Monday, July 30, 2007

I can't believe I did this!

I went to Costco tonight with a neighbour. Now they don't have that good a romance section there - not for the hard core romance fan I am.
But they did have one book I wasn't planning on getting. But it was such a good price, half the cover price, I couldn't turn it down. And I have met the author now.

Justification - thy name is book addict.

High Noon by Nora Roberts has been added to my own personal pile.

'til later


C2 said...

So weak... LOL

I'm feeling better and better about my own addiction. :-D

ReneeW said...

Costco doesn't have a great selection (usually best sellers) but their prices are fantastic. Makes it hard to resist.

ames said...

lmao!! i did the same thing on friday night! lol i couldn't turn it down-no justification required. :P

Rosie said...

Yeah, I get in trouble every time I walk that book aisle in Costco.

nath said...

you know, you should really enjoy it when it's at such a good price... think of me who can't buy any books at Costco, because there's nothing!

Kristie (J) said...

C2: I'm learning to justify anything. For instance - all the books I picked up in Dallas - most I didn't pay for so the book budget isn't really over it's limit (*snort* as if I HAD a book budget)

It is hard to resist! In fact it was impossible. Thankfully that was the only one I saw that I was interested in.

Ames: *g* but then you didn't just pick up over 90 books a couple of weeks ago. And you are so good at sticking to your no books until you read a certain number - unless of course you're in a different city *LOL*

Rosie: One wonders how they can sell them at such low prices doesn't one?

Nath: My sympathies on not having it near you. That was the first time I've been to Costco in quite some time. And the last time I didn't buy a book - so it was OK. And I'll enjoy it alright. I loved Rosie's post on how much it 'spoke' to her

Wendy said...

I rarely by at Costco unless I need a bestseller. Recently bought HP7 on audio (only $40! - cheapest I've seen anywhere), and I usually buy Tess Gerritsen there - her new hard covers, and I've picked up some 2-in-1 reprints as well.