Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Doin' the happy dance - Oh wait - edit coming

I’m going to need some assistance with my regular Last Night’s Lost. See – I’m not going to be watching it tonight so I’m going to have to get the scoop on what happens from another watcher volunteer. Instead I’m *happy dance, happy dance* going to a Great Big Sea concert tonight. If anyone ever checks my profile, they are one of my favourite groups. They are a band from Newfoundland who sing folk/traditional/celtic kitchen party type music. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go tonight, things being as they are. But Ron is much improved and I decided to see yesterday if there were tickets still available. * Another happy dance *. There were – and I’m going!
Now you’re probably all wondering “why doesn’t she just set the VCR?” Well the answer to that is I still don’t know how. Not a clue. If you could have been sitting beside me in the car while I tried to figure out how to pop out one Great Big Sea CD to put in another Great Big Sea (to get myself all pysched about tonight) you would be thinking “surely she can’t be THAT technically impaired?” Well, yes. I can. I am. It’s embarrassing. Also I’m hoping since Keishon is also an American Idol watcher – she will report in on who got the boot. Although I didn’t think Kellie did a good job last night – I still really like her. I think it’s time Kevin left. He’s weirding me out with his sex symbol status.
So you have to know that I must really love Great Big Sea a lot since I’m missing two of my favourite shows to see them. I do! I do!

'til later

I just checked and it seems - oh gee - surprise - Lose is a repeat. So there wouldn't have been a Last Night's Lost anyway. So now I can do a happier happy dance.


CindyS said...

Lucky You!! Great Big Sea rock! It's funny how many Canadians actually know who they are. My best bud will e-mail me and tell me how her son is dancing to GBS and I was all 'you know who GBS is!?'

I'm really happy for you and it's good news to hear that Ron has improved a little.

No worries on LOST - we may never see a new one again *sniff*


Anonymous said...

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