Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've got you my pretties

So - after spending almost the entire night cataloguing, except for the rare break, I have the job half way done! Next step - Library Thing.
I picked up a lot of books!! Except for just a few that I got in the suitcase and in the free bag we received upon registering, every one is one I would like to read. There were so many there it was tempting to grab and run. But I didn't think that would be right.
A few I have are duplicates. They are books I already have but thought it would be great to have author signed copies.
Some are authors I haven't tried before, but if I like the book, I'll be sure to read them again.
Fingers crossed this will carry over! I'm not doing pictures for each one because the grand total of books is:

Author Title Genre
Anthology Secrets Volume 4 Erotic Romance
Anthology The Firefighter Erotic Romance
Asaro, Catherine The Fire Opal Fantasy
Ashley, Jennifer The Calling Paranormal
Bangs, Nina A Taste Of Darkness Paranormal
Bangs, Nina Wicked Fantasy Paranormal
Barrett, Linda A Houseful Of Strangers Contemporary
Bird, Jessica The Billionaire Next Door Harlequin SE
Caine, Rachel Firestorm Fantasy
Callen, Gayle The Lord Next Door Historical
Cassidy, Carla Without A Sound RS
Cook, Kristina To Love A Scoundrel Historical
Corgiat, Jerri Home By Starlight Contemporary
Cross, Claire All Or Nothing Contemporary
Dante, Kathleen Enticed RS
Dawson, Geralyn Give Him The Slip RS
Day, Alyssa Atlantis Rising Paranormal
Devoti, Lori Unbound Paranormal
Dodd, Christina Scent Of Darkness Paranormal
Donovan, Susan The Kept Woman Contemporary
Dreyer, Eileen Head Games RS
Duarte, Judy Daddy On Call Harlequin SE
Dunaway, Michele The Wedding Secret Contemporary
Dunaway, Michele The Marriage Campaign Contemporary
Elyot, Amanda To Great A Lady Historical
Galen, Shana Good Groom Hunting Historical
Gist, Deeanne Courting Trouble Inspy Historical
Gold, Kristi Damage Control Contemporary
Gold, Kristi Fall From Grace Contemporary
Gold, Kristi Executive Seduction Harlequin Desire
Graves, Samantha Sight Unseen RS
Greene, Jennifer Blame It On Cupid Contemporary
Groe, Diana Silk Dreams Viking
Guest, Elizabeth Night Life Paranormal
Hardy, Kristin Always A Bridesmaid Harlequin SE
Hill, Sandra Rough And Ready Funny
Howell, Hannah Higland Savage Historical
James, Samantha The Secret Passion Of Simon Blackwell Historical
Janzen, Tara On The Loose RS
Jenkins, Beverly Sexy/Dangerous RS
Jenkins, Beverly Something Like Love Western
Johnston, Joan The Next Mrs. Blackthorne Contemporary
Jordan, Sophie Too Wicked To Tame Historical
Kay, Patricia Wish Come True Contemporary
Kleypas, Lisa Mine Till Midnight Historical
Knight, Angela The Forever Kiss Erotic Romance
Knight, Deirdre Parallel Seduction Paranormal
Krahn, Betina The Book of True Desires Historical
Landis, Jill Marie Heat Wave Contemporary
Langan, Ruth Ryan Heart's Delight Western
London, Julia The Perils Of Pursing A Prince Historical
Long, Beverly Here With Me Time Travel
Long, Julie Ann The Secret To Seduction Historical
Luke, Renee Dipped In Chocolate Contemporary
Lynn, Denise Falcon's Heart Medieval
MacAllister, Heather Jilt Trip Contemporary
Martin, Kat The Summit RS
Martin, Kat The Summit RS
McCarthy, Erin Heiress For Hire Contemporary
McKade, Maureen A Reason To Live Western
Mellor, P.J. Give Me More Erotic Romance
Melton, Marliss Forget Me Not RS
Melton, Marliss Time To Run RS
Michaels, Lorna A Candle For Nick Harlequin SE
Mignerey, Sharon Shadows Of Truth RS
Miles, Cindy Spirited Away Ghost
Miller, Linda Lael McDettrick's Luck Contemporary
Montgomery, Selena Hidden Sins RS
Nash, Sophia A Dangerous Beauty Historical
Novak, Brenda Dead Right RS
Perrin, Kayla Getting Some RS
Perrin, Kayla We'll Never Tell RS
Petersen, Jenna Scandalous Historical
Pickens, Andrea The Spy Wore Silk Historical
Pippin, Morag McKendrick Blood Moon Over Bengal WW II
Popp, Robin T Tempted In The Night Paranormal
Popp, Robin T The Darkening Paranormal
Potter, Patricia Beloved Warrior Historical
Ranstrom, Gail Indiscretions Historical
Rimmer, Christine The Man Who Had Everything Harlequin SE
Sands, Lynsay Bite Me If You Can Paranormal
Showalter, Gena Catch A Mate Contemporary
Showalter, Gena Red Handed Young Adult
Smith, Barbara Dawson The Rogue Report Historical
Sparks, Kerrelyn Be Still My Vampire Heart Paranormal
St. Giles, Jennifer Touch A Dark Wolf Paranormal
Stevens, Amanda The Dollmaker RS
Thomas, Sherry Private Arrangements Historical
Warren, Christine She's No Fairie Princess Paranormal
Warren, Linda Once A Cowboy Contemporary
Wilde, Lori There Goes The Bride Funny
Wilde, Lori Mission Irriesistible RS
Wilson, Gayle The Suicide Club RS


Giselle said...

That's what I'd call a shit load of books :) And you got the Kleypas!!! I'm positively green!

CindyS said...

I can't even imagine getting so many books at once! What a fantastic haul and I had to check the Jessica Bird title because I didn't know if it was current or not but it's set for Aug 1 - squeeee! And the Kleypas isn't out until Oct!

I think you might have just won the award for most books added to the TBR pile at once ;)


Rosie said...

Wow, wow, WOW!!! Yeah, I'm jealous of the Kleypas score too, but if somebody has to have it I'm glad it's you.

Now all I have to do is get over Wendy getting an arc of Megan Hart's next book and I'll be aaaaaallll better.

ReneeW said...

Oh. My. God. I'm speechless. Wow.

Lori said...

Holy guacamole! I am totally jealous! I've read some of those, and I know you will like them. But look at all those fantastic ARCs!!!

And like Rosie, I'm way jealous of the LK ARC. That ought to keep you in reading for a while :)

Tara Marie said...

Wow, it's a TBR pile by itself. Now you must have a huge Mt. TBR forget pile :)

Enjoy them.

Casee said...

What a great haul, Kristie!!

You are SO dedicated, cataloging those so quickly after they arrived. ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! What a haul. I can't even imagine how exciting this must be. That must have cost a fortune to ship..but worth it of course.

Margaret said...

Bahh, that last post was me, Margaret. sorry

Jenster said...

I want the Kleypas book!! You are SO lucky!!

Can't wait to hear what you think about it.

Jodi_Lee said...

Oh man totally worth the wait, right??!! If my eyes weren't already green, they would have just turned it from envy.

Mailyn said...

Holly crap! That's a helluva lot of free books! Man, I want free books! LOL.

Mailyn said...

OMG you got the Cam Rohan book!!!! *jealousy takes over*


Anonymous said...

93 books............OMG I'm so proud of you!! I'll never feel guilty again buying 2 or 3!! *grin

Dance Chica said...

Wow. You got a LOT of books there!

Firestorm by Rachel Caine was good but beware that it is the fifth book in the Weather Warden series. The first book is called Ill Wind and I highly recommend you start there. Otherwise, you’re bound to be confused as the books build upon one another rather than stand alone.

Enjoy all your books! :-)

nath said...

Wow that is awesome!!! and you're so lucky, the new Kleypas book :D you really got lucky :D and all of those free!!! when are you going ot read them? LOL :P

C2 said...

Waaaaaahhhhh! I want! I want!!!!

Enjoy!! :-D

Karen W. said...

I'm totally jealous too, but I'm happy for you! :-)Enjoy them all, and let us know how you like them as you read them.

ames said...

great haul kristie!! which are you gonna read first? lol

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: *chuckle* I've no idea which one to read first. I'm kind of thinking of the Marlis Melton. I've never tried her before. But then again, I could pick another one altogether. It's a tough choice. 'Cause maybe again I might want another one

KarenW: Oh I will. I should probably read Mine til Midnight 'cause everyone seems so excited about that one.

C2: I know! Isn't it a fine haul?

Nath: I'm just going to have to make time. 'Cause I sure do have a bunch to read don't I? And that's not counting all the ones I picked up in T.O.

DC: I noticed that about the Rachel Caine book. I think I'll start if and if I like the writing style, I'll get some of the first ones before I go any further in Firestorm. Another one I was excited about was the Catherine Asaro book. I've always meant to try her.

Janice: Now you can see why the 'library' will be expanding into the next room!!

Mailyn: Yep - I got Cam's book. Lisa gave me a copy when we went for lunch. She is SO nice. Even if I didn't already love her books, I'd read them just because she is who she is.

Jenster: It comes out in August doesn't it - or September? That's not too long a wait for everyone. And Cam - yuuummm

Jodi: That's why it was so hard waiting for them! I knew I had a bunch but not quite that many. Not until it took all night entering them into the handy dandy excep spreadsheet.

Margaret. It was $36 a box to ship. Rather costly - but when you consider how many I got - it was well worth it. Because I could spend that much in books in a month. These ones will take me ever so much longer *g*

Casee: 'Round about 70, I was starting to get pretty tired of the job. But I was determined to get it done. If I don't enter them soon after I get books, I tend to forget and buy the same book twice. So in a way it's almost saving money. Plus I loooooovvvvveeee excel.

Tara: I shudder at the thought of how many I have now - cause there was that buying splurge with Cindy, Ames and Nath not long before that!

Lori: I know!! The Lisa Kleypas book, the Tara Janzen book and there is already very good buzz on the Sherry Thomas book. Jane loved it. That's the one I made Wendy leave the breakfast table to get. I wanted to be sure to have a copy of it!

Renee: Mighty. Fine Eh? *g*

Rosie: Of all the books I got, I was most excited about getting Lisa's book. I was SO thrilled when she gave me a copy.

Cindy: I think you can order the Jessica Bird book on E-Harlequin now! And it's much cheaper than in stores. Plus if you order a certain amount the shipping is free. Plus - if you order on a Friday, I think they send you a bonus book.

And I don't think I'm the winner. I think it might be Wendy! I'm waiting for her final tally.

Giselle: Yep - it's a shit load all right *chuckle*.

Mailyn said...

Er, can I just ask for one teeny tiny favor? Let me know if it's really good! E-mail me if you must. LOL. Imma buy it anyway but the suspense is KILLING me. After all, I did start his fanlisting!!

I am crossing my fingers that it's all I expected.

I haven't been this excited about a character in a romance since Derek Craven!!! :-P

Casee said...

So do you catalog all your books using Excel? What exactly do you enter? *pondering starting a catalog*

Kristie (J) said...

Casee: My spreadsheet is a work in progress - not only as to adding books, but also adding new columns and ways to track.
Basically I list:
Author (last name comma first name)
Retail price (thought I almost never pay full retail price)
Rating (I rate on a 1 to 5 scale)
Year Published
Year Read
First read or reread
I've just noticed some nifty features recently. If I right click in the Title column, then got to insert comment, I can give a brief blurb telling hero/heroine and a short little outline to remind me of the book.
And just now I discovered another thing I can do. Add a hyperlink to Amazon!!
It's handy for some of that infor when filling out polls at the end of the year on favourite books and stuff.
Email me if you want further info. Plus Rosario is the Queen of the book spreadsheet. She worked on mine a bit and added graphs and all kind of other neat stuff.

Mailyn: I promise when I read it, I'll give you the scoop!

sybil said...

I didn't get the LK book there. Of course that was because I already had a copy, or two, and you know.. had read it *g*.

And she forgets to mention she didn't stand in line or that book. Lisa personally gave it to her at lunch. She is tres special our KristieJ.

And private arrangements people!!! The historical you all WANT next March. Oh yes you do! Trust me ;).

Kristie (J) said...

Yep - as Sybil says, Lisa gave me a copy before we went to lunch. That's why it's the most special book of all the ones I got.
I loves it even before reading it!! It goes on the "special" shelf - the one front and centre upstairs on the bookcase in the living room.

Chantal said...

Woah! You are soooo lucky. Enjoy all the reading.