Friday, July 27, 2007

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

I don't know if I mentioned this or not but when I applied and got the current job, it was with the understanding that I would be working every third weekend - but Saturday and Sunday.
They've finally implemented it and starting tomorrow is my first weekend to work. In lieu of working Saturday and Sunday, I have Friday and Monday off. Kind of wierd I know but it was a devil of a thing to work out. See - we had to fit it into the pay schedule and we couldn't work more than six days in a row. Try and work that out for 3 people and it get's very tricky.
But I don't mind the split days. Two weeks in a row will be short weeks and the weekend should be pretty slow and laid back - time to come up with blog ideas *g*.
So today, a day off, I drove down to see Cindy. Now I wasn't completely honest about the number of books I got. See, I actually got 94. When I was in Dallas and at the Literacy Signing and saw that Anne Stuart was there - well I just HAD to get her to sign a book for Cindy!
When I approached Ms. Stuart I said I had a friend who would be a squealy fan girl of yours if she was the squealing fan girl type. So could you sign this book for her? Then I thought that sounded kind of odd so I added - "Oh, and I love your books too. Not as much as Cindy, but I do like them."
She smiled and signed it to Cindy and I left thinking that was kind of a dumb thing to say.
As usual, we had a great visit and talked for hours.
I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers.
Oh - and the book? Ice Blue. It wasn't until I was driving home it occurred to me that I didn't have that one! *g*. Oh well - Chapters will be making another sale then.

'til later


Mailyn said...

That was so sweet of you! but I already new you were sweet. :-P

I'm sure Cindy was all squeee about it. Mehehe.

Rosie said...

Anne Stuart! Was it a surprise? I bet Cindy was thrilled. You are so awesome!

CindyS said...

I believe I hugged it Mailyn ;) I was floored that Kristie stood in line to get a signature for me. Too great!

And *my* Anne was probably just fine with it ;)


ames said...

that's so great kristie!

Holly said...

That is so sweet of you, Kristie! Cindy said something on BB about Anne Stuart being there and I wondered if she really was.

How wonderful you are. :)

ag said...

I just dropped in at Cindy's. That's so awfully sweet of you. Knowing that she's such a fan of Anne Stuart's ...

Oh, Ice Blue is THE BEST of this series. A KEEPER.

Jodi_Lee said...

Hahahaha! Kristie that sounds like something that would come out of my mouth! I'm often chewing on my foot...if ya know what I mean. Regardless, you got what you wanted...and that's what counts! :)

Kristie (J) said...

Jodie: after I told her how much Cindy liked her books, I knew I had to say I did too - but it just came out sounding goofy!

Ag: see next post *g*. I now have the third in the series - not signed mind you - but I have it.

Holly: I only saw her at the book signing. She may have been around the hotel - but although I like her books, my author radar was primed for other authors *g*

Ames: well - when I saw her how could I not? And the funny thing was when I got back to the room, Wendy and Sybil said they almost got one for her too when they saw Ms. Stuart

Cindy: it was hard to wait that long to get it into your little waiting hands *grin*

Rosie: there were so many authors there it was like a dream come true. I didn't approach that many, but the ones I did, were all so nice!!! No bad author stories from this romance reader

Mailyn: aw shucks (putting on shucks face) It was just as much a thrill giving it too her as it was for Cindy getting it!

Kristie (J) said...

Oh - wait - strike that! I DID see bad author behaviour. I was standing talking to Jane at the literacy signing where she was volunteering. She was checking receipts as people left to make sure they were paid for when one author she asked to see the receipt walked by and was quite rude and snippy to Jane. We looked at each other and I'm sure both thought "bitch" at the same time.