Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And in other news

When I got back to work - on Tuesday - I was a bad little worker bee on Monday, I had an email from the HR department. I had passed my probation effective June 26!!!!!! That was such excellent news. Although I was pretty sure they would keep me on after, there is always that little niggle of doubt until it's a done deal.
And - with it effective June 26, that means I'll get paid for the week I went to Dallas. I wasn't sure if I would or not since I knew it was close to my probation date. And I get sick days so I'll also get paid for the bad little worker bee day. And now I have benefits.
The optometrist! The copious amount of drugs that old(er) age cause me to take. The dentist! I'll be making visits to all of them now!

'til later


Rosie said...

Congrats on the permanent status. That's always a relief isn't it? The fire department probation period is a whole year. I've never had that before. Most places it is usually 60 to 90 days.

I read your post about Sybil too. I had no idea you went back so far with her. I really looking forward to meeting our SoCal group. We start with a few this weekend and then we'll see what happens.

Lori said...

Yay! That's fantastic! Congrats, Kristie!

CindyS said...

Fabulous news! You so deserve it!


Mailyn said...

Congrats!!!! Yay for the drugs!!! LOL

Jenster said...

SWEET!! A paid vacation AFTER the fact.

Rosario said...

Way to go, Kristie! Excellent news!

Mailyn said...

What are your plans for the vacation? Or does the RWA meeting count as it?

Casee said...

Congrats on passing the probation period!! And yay for getting paid for Dallas. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Rosie: It does feel good to pass that final hurdle. A year is a long time! I'd hate to be in suspense that long. And yep, I've know Sybil on line for a while now. That's why it was so cool to meet her in person

Lori: thanks

Cindy: I'm not sure about that *g*. I still make mistakes, but then everyone does at some time or another I guess

Mailyn: yea - having the drugs paid for is a very nice benefit :) And for the rest of my vacation, I'm not sure. I do plan on going to visit my sister in the States in the fall, but not sure for how long. As for the other time - hold it for a rainy day I guess :)

Jenster: It was a sweet feeling. I knew I was on the borderline of getting paid for the vacation and technically I should have waited until I was sure - but I doubt they would have held off the RWA conference until it was sure thing

Rosario: 'tis a nice feeling that I made it past. I'm in Baby!

Casee: It was a double good thing. Dallas and getting paid for the time away.