to have me there until the job was done or get a second and third temp. They ended up getting another temp and we got it finished in two weeks, but still.

As for your question on my blog...MEN HAVE TO BE TALL!!! :) I'm 6'1", so I can't handle dating men who are a lot shorter than me. Makes me feel weird.

I hope things get better for you. We're all here for you. :)

Marg said...

Even though we have never met, you can be sure that there are people thinking of you and your husband from across the miles.


Tara Marie said...

I'm sorry you had such a sucky week. Hope things get better quick.

Bright side your son got his license--congrats on that.

Suisan said...

Kristie, I can so totally understand the stress. Sorry for the sucky week.

On the other hand, I originally typed out "titally," and now I'm all aquiver to figure out what titally understanding a concept means. Thinking with your breasts? Understanding what a breast would do in this situation?

I have something new to a) distract me and b) confuse me.

Gigi said...

I'm sorry your week is sucking monkey balls. Chocolate and a good book always helps me make a bad day or week better at least for a few hours. Lots of hugs :)

Gabrielle said...

Oh, Kristie, sending you a big, big hug and the hopes that your workload eases and you find some peace. Just breathe, honey--breathe deeply.

CW said...

Aww, Kristie. Hang in there, and give the project manager a reality check. They should respond well to a professionally stated "Are you out of your mind?!" from the one in the trenches. Heh.

In addition to Jay's special brownies (LOL), would you like some chocolate, cookies, or a combination of the above? :P

(...this comments thread cracked me up)

Anonymous said...

OMG - that sounds beyond stressful.

Hope it all begins to look up really soon.

Congrats on your son passing his driving test.

Kristie (J) said...

Ah yes - those "special" brownies. I'd love one or a dozen of those. Of course that would slow me up at work, but then of course I wouldn't really care if I messed up a postal code or two. They've got me more help now - a whiz on excel, but it's still NOT going to get done. To top is off, I got an email yesterday from the guy who wants this done by *holy shit* next Monday. He wanted me to reschedule a teleconference and then follow up and CALL all the people on the list (8 or them).
Brownies, cookies, tarts - anything with that "special" ingredient

Anonymous said...

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