Monday, July 23, 2007

Books, books, wonderful books

You notice I haven't listed the books I picked up in Dallas yet. It isn't because I don't plan to. Oh, no. I plan to alright. The reason is because I shipped most of them back home. There were just too many to carry through the airports with, especially when I won that suitcase full. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be there when I get home from work tonight.
Oh the fun and joy I will have cataloguing them in my own handy dandy spreadsheet and on LibraryThing. That should keep me happy and busy for hours.
I just hope that there isn't a nasty book thief lurking around the house ready to abscond with my treasures!

'til later


Jodi_Lee said...

abscond - I love that word! LOL I hope you don't have any little book-gremlins running around either! Ha.

Rosie said...

I dream of the day when I'm not only cataloging what I've read, but also what I own seeing as how I came to the whole process so late. You all are so inspirational that way.

CindyS said...

Hey! I'm not nasty looking...I mean, uh, I'm sure they will be fine ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Jodi: Isn't that a great word? They didn't come today so I'm hoping someone didn't get to them first. I asked that they drop them off at the back door which is a bit more hidden

Rosie: It so appeals to the anal person that so rarely makes an appearance in me. I've had my spread sheet for about 5 years or so now and I keep thinking of things to add to it. Of course I don't have pictures they way I do with LibraryThing - but I could do a hyper-link to Amazon. Hmmmmm not a bad plan!

Cindy: I'm hoping they come by Friday 'cause I think I might just have a few doubles......