Monday, July 16, 2007

Doing Dallas - the bad

There is very little bad to say about the conference. In fact only one thing. I lost my digital camera on the second day. I tried not to panic about it and apply the Kristie rule - as long as I don't look to hard, it's not really lost. But by the fourth day I was looking hard and couldn't find it. I thought at that point I had two choices, continue to have a great time, or get totally upset and let it ruin my trip. I went for option 1.
But I am really upset about it for a number of reasons. I didn't get pictures of Dallas or any of the people I met. It had all my previous pictures still on it, all my Zina pics, those of Arthur the Dog, the library, the weather - every picture I've taken using it. Thank goodness I already downloaded them all to the computer. But still. Also that was a very expensive little camera. When I got it I purchased extra insurance but I don't know if that covers losing the whole thing or just if it's damaged. It wasn't quite expensive enough to put through on insurance though. If I do make a claim what with paying the premium and then paying higher insurance for just making a claim it's not worth it . I'll have to keep my fingers crossed when I go to Future Shop.
I did leave them my name, phone number and address at the hotel in case it shows up, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
So *sigh* those hoping for pics will have to check out other blogs like Dear Author or SB's.

'til later


CindyS said...

Oh no. That's the worst but I'm glad that you didn't let it ruin your trip. Hopefully that insurance you purchased does cover it getting lost. Did anyone get a picture of the books in your suitcase!?


Rosie said...

As Karen would say, "that sucks big hairy donkey ball". Sorry you lost your camera and pics.

Tara Marie said...

I'm, sorry. I'd be lost without my digital and it's not a really good one.

Chantal said...

I'm sorry :(
I once left a digital camera at a restaurant.
I called them, but they said it never showed up when they cleared off the table.
Whatever. I know the waitress kept it. It was payback for me giving her shit when she gave me a coke and told me it was pepsi.

nath said...

i'm sorry you lost the camera :( I hope a honest soul will have picked it up and call you by now...but at least, I'm sure Wendy, Sybil and Jane got lots of pics that they can share with you :D