Sunday, March 26, 2006

Aye, Carumba - the cockles are burning

Yet another has sucumbed to the lure of Dreaming of You. KarenS really liked it. She really really like Dreaming of You - in fact she went out and got her whole back list!


That leaves 2 although I think AngieW is defintely feeling the pull, the lure, the call, the power that is Dreaming of You. ;-)

Now when I say dog drawn - so many are smiling, nodding and know what I mean.

'til later


Samantha said...

You should be getting paid or getting free books from Kleypas with how much you've been pimping that book.

Since I've read "Dreaming of You" I've gpme out and ordered the three wallflower books and one other. The title escapes me at the moment, all I know is that the hero has a hook for a hand.

Kristie (J) said...

The only trouble is I already own all her books *grin*

And the the other one is Midnight Angel. Bam did a great review of it not too long ago. I think that's the first Kleypas I ever read. Hmm - it's been years since I read that one. I should see if I brave the spiders and search it out. I went and found all her previous books before that one - many can't be found now - and I've read all of them since then. None has hit me quite the same way as Dreaming of You although some have come very close, the closest being Devil in Winter - which, happily, you now own :)

Mailyn said...

I so agree! DiW is my 2nd fave Kleypas book. Sebastian is to die for, I love Evie and wel..Cam is just yummy hotness!

As for DOY..OMG what can I say? Derek is the man! If he was a real man I'd feel sorry for the poor guy. He'd have like a million women all over him. LOL

Kleypas hit the bullseye with that character, let's hope he comes out of retirement. Heck I'd settle for a passing refernce as to how married life is treating him and Sara! :)

Oh and's caramba not carumba ;)

Kristie (J) said...

Mailyn -*grin* now see - I even looked that phrase up on the Simpson web site to see if I got it right and I still spelled it wrong. Whole opposite end of the alphabet there! And yes - Derek - sigh. And oh - I love the banner on your blog! I've been meaning to tell you that.

ag said...

Mailyn, I have to take my hat off to you. You've setup fanlisting sites for Lisa Kleypas AND Derek Craven.

Way to go man!

Suisan said...

erm. haven't read.

typing only in lower case letters so that you won't notice me slinking past here to admit that.

what happens now? do you all appear at my doorstep en masse?

ReneeW said...

oh, suisan, what have you done? You are in for it now ;) Kristie, you really should be in management, seriously. You have the persistence and drive to bend us to your will, but in such a nice way. I have some very old LK in my TBR but even she admits that she was learning her kraft and they aren't nearly as good as DOY. I wasn't that impressed with the first two wallflower books but since everyone raved about DIW I'm looking forward to starting it soon.

Tara Marie said...

"hook for a hand" I've never read that one, is it worth searching out??

PS Suisan, she's going to haunt you, you might as well read it now and get it over with.

Kristie (J) said...

Suisan: Oh I notice - I notice all right. You are now on the list!! I shall have to do a massive update soon and know you will see your name

Renee: They aren't all that good although it might be interesting just to compare and see how she's grown as a writer. The best of the early bunch had a reincarnation theme. I can't remember the title it's either Give Me Tonight or Where Passion Leads. I don't remember which one, they are buried in the basement and Amazon doesn't have a record of them - but it's one of those that I thought was pretty interesting.

Tara: Yep - I think it's worth reading - and BAM gave it a really great review (she loved the hook for a hand *grin*) It was her review of Midnight Angel that started the whole "gotta read DOY" campaign.

CindyS said...

*points frantically at Suisan* She must be put on the list! Yeah! Before me! Yeah!

All right. Anyone else caves and I'm going to get hives!

Can't. Take. Pressure. Must. Leave. Now.

CindyS (hugs)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I've noticed this book popping up all over romance blogs and your name always is mentioned as the pimper.

Glad to say I've read it, loved it and DC is one of my favorite heroes.

LK is one of the authors I wish would pump them out a little faster. I've already read everything she's written and keep looking for more!

sybil said...

You do good work hon ;).

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »