Monday, July 30, 2007

Freebies and Giveaways

One of the neat things at the RWA in Dallas was the Goodie Room. It was chuck full of all kinds of author giveaways such as book marks, book post cards, magnets and pens.
Smart Bitch Sarah has asked for our opinions on the give aways. Apart from the books which were there by mistake, my favourite was the pens. I came home with a lot of pens, some cheap, some good. I prefer the good ones :) My favourite pen is one from Kristina Cook. It's a big fat thing. Sometimes when I'm doing a lot of writing, my hand gets a bit sore, either from carpal tunnel or a little arthritis - I'm not sure. But I like this big pen. It makes it easier to write.
I also picked up a number of fridge magnets. I thought I'd put them up and watch the boys roll their eyes.

I picked up a number of book marks and a few are already in use. I like the post cards too as long as they are for upcoming books. I thought I'd keep them in a pile to remind me of what books I want to get.

A real cute idea was Chapter 1 of Hot by Julia Harper (aka Elizabeth Hoyt. I was excited to hear she is also writing a contemporary book - and not alarmed since I know (cause she told me) she is continuing to write historicals. I haven't read it yet because then I'd really love it and have to wait too long for the whole book to come out - but I love the idea and will read it closer to the release date

A number of authors also had little chocolates. I got some of them and they sure did come in handy the other day when I was in a "Need Chocolate Now" moment.

One thing I didn't see - don't know if there were any but scooped up - was little notebooks. I thought that would be a great idea to keep in a purse cause whenever I need to write something down, I can't find paper. Now I have lots of pens though.

The oddest thing I picked up though was a tiny little candy box shaped like a skeleton with little tiny candies inside shaped like bones. I haven't opened it yet but I think the bones all link together. This cute little idea was from Brenda Novak and Karen Rose.

I also got a few little cute key chains, one shaped like a little motorcycle.

There are a couple new coasters I now own too.

All in all I love all my goodies.

'til later

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