Monday, March 13, 2006

So Cindy's Head won't explode

For you Cindy - only for you

Tagged by Cindy and here are my answers. Now everyone will soon see what a boring life I’ve lived. *sigh*

Four jobs you have had in your life
1) Worked for Bell Canada at 411 – for a week. I was too slow so they let me go
2) Worked for a discount bookstore – for 2 weeks. I was too slow so they let me go
3) Worked as a cashier at both a grocery store and a lumber store both at the same time. Must admit though, some of those lumber guys weren’t too shabby.
4) Worked for an insurance broker. I was promoted, left untrained, was too slow picking it up on my own so they let me go

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1) Last of the Mohicans – which helps you understand why I’m so nutty over Ride the Fire and soon to be Surrender. The only movie I would waste 2 ½ hours over trying to get one quote
2) The Phantom – I’ve seen the broadway play 3 times. Now I’ve seen the movie 6
3) Pirates of the Carribean – Made everyone watch this Christmas day. Not exactly a Christmas movie
4) Field of Dreams - Every time I see it, I cry at the end when he realizes it his father in his youth

Four places you have lived: (this is where I start getting boring)
1) Sarnia (from birth to 18)
2) London (ever since)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1) well duh – Lost
2) American Idol – I get hooked every time
3) Cold Case – I love the music
4) In the end there can be only one – The Highlander. I’m seriously considering investing considerable amount of money on the series DVD’s

Four places you have been on vacation: (again my boring life rears it’s ugly head)
1) Bahamas – 26 years ago
2) Vancouver – 28 years ago
3) Massachusettes – not really sure it was a vaction. We went there for my sister’s wedding, but since I took vacation days, I’ll count it

Um – that’s about it

Four websites you visit daily:
1) All About Romance
2) All the blogs listed at the side (and if I don’t make it there one day I will for sure the next)
3) Chapters – to get pictures
4) My email – throught the internet

Four of your favorite foods:
1) Prime Rib – I’m already bugging Ron to take me to a place I can get it since we missed out on valentines dinner
2) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream – that’s about the only one I really love
3) Plain potato chips – my weakness – and see how boring I am – they have to be plain
4) Any kind of chocolate bars at certain times of the month ;)

Four places you would rather be right now:
1) Australia – that’s the place I want to visit the very most – but as you can see by my lack of vacation destinations – well
2) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise
3) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise
4) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise

Four friends you are tagging that you think will respond
1) Renee
2) Misty
3) Tara
4) Nicole


CindyS said...

Thanks for playing ;) It's funny how you thought your life was boring because that's all I could think about my life when I was filling out mine. I envy those who are able to travel without fear - if only. As to jobs - they scare the bejeepers out of me!

I hope you get to Australia one day soon.


Tara Marie said...

So Kristie, do you want to go on a cruise?? *grin*

ReneeW said...

Kristie, you need to get out more. :) I hope you get your cruise someday. That's on my list too.

Rosario said...

Kristie, do a cruise around South America, so I can give you a tour when you reach Montevideo!

Anonymous said...

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