Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doing Dallas - Day 1 continued

I thought I'd come back here for the rest since Jane is doing lot's of blogging on DA and doesn't really need me *g*.

Let's' see. When I left off I hadn't even hooked up with Wendy, Sybil or Jane yet. Wendy's flight was delayed so it was actually Sybil who got here first. I'm going to run out of adjectives - so bear with me for a bit. Sybil is a delight!! She's the kind of person who just says it like it is. I always admire that and wish I had more spunk like that without having to release Krisite. Her hair is gorgeous and she's as funny in person as she is on her blog.
Then about 5 minutes after she arrived at the room, Wendy showed up. Wendy is down to earth and oddly enough (I can say this because I already told her) has the strongest accent of all of us and she lived for years in Michigan which is why she cheers for the Tigers and isn't all that far from where I grew up.
And she is much taller than me. I didn't expect that *g*. But she's fun to talk to and never at a loss for words.
We went down to the bar after a while and waited for Jane. Her flight had been doubly delayed so she was quite late arriving. In the meantime, Alyssa walked by and Sybil recognized her and called her over. It was a great time all talking and getting to know each other.
Then finally Jane arrived. Now I'm going to be honest here and say I was a bit intimidated about meeting her. I mean this is one half of Dear Author - a power in the reader blogging world. Nora Roberts herself often comments there. But Jane is as sweet and honest and funny as can be. Right off the bat all intimidation disappeared!
So I'm happy as a clam (and never doubted it anyway) but I have really great roomies while I'm here in Dallas.
I'm signing off for now - I'm on Jane's laptop and Wendy and I are headed for lunch shortly.
The rest of the evening went very well. I made Alyssa laugh which is always a good thing when people thing I'm funny. That's what I aim for. It was a wonderful first day in Dallas.
I haven't had a check to check Wendy or Sybil or Jane's posts yet, but when I blog about Doing Dallas - Day II it's going to be a good one because yesterday (this is day III now) was a Very Special Day.

'til later


Gabrielle said...

Kristie, I'm so glad you're having a great time! Enjoy yourself :-)

Anonymous said...

So, glad you are having a great time.....been thinking about you a lot.....Deb

CindyS said...

*sits on the floor and curls at your feet* I'm just going to get cozy and wait for the next installment ;)

I'm so glad you are having fun!


ReneeW said...

Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Looking forward to the next installment.

nath said...

Kristie, i'm definitively so jealous!!! seems like you have fun and all and it's all worth it! and it's great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Kristie in the ten years I have known you, You say you are the quiet, shy, keep to yourself one. BULL, first you go off to Dallas to meet and stay with people you have not met (I don't think I would be so brave) then you go to a place to meet the people who write the books you read and touch and talk to them. (I am so green right now and envious of your bravery and strength) now I guess I can live through your experiences instead of books. You make me smile. I cannot believe you got to meet some of authors I spend a fortune on. Well done I wish I was there with you. Have a Great time. Lori Berry