Friday, July 13, 2007

Doing Dallas - Day II

Do you ever have those days that are just so special you know you will remember them for the rest of your life? Day II was such a day.
Warning - gushing time coming
I didn't mention anything - one of those I didn't want it jinxed things, but Sybil - dear wonderful, extraordinary Sybil arranged for a lunch with Lisa Kleypas. This is what Sybil told me - that when Lisa heard I was coming to Dallas she wanted to take Sybil, Jane and I out for lunch. You probably already know we went from Jane or Sybil blog so this is just my thoughts. I was beyond excited at the thought. The day before I left I went out and bought a meet Lisa outfit. Of course I needed jewellry to go along with it. And a new faux blingy watch. I brought make-up specifically for lunch, perfume, the whole kit and kabudle!
Jane and Sybil were volunteering setting up the literacy signing in the am. I had told Sybil I would help to but she said the thought they had enough people so I just hung around and chatted to strangers and got up the gumption to hand out our Romantic Advances business cards (everyone thought what a great idea!) when Sybil called and said things were running slow and they could use my help.
Now keep in mind the people who told me Dallas has DRY heat lied! They lied, they lied, they lied. Dallas is like a blanket when you step outside. The hotel is wonderfully air conditioned but humidity does seep in. I went to help and it was hot, sweaty work.
We were supposed to meet Lisa (I can hardly believe I'm even typing these words) at noon, when Jane told me it was getting real close. And here I was hot, damp, sweaty - blech. I rushed up to the room, changed into my Lisa clothes, Lisa bling when the phone rang. Ack!! Now I was even more sweaty and I hadn't had time to put on makeup or perfume. But I couldn't make them all wait so I headed down feeling vastly unarmed.
What followed was a Moment in Time! Lisa was SO nice and SO kind and a truly special person. She is warm and unpretentious and it was such a wonderful time. We had wine and talked for a long time about all kinds of things. She even brought me a special gift that I keep looking at and smiling giddily over. The food was delicious and the restaurant was very elegant. I didn't say a whole lot - just took it all in. It was just a very special moment in my life.

More to follow 'cause the day stayed great and more stories to come

'til later


Chantal said...

I'm enjoying your posts about it so much!
YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

And I didn't get to go! I was hanging out with all those old librarians LOL. On the bright side I got a copy of Nora's new hard cover - but I would have loved to have met Nice Lisa :)

And is it weird to be commenting on your blog when we're currently sharing a hotel room?

ReneeW said...

Wow, I'm so thrilled for you, Kristie. How exciting. I feel almost as if I was right there with you. Great post.

Karen W. said...

I'm really happy and excited for you, Kristie! You deserved it, and I'm really enjoying your reports from RWA.

Rosario said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous here. But SO happy for you at the same time :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kristie I so wish I was there with you.....Deb

Rosie said...

Kristie, it's soooo corny but I got a big grin on my face and tears in my eyes at the same time. That is so cool. Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you, Kristie! I've been enjoying all of your blogs about your experiences in Dallas, and that one's really special.

And yeah, Wendy, it is weird. LOL

Jane A.

nath said...


CindyS said...

Sybil friggin' rocks!!! A lunch with Lisa Kleypas *sigh*. You, my dear friend, are rocking Dallas!


Tara Marie said...

I'm with Rosie, started tearing up as I read this. I'm so happy you're having such a wonderful time.

And jealous, so, so, so JEALOUS :D

sybil said...

awwww hon you are too sweet and I am very happy you had some a great time.

To be completely honest with Lisa being the keynote speaker I didn't think we would get more than a few mins for coffee.

It was never a question the moment she heard about it. WE WERE DOING LUNCH! It was her idea to leave the crazy of the hotel, she picked where and insisted on taking care of the whole thing. Thank you Spain :)

I can never say how amazing that woman is or how much if you ever get the chance to even say hello to her you must. Lisa Kleypas is flat out awesome and beyond the fact she is grand as a writer, she is fucking amazing as a person.

Devon said...