Thursday, March 02, 2006

Last Night's Lost

I know I’ve complained about having to watch shows on Canadian television; we miss the great Superbowl commercials, we miss the previews for a lot of next weeks’ shows. But every so often it’s not such a bad thing. Since it’s no surprise I’m a dedicated Lost fan and once again, I’ve joined the (as Ryan Seacrest keeps telling us) millions and millions of American Idol viewers, it’s a dilemma that I don’t have to choose. Both shows are on the same network here so they play Lost at 7:00 and AI at 8:00. Works for me!
Anyway – on to last night’s Episode of Lost. (Keishon is the AI watcher place to visit)
The Others are a lot more organized that we thought they were aren’t they? They’re not just a bunch of yahoo’s runnin’ the island. Very sophisticated stuff they have. And where did they disappear to? I’m not one for “catching” things but I thought the guy who talked to Ethan outside the room Clare was in must be someone we’ve seen before. Especially since Kate found the disguises.

And it’s strange how Rouseau keeps popping up.

Loved the scene (of course) between Kate and Sawyer! See – he’s not such a bad guy *grin*. He gave her the gun without to much hassle. He just wouldn’t be Sawyer if he made it easy. I loved that he was so tickled over finding a new pair of glasses.

And doesn’t it seem like Locke is headed to the dark side? I definitely think they guy in the room is one of the Others after last night. He’s playing physiological games now on Locke. I think Echo thinks he’s one of the Others too.

Overall – another excellent episode!

And I don’t know if women are supposed to notice these things or not, but doesn’t the actress who plays Claire have the most beautiful eyes?

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Tara Marie said...

Definitely the same guy in disguise.

Claire does have beautiful eyes.

And, they others are organized, I'm thinking there are probably more bunkers hidden throughout the island.

I'm not sure about Locke going to the dark side or is he realizing the guy they captured is trying to undermine him and Jack.

Love Sawyer's new glasses--looks like Jerry's dad's on Seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

So glad the show seems to be getting better. If I had to watch one more boring episode about Anna Lucia I was going to go nuts.

I'm thrilled that Danielle keeps showing up. She's an interesting character and I loved that actress on Babylon 5.

As for American Idol, Elliott needs to win. Everyone else bores me by comparison.

Kristie (J) said...

*laughing* the same guy as WHO?
Seinfeld's Dad ROTFLMAO!!

Dana: Danielle is an interesting character isn't she. Just when you think she's a baddie - she's not.
re AI I'm with Keishon on this one, Chris is the one who absolutely blew me away 2 nights in a row now.

CindyS said...

Kristie, remember the 'other' that held the gun on Kate and talked with Jack and Locke about turning back and leaving Michael to his fate - that was the guy you saw in the hatch but he didn't have the scruffy beard or the scruffy outfits. He is also the guy that was on the boat who took, damn, can't remember the boy's name.

The girl who helped Claire out of the bunker is Alexandra (I think) and she was very pretty. I wanted Claire to tell Rouseau more about her but it's like all the characters need to keep secrets.

I also loved it when Sawyer jumped and said he had medicine for the baby - too cute. I did want Kate to grab his glasses and break them just to get a reaction out of him ;)

I liked that the women had more 'stage' time. It was nice to see them out from under the men.

I saw the preview for next weeks episode and you won't believe it!! Do you wanna clue or do you want to go into it not knowing.

I was surprised at Locke's outburst at the end and didn't know what it would mean until I saw the preview for next week.

I swear I am in love with Mr. Echo. Can you imagine apologizing to someone you know is out to hurt you? Phenomenal. I love the way he speaks - very soothing.

Ohhh, I wonder if Alexandra believes her mother is dead! It just occurred to me because she told Claire she had to leave because they were going to cut the baby out of her. Very cool.

I was glad the baby got better - what a cutie too.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Spoil away!! I missed them because they didn't show anything on CTV & I went to bed before it was over on ABC.

CindyS said...

Locke wants the man in the hatch to 'disappear' and gets Ana Lucia and Sayid to take him.


Sun asks Sawyer for a pregnancy test!! OMG, OMG!!!


Kristie (J) said...

Locke wants that? Wow - Dark side here we come! And why would Sun ask Sawyer for a pregnancy test - and whyever - I'm sure it will be a real cute scene! So did you catch it on the ABC channel 'cause I watched it on CTV and they didn't have any previews at all!

CindyS said...

I got one of those cable boxes that records and on channel 9 it will switch over to ABC in the last minute. I don't know if that happens on normal cable or not. CTV is channel 13 here and I don't watch it on that one.