Saturday, July 14, 2007

Doing Dallas - Miscellaneous

One of the toughest things is not being able to blog daily (or two or three times a day) about everything that is going on here. A very small part of me is dying to get home in front of the computer and get it all out and have everyone's eyes water at the length of the posts!

I wasn't sure whether to continue with my Dallas Days or take a detour and do some obnoxious name dropping. I haven't much time so I'll be obnoxious and everyone can live vicariously through me. I have quite a list and not much time - book signing were the books are FREE is coming up shortly but here is just a few names to drop - a taste as it were.

Jane, Sybil, Wendy and I sat for quite a while talking to Nalini Singh. She is a doll and such fun. She's on a month long tour of the US having come from New Zealand (along with an adorable accent). I wanted to ask her to bring me home with her. Not long after that Sandra Schwab dropped by and hung with us for a while. Now she had contacted me earlier, having noticed on Keishon's blog (sorry for the non-links - between little time and a lap top it would take to long) that I wasn't able to get her latest here in Canada and offered to send me one. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to it yet :( She also is very friendly and great to talk to. So once I told her my name, she knew who I was.
Sarah (of SB) sat down and joined us and Candy (of SB) breezed by for a bit.

I rode in an elevator with Linda Howard. I've walked by her a couple of times but haven't quite got up the nerve to say something to her.

I was outside talking to Jane Graves for a while. I had just finisher her latest book - Hot Wheels and High Heels and really enjoyed it.

Gotta run now - but I'll just a bit of a downer. These beds in this room are soooo danged tall! I'm quite short and I'm having a bit of a problem climbing up on them!

Now an upper -I look around the room and see all of the books we've all acquired and it is a truly awesome sight

I'll be back and do more Doing Dallas posts as soon as I can. I still have a whopper of a tale to tell about Day II

'til later


Chantal said...

How fun! I can't wait till your next post :)

CindyS said...

Spill!!! ;)

This sounds like the best vacation EVER!