Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last Night's Lost

Well - finally! We had a new episode last night. I loved last night's Lost. I have to admit that I had a mad on for Jin for much of the show. He sure didn't treat Sun very well. Very sexy opening though - until he blew it. Men - they just don't have a clue sometimes do they? But I thought they pulled it out very well and it turned out very sweet and romantic in the end.

Sawyer is just cute as a bug in those glasses. Did anyone catch the title of the book he was reading? I think the author was Judy Blume. I couldn't tell if it was a romance or a book on pregnancy.

Such tension between Locke and Jack isn't there?

And Cindy - you're right. That guy in the bunker is very creepy. I still think he's one of the others even though it looks like they found the balloon in the previews. And don't they look good for next week!!!

Once again I'm glad I don't have to make a choice between Lost and AI. I'm getting my cake and eating it too with this arrangement.

'til later


Tara Marie said...

That was an incredibly romantic episode. I was afraid she did something she shouldn't have, and don't you wonder just how lousy her father is/was--eek, even the poor doctor was afraid. And I thought it was sweet that he fixed her garden. You've got to think he's trying.

Sawyer is something with and without the glasses--the book:

Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.

Did you get the coming attractions?? I can't wait for next week.

Kristie (J) said...

I did see the coming attraction. Looks very good with the lockdown. I forgot to mention about the scenes with Sayid and Anna Lucia. I thought it was kind of sad when she confessed that people don't like her - even though I don't either. But it was nice that Sayid didn't blame her. It makes one wonder what he has in store for the others.
And they really seem to have dropped the Michael and Walt storyline completely haven't they? LOL on the book title. No wonder Sawyer complained not enought sex.

Tara Marie said...

Since I haven't watched last season yet the missing Michael and Walt don't feel all that lost, pun intended. But I'm curious what they (the others) have done with them and the other kids they took.

I thought that scene with Anna Lucia and Sayid was sad, she really needs to read "How to win friends..."

And, that guy in the hatch really played with Jack's and Locke's heads didn't he.

I actually borrowed a first season set of DVDs, but my husband keeps telling me he wants to watch with me, so I'm being good and waiting, but we may have to have a LOST marathon tonight.

Nikki said...

Are yout there God, it's me Margaret is about a girl getting her first period. That was one of my favorite books when I was a girl. Since my Mom wouldn't talk to me about that stuff, it was nice to have that book around. Then I found Judy Blume's Forever! That was the first book I ever read with sex in it! I wore out my copy! My Mom let me buy it and read it because it was Judy Blume! Little did she know what was really in it!!

Good Ep. last night. My husband and I are so glad that Sun didn't cheat. We think that is another island miracle like Locke walking. Why do some people get wonderful things happening to them? But there was no miracle for Shannon or her brother? Or Walt and Michael?

Kristie (J) said...

Nikki - that's what I thought too once I released a sigh of relief that it was only English lessons Sun was taking - special island magic. I don't know how the island picks who gets good things and who doesn't. Hopefully when the show ends and we're all in mourning that it has ended, we'll get to see the answers

Tara: I have the DVD too but haven't watched it yet. Soon - soon. When you do get a chance, I'm dying to know what you think of the scene I'm always going on about :-) You'll know it when you see it. I'm thinking you'll think OMG - she's right!!!!

CindyS said...

Wow - so everyone believed Sun? I was thinking that she was telling the truth until she hugged him. She looks happy for a minute and then sad. I thought she figured why tell him something that might never come up again. I also wondered why she would need to tell him that she was the one that was all right. If it was an island miracle then what would it have mattered or are the writers just playing with me.

The scene where Sawyer comes and is talking to Bernard - they switched POV and you saw Jin hearing them and I could have sworn they were speaking in his language (in his own mind) which would have meant he could understand them. Weird.

For Jin being so sweet, he sure has a high handed way with orders. I'm not sure I liked that he needed Sun to translate. I would have prefered that he just 'needed her'.

Guy in Hatch - Creepy


Kristie (J) said...

That's because we would hate to see it if she was cheating on Jin *grin*. I was trying to figure out the timeline on this. I think they've been on the island about 50 days now. So if it was the hotel owner's son - I think she would be further along. She should at least have known she was preggers.
That scene with Sawyer and Bernard - I kind of missed it the first time - I think my son called or something. Then I watched it later after AI and when that scene came on I was thinking "huh?" what are they saying? Then I realized that that's the way Jin heard things when people were speaking around him. I thought it would be very frustrating not understanding anything most of the time

romancelover said...

You've given me more books to buy. I might check out a UBS this weekend. Will definitely look for these. BTW Beauty and the Spy came out already. It's good! The wait is over.
- Daniela